24 February 2016


Capsicum Bajji recipe|Shimla Mirch Bajji recipe|Bell Pepper fritters

"Eat your vegetables." ~ Mothers' of this world.

Well,like any other parents, my folks were also quite strict about making us -me and my big bro ,eat vegetables by hook or by crook .I hated vegetables as much as I hated any exams - both led to pakka scolding and smack eventually!!

It was never how much money my dad brought to the table or my mom was a full time homemaker ,it was always about the ways and means my parents ,just like any other parents out there,would take care of us ...the way my parents would be present every moment as much as they can, to make sure that we eat a balanced food as much as possible ,with some sweets,snacks and other indulgences thrown in between,that we don't fell sick eating some outside foods ,that we realize it is important to be healthy ....


When I was little ,we hardly went to any restaurant .My mom made sure that we don't have to . She tried her best creating the traditional delicacies and learning and making some more new varieties from time to time ..Almost every evening we had some or the other snack to munch ..our pantry which we called store-room, had big aluminum tins filled with snacks always, which was not just for us,it was also for our friends and family who would visit us...


I always remember the little things she did while cooking to make us eat ...like making mini puris,dosas,idlis etc and hiding vegetables in different ways was her specialty ! ...I and my bro simply hated the bell peppers/Capsicums ;Somehow for me,it painted a picture in my wild useless imagination that bell peppers were nothing but chilies turned chubby and that meant more spicy enough to turn my entire body go smoking red !!


Somehow my stupid imagination became contagious to my big bro as well ...so,we literally banned those bell peppers at home...Now that was a challenge to my clever mom and guess what she did ,she turned/camouflaged it into a snack - A bell pepper fritter/Capsicum fritters a.k.a Shimla mirch bajji .She dunked this capsicums in a batter ,deep fried it then stuffed it with a tangy ,crunchy peanut filling.Well,she was successful in her mission- I and my bro were as always competing who will finish the snack faster ....

So,pls watch my video that will clearly show you how to make a Capsicum/Bell pepper fritters/Shimla mirch bajji at home with an irresistible crunchy tangy filling recipe :

If vegetable can become a snack always, I am all for it...sheer happiness !!

 Eat,love,live DELICIOUSLY,

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