28 February 2016

Yin and Yang cookies|Valentine unique cookies |Zen cookies


In the black,there is some white,
In the wrong ,there is some right,
In the dark ,there is some light,
In the blind,there is some light ~ Abhinyana

That explains exactly how life is ,or any good relationship is ,for that matter.That is also the philosophy of my life . And I absolutely like it that way because that's how you strike the right balance, I believe, in life ..I don't believe in the word - perfect - In fact, I love an imperfect life --that's what makes it interesting ..

I call the month of February as "the month of love " ,two reasons behind that ; Valentine's day falls in this month (You guessed it right !) and second ,you can't guess ,so I am telling you,it is also the month of our wedding anniversary .So,it's a very very special month for me and my better 1/2 . Especially ,for me as I get double presents (Yayyy!) ,though bad for the bank balance .....


Well,it's good to get present always but as we mature with years of togetherness,gifts don't matter soo much ...what matters is the actual realization, if we as a couple are - Yin and yang and complete each other or not...

If you are not aware of Yin and Yang ,they are a part of Chinese Philosophy, that stands for two apparently opposite forces working together to create a balanced complimentary harmony in the universe. They are interconnected , inter dependent and incomplete without each other YET no one is better than each other as well.


The symbol of the Yin Yang is also known as Tai Chi or Tai qui which is represented in the form of a circle divided into two section by letter "S" - one is black and other is white with a tiny circle in each sections respectively.Each and every part of this symbol has a deep significance of its own.

The outer circle represents universe and the duality that lies in everything in the universe .

The white portion represents Yin with following features :Male,dominance,strength,bright,logical,assertive,active etc and the dark portion represents Yang , for exact opposite part -female, soft,humble,creative,conservative,passive etc..and beyond that, like Dark and Light,Life and death,cold and hot,night and day,health and sickness etc etc...


The small circles in each of the portion represents that nothing is absolute and small part of each portion exists in each other and each needs the other to exist well.

And the partition between two portion in the form of "S" represents how they are connected to each other ,how they flow into each other,how they belong,how they coexist and how they tango :D ,it's not straight,smooth ,it's a mutually inclusive curve ....

SO,basically Yin and Yang represents togetherness,mutual dependence to create the ultimate balance and harmony in the universe .So,this month of love and togetherness,I created these Yin Yang cookies exclusively for my better half as a token of my humble love and dedication to his highness ;D ...

As one of my favorite Hollywood actress,better 1/2 of my favorite actor Will smith - Jada Pinketh Smith said beautifully,"Will and I are Yin and Yang.He is all sky,vast ,bright and soaring and I am Earth.I am here to ground him, and he is here to help me fly." ... Exactly what I believe in but wouldn't have beautifully expressed as Jada did ..Hats off !!


So,please watch my video that will show you the Yin and Yang cookie recipe - how to make Yin and Yang cookies without any fancy cookie cutter ,my way :

My better half was on his knees (sheecret-just the way I like it ,wink !) ...and he said,"Will you be mine ?"
Well,to the cookies (I got you haha..)..well,I am already his -to annoy him with all my yin-yang qualities for the rest of our life together hehehe...


On serious note ,AGAIN,want to share a beautiful poem from a famous Chinese monk,Shih-T'ou-
Gaur farmayeeyega ;)/Your attention please -

Within light there is darkness,
but do not try to understand that darkness.
Within darkness there is light,
but do not look for that light.
Light and darkness are a pair,
like the foot before and the foot behind in walking.
Each thing has its own intrinsic value
and is related to everything else in function and position.
Ordinary life fits the absolute as a box and its lid.
The absolute works together with the relative,
like two arrows meeting in mid-air............

Cheers to the harmony and love ,

26 February 2016

Strawberry Blossom |Quick Strawberry chocolate recipe|Valentine snack

Mr.Chocolate was going through a dark phase of his life and then one fine day,he met a red hot berry pretty girl as tall and slim like a straw...Mr.chocolate blushed dark brown and melted in front of her ..and he proposed her and this valentine's day,they became one into a Strawberry Blossom ....


Well,this Valentine's day ,I made lots of cookies for the love of my life,my better 1/2 who is a better kid in front of cookies ...However,he can't eat loads of sugar ,so most of them I distribute among my friend's kids ...However,I made these healthy snacks exclusively for him made up of strawberries and dark chocolates on the Valentine's day which he loved it..I love surprising him :D

So,here is a Strawberry-Dark chocolate snack that can be made in a snap ,kids will just love it and they look so pretty that it can be served as a party appetizer especially ,you know,crowd pleasing one it is for sure...

So,please watch my video that will show you how to make a quick Strawberry snack :

If you look at my snack carefully,you will not only see the beauty outside but also inside,it has got a message -you need a good dose of sweetness with darkness to create a magic !


24 February 2016

Capsicum Bajji recipe|Shimla Mirch Bajji recipe|Bell Pepper fritters

"Eat your vegetables." ~ Mothers' of this world.

Well,like any other parents, my folks were also quite strict about making us -me and my big bro ,eat vegetables by hook or by crook .I hated vegetables as much as I hated any exams - both led to pakka scolding and smack eventually!!

It was never how much money my dad brought to the table or my mom was a full time homemaker ,it was always about the ways and means my parents ,just like any other parents out there,would take care of us ...the way my parents would be present every moment as much as they can, to make sure that we eat a balanced food as much as possible ,with some sweets,snacks and other indulgences thrown in between,that we don't fell sick eating some outside foods ,that we realize it is important to be healthy ....


When I was little ,we hardly went to any restaurant .My mom made sure that we don't have to . She tried her best creating the traditional delicacies and learning and making some more new varieties from time to time ..Almost every evening we had some or the other snack to munch ..our pantry which we called store-room, had big aluminum tins filled with snacks always, which was not just for us,it was also for our friends and family who would visit us...


I always remember the little things she did while cooking to make us eat ...like making mini puris,dosas,idlis etc and hiding vegetables in different ways was her specialty ! ...I and my bro simply hated the bell peppers/Capsicums ;Somehow for me,it painted a picture in my wild useless imagination that bell peppers were nothing but chilies turned chubby and that meant more spicy enough to turn my entire body go smoking red !!


Somehow my stupid imagination became contagious to my big bro as well ...so,we literally banned those bell peppers at home...Now that was a challenge to my clever mom and guess what she did ,she turned/camouflaged it into a snack - A bell pepper fritter/Capsicum fritters a.k.a Shimla mirch bajji .She dunked this capsicums in a batter ,deep fried it then stuffed it with a tangy ,crunchy peanut filling.Well,she was successful in her mission- I and my bro were as always competing who will finish the snack faster ....

So,pls watch my video that will clearly show you how to make a Capsicum/Bell pepper fritters/Shimla mirch bajji at home with an irresistible crunchy tangy filling recipe :

If vegetable can become a snack always, I am all for it...sheer happiness !!

 Eat,love,live DELICIOUSLY,

P.S. You may also like - How to make perfect mirchi bajji/chilli fritters at home with a quick tamarind chutney

21 February 2016

HOW TO -make tutti frutti at home in 2 different ways|Candied Papaya|Dry fruit cubes recipe


"I am crazy for color.Color embraces you.It wakes you up and keeps you present." ~ Tracy Reese
Sooo true !!..I can't agree more .Can you imagine a world without colors ? Can you stop yourself from thanking almighty for blessing us with two functional eyes that just reinvigorates itself every time at the sight of different colors ? Can you imagine how dull everything would be ,if there were no colors at all ?

Tutti frutti made with edible gels
Can you stop smiling at the sight of a beautiful rainbow even if you are not a kid anymore ? Can you imagine how boring sky would be if there were no rainbows in between ? Did you ever notice, our planet Earth (I believe) is the most colorful planet in the solar system (as of now) ? ...welll,I can go on and on...because that's how much I love colors .Colors make me super duper bumper HAPPYyyy...Girl Happy Dance( <- btw,that's not exactly me,she is just a square root of me ,may be I should shake it and break it like she is doing ..hmmm )


Anyways, can you imagine a food full of colors to be distasteful in any way ,even if there is a possibility ? I believe ,no you just can't...Well,that's how it is in my case at least...Colors make me hallucinated....

I remember, when I was a naughty little girl ,I was not a big fan of breads because I loved eating bread with either butter or colorful jams only and not by just itself .My mother had a hard time hiding butter and jams because I would finish it in no time ..So,she used to sometime give me just bread to remind me of my mischief  (How dare mom ..huhh..:|)...


However,there used to be one bread I was a big fan of,"The Tutti frutti bread" ,that I just loved eating it by itself or should I say I loved to pick those tutti frutti from the bread as if they were stars from the sky and leave the rest for my bro ...(that was another call for trouble - another fight and another scolding would follow thereafter...deep sigh and deeep sob !!)

Needless to say,I was a big fan of tutti frutti since my childhood days-tutti frutti bread,tutti frutti cookies,tutti frutti cakes,tutti frutti pastries..OMG...I am drooling already..well..just made my day...

Tutti frutti in natural colors
Since I started my cooking adventures,it took me a while to crack the code -how to make the tutti frutti at home.Initially ,I had nooo dime idea what they were actually made up of...I am telling you those colors are so seductive !!

Then I dared to distract my attention from the colors to the ingredient labels of the store-bought tutti frutti and I was surprised by the "hero" ingredient Tutti frutti is made up of -" The PAPAYA" !..Moreover,I hated papaya always ...Well,those colors are indeed magical! ...And then I researched and experimented in my cooking lab - how to make these colorful candied fruit and voila,it was too easy and FUN...I felt like a kid !!...So,if you don't know,allow me to show you how to make Tutti frutti at home in two ways :


So,here is how I make Tutti frutti at home using edible colors : Atleast ,unlike store-bought tutti fruttis or candied papaya,they don't have any preservatives .So,pls watch my video for the tutti frutti recipe and the method to make it.

Even though I love colors ,I don't like to use edible colors in food as much as possible unless there is no other choice left for me .So,here also,I was not that content with using edible gels for coloring those fruit cubes earlier and then I dared to experiment with some natural ,healthy colors and as they say,it came out with flying colors...How?? Pls watch my video that will show you how to make homemade Tutti frutti recipe in natural colors ,safe and healthy :


I can't describe how much fun I had creating these candied papaya or tutti frutti ...and those colors especially the natural colors which I was really skeptical about ...I thought I'll be betrayed but natural colors won my heart by leaps and bounds...

Sometimes you just need a splash of color............and everything looks simply beauty FULL!!

 As Rubyanne said,"Don't just live a life of black and white when there is a spectrum of colors available for you.Don't confine yourself,instead express yourself and have some fun."

Amen to that,

17 February 2016

Mixed Dal vada|Mixed lentils fritters|Dal vada


 "Dekho baarish ho rahi hai,it's raining,it's raining,it's raining, (Look ,it's raining..)
mera dil ro raha hai,it's paining,it's paining,it's paining..(My heart is crying and paining)
Tere liye,tere liye,ter liye,tere liyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee............(For YOUuuuuuuu...)

Well,that's an old Bollywood song sung by Anu Malik ...As always,people usually sing such songs for their Girl friend or Boy friend and "I" for Food and when it is raining,it ought to be a snack ,an Indian snack with a piping hot cup of tea ...Well,that's what I call the simple pleasure of life is !!


It's like an ongoing poem ...rainy background,the aroma of the snack ,back in my kitchen, spreading throughout my home,chairs pulled out in front of the window,curtains off,myself and hubby sipping a cup of hot ginger Tea and savoring every bite of the snack ..well it's moments like this that makes life beautiful..Isn't it ?


For me,Totally!! ...Nowadays,just like the famous South Indian snack,Parippu vada a.k.a Toor Dal fritters and Urrunnu vada/Black gram vada,I make Mixed Dal vada which is a combo of different types of Lentils like Red lentils/Masoor dal,Urad Dal/Black Gram dal,Moong dal,Toor dal and Chana dal..Basically ,Mixed dal vada is a fusion of Parippu vada plus Urrunnu vada .....


So,mixed dal vada is mixed lentils fritters ,which is soaked,ground to a coarse yet smooth paste with some onions,ginger,chilli and curry leaves and then deeply fried .

So,this is how I make mixed dal vada at home :

Mixed Dal Vada/Dal fritters/Lentil fritters


Mixed Dals (Masoor dal,Urad Dal,Moong Dal,Toor Dal,Chana dal) - 2 cups
Water - 1 Tbsp (optional)
Onion,medium,chopped - 3/4 cup
Ginger,chopped - 1 Tablespoon
Green Chilli  ,chopped - 3-4 nos.
Curry leaves,a sprig
Salt to taste 

Pepper - 1 Tsp (optional)(I didn't use)

Coconut Oil - 2-3 cups for deep frying

 Method: So,please watch my video that shows how to make mixed dal vada/lentil fritters  at home ..


Can I say,I am on a diet ..you know ,a lentil diet..well,it's mixed daals/lentils afterall .... What say ???

Eat ,love,live DELICIOUSLY,


14 February 2016

Rose cookies|Valentine's day cookies|Basic Cookie recipe|Unique cookie


 "Love is much like a wild rose,beautiful and calm but willing to draw blood in its self defense ."

Well,it is the beautiful month of love and togetherness,it is Valentine's day . Valentine's day is not just about romance,it is more about love .I believe it is good to have a day exclusively dedicated to "Love" to remind us to just love, not only others but also ourselves and to take nothing for granted and make it a celebration -big or small - straight from the heart ...


Before my marriage,Valentine's day was more about watching people in love doing all the crazy things for each other and me ,spending time with all those people who loved me and who reminded me to love myself (Zamana bohuth bura hai,mom's dialogue (she meant ,"Khabardaar - no ishq vishq pyaar vyaar") ).


 Since I was practically unromantic yet a die hard romantic by heart ,there was a voidness ..all those romantic movies aired in TV, added fuel to it ..I kept Mills and boons novels at bay,I prayed those Hallmark shops to just vanish from the face of the Earth ,I hated to pretend I hate to be in love,I hated to fake my smile, when my friend was blushing, reading the greeting card her Boy friend gifted her,I hated all those chocolates that day the most ,even rose in my garden mocked at me,even though I was never dreaming of any prince charming ...I wished someone was there to pamper me too ....


And then one fine day,at the blink of an eye I got married...and my romantic side was just unleashed ,so was my better 1/2's ...He pampered me with roses,cards,chocolates,candle light dinners etc etc ...I use to send him 50 greeting cards from 123greetingcard.com to his email id and make sure that he was thinking of me every time at work and that I love him a lot ...then baking a cake even though it didn't taste like one,blowing candles as if it was better than any of his birthday celebrations so far and a lot of crazy stupid things I did at home, to make him feel extra special ,I wanted whole world to envy us and they did...(May almighty protect us from all the evil eyes ..Amen!! :D)


 However,as time passed,life reminded us that it is not always a bed of roses,there are thorns too...there is no sweetness always,there is sourness too,there are no music always,there are moments of silence too,there is no brightness always,there is darkness too ,it is not always a fun ride,it is a roller coaster ride too BUT if there is true love,there is hope too ....

 Love is not just about chocolates,cards , flowers ,fancy dates,expensive gifts etc,it is beyond that; It is a journey of prosperity with tests of adversity in between ,it is all about togetherness through thick and thin,being there for each other unconditionally,trusting each other blindly,loving each other madly,holding each other truly ..............

So,this Valentine's day, I made some edible roses that will never wilt ,symbol of my love :D exclusively for my shweetheart :)..

Pls watch my video to see how I made these unique cookies- Rose cookies with a simple cookie recipe for this Valentine's day...

Pyar diwana hota hai mastana hota hain,har khushee se har gam se begana hota hai..........
With Love,

10 February 2016

How To- make Ginger garlic paste at home|How to preserve Ginger garlic paste for longer


This is the story of two cousins,who are pungent by nature,live underground ,are known as natural healers -wonder herbs with loads of medicinal properties ,the yin and yang in the world of gastronomy , with the same initials in name -Ladies and Gentlemen ! - Give a bow to - "Ginger and Garlic !!

As they say,"Truth is bitter"..so are they -The ginger and garlic ! Though these herbs are pungent in nature ,they are a powerhouse of therapeutic properties and health benefits by themselves and when added while cooking,they become the yin and yang of the dishes and needless to say,not only the dishes become quite aromatic and tasty ,but also ,together,they help to keep the body healthy alongside.


By the way,Did you know...I DIDN'T ! Says No This Cute Monkey
  • Ginger and Garlic are considered to be all-in-one natural tonic for good health ; both are anti-bacterial,anti-fungal,anti-septic,anti-viral,anti-clotting,anti-inflammatory,antioxidants ..basically, they are anti all the villains that can make a human body unhealthy.My salute to the heros !Naughty Salute
  • During olden times especially,Garlic was believed to keep all evil spirits/vampires at bay.In middle ages,people consumed whole garlic bulb to ward off the Black death.(Credit:this-is-france.com)OH my , wish people would have used Garlic more,there wouldn't have been any creepy Halloween day  ...I am gonna grow garlic for sure !!Nodding Yes by a Very Happy
  • The fear of Garlic is called ,"Alliumphobia". Well ,better than all evils around I say !
  • In ancient Greece,brides carried garlic and herbs instead of flowers during their wedding.(Credit:this-is-france.com) . OMG,like a remainder,hope you know cooking lady ! Ha!
  • The Egyptian labors who built the Pyramids ,consumed bread,garlic and water for stamina .(Credit:this-is-france.com)...I would have better preferred to be a mummy rather:-\
  • Now,cousin ,Ginger's turn - Ginger is not a root ,technically,it is a rhizome i.e. an underground stem that grows out into roots and shoots ...(Credit:disabled-world.com)....My G.K. and IQ improved !!
  • Ginger is believed to be a plant directly from the Garden of Eden !... Ginger also has aphrodisiac properties..so no wonder...Ahem ahem ,wink wink to Eve and ADAM!!Happy wink (Why am I Blushing:|).
  • According to a study conducted at University of Michigan comprehensive Cancer center,Ginger is powerful to treat Ovarian cancers ; Ginger powder when induced to malignant cells,got destroyed.(Credit:SharedAyurveda.com) .. 
    (*Clap clap*)
  • Another study at Minnesota University found that Ginger may slow the growth of Colorectal cancer cells .(Credit:SharedAyurveda.com) (Again-*Clap clap*)
  • Ginger can reduce migraine as well as menstrual cramps. (Again and again*Clap clap*)
  • Ginger and garlic are both immunity boosters. (*still clapping*)
  • Ginger and Garlic both helps in lowering blood pressure,cholesterol and even blood sugar when taken in moderate quantity. (Bye bye doctors !!)

Whoaaa....that was enlighteneing !! In India,we use Ginger Garlic so much in our cooking that people make a paste of it and store it in their fridge for ease ..BTW,as perfectionist my momma is,she never stored ! Instead ,she used the fresh ginger garlic paste every time ,as of course, nothing can beat that freshness and aroma !!

However,lazy me ,is just opposite, I was jumping with joy when I saw bottles of ginger garlic paste in store ...but then I was disappointed, how it would spoil the complete taste of my recipes, which initially,I was also struggling with ....As the store bought ginger garlic paste has additional preservatives in it ,that not only reduces the goodness but also the taste of the ginger garlic paste...


 So,well,I started making my own homemade Ginger Garlic paste according to my mom's guidelines.My mom's way of making it for storing and preserving the taste and the texture of Ginger garlic paste at home is tad different I believe .

She claimed that,I believed her and she was so right ! So,please watch my video that will show you how to make ginger Garlic paste at home and how to store them properly and preserve them for longer and not only that if you follow the method shown in the video you will find it as a time saver while cooking with ginger garlic paste..How ?? Well, the secret recipe and the method is in my super quick video . 

There is no doubt ,it is a boon for people who love to cook to have ready made and homemade ginger garlic paste in their pantry - No pounding,no grinding anymore (every time)!! All set ...for good...food....

Eat,love,live DELICIOUSLY,