09 September 2013




Mudaa karaatha modhakam 
sadaa vimukthi saadhakam
 Nathaashubhaashunaashakam namaami tham Vinaayakam....
(I prostrate before Lord Vinaayaka/Ganesha who joyously holds a modaka in His hand, who bestows salvation, who wears the moon as a crown on His head, 
who is the sole leader of those who lose themselves in the world. 
The leader of the leaderless who destroyed the elephant demon called Gajaasura and who quickly destroys the sins of those who bow down to Him, 
I worship such a Lord Ganesha)(Courtesy :dhrishticreations.com)
Today is another auspicious day for Hindu devotees all over the world. Today is Hindu God, Lord Ganesha's happy birthday, popularly called "Ganesh Chathurthi".
Lord Ganesha is the almighty of wisdom, prosperity and good fortune and also known as Vigna hartha, the trouble averter and he is the first God worshipped by 
Hindus before starting  any new venture , 
travel or any other pujas to avert any problems, attract good luck and for the successful completion or acceptance of any other pujas.
I can imagine and literally feel and smell the pure frangrances from those incense sticks that can just purify one's soul ,those beautiful bright diyas/lamps driving darkness away ,
gorgeous lucky flowers who get the blessed opportunity to surrender itself happily on the feet of God,those prasadams/offerings made by devotees that can invoke almighty by all means ,
all those beautiful mandaps/halls where God's idol is kept and worshipped bustling with devotees,kids convincing their parents to buy them balloons ,ice creams etc from the street vendor
,happy devotion filled devotees ,sometimes devotional songs and mostly Bollywood songs playing loud in the background and not last and never the least almighty,vigna hartha,Lord Shiva & 
Parvathi nandana/son ,Lord Ganesha's beautifully decorated clay idol depicting showering blessings to his devotees.How pious and enlightening it is !! 
It can't be narrated, it should be felt in person. That's how it's celebrated in India ..especially my memories from my childhood days in North India :) that certainly transports me to a  
hypnotic  nostalgic session always..
So, on this joyous occasion I am gonna post Lord Ganesha's favorite food,"Modak" in Hindi and in my mother tongue, "Kozhukatta" , a steamed /fried sweet dumpling made up of
 rice flour/wheat flour
 and stuffed with grated coconut & jaggery .This is kinda my virtual offering to lord of Ganas,Shri Ganesha :)
Here's the ,"Kozhukatta recipe"


Rice Flour - 1 cup
Water - 1 1/2 cup
Salt - To taste
Coconut - 3/4 - 1 cup
Grated Jaggery - 1/2 cup
Cumin seeds - 1/4 teaspoon
Cardamom - 2-4 nos.
Ghee - 1 teaspoon
Oil for spraying

Preparation method :

  1. Boil water and salt and add rice flour and ghee to it.
  2. Reduce the flame and keep on stirring making sure no lumps are formed.
  3. Once the rice flour absorbs all water , switch off the stove .Allow it to cool a bit. (small pic #1)
  4. Once it is like warm & comfortable for your hand to work on it, knead the mixture into a smooth dough ,should look like a chappati dough consistency(like third small pic). Keep it aside.

5. Now make a mixture of grated jaggery,coconut,cumin,cardamom powder/pods and keep it aside.
6. Now smear your hands with a little oil and divide the dough into small balls.
7. Now take each ball, flatten it and fill it with the above jaggery, coconut mixture (step 5) and  seal the opening and reshape it into a ball.
8. Now steam them in a steamer or I use Idli maker for like 10-20 minutes from high flame to low flame until it is steamed and cooked.
9. Aaand Kozhukatta is ready for breakfast or as an offering to God or even as a snack.

I wish all Lord Ganesha's devotees...       A Rainbow For Every Storm,
                                                          A Smile For Every Tear,
                                                       A Promise For Every Care,
                                                     And An Answer To Every Prayer! 
                                                    Happy Ganesh Chaturthi peeps!!
                               Happy Birthday Lord Ganesha..Ganapathi bappa maurya...

By the way, when you are down and in blues, do listen to this devotional song of Lord Ganesha ,
 it is so enlightening & empowering ..you will feel fresh and peaceful..Jai Ganesh !!