30 July 2020

Something about the Killer side of depression and a heartfelt tribute !


Clinical depression is a major mental illness, that if not treated on time and as per doctor's advice ,can lead to the dead end - Suicide .

As precisely mentioned in save.org ,"A person living with depression often times experiences completely different thoughts before and after a depressive episode. This can be a result of a chemical imbalance and can lead to the person not understanding the options available to help them relieve their suffering. Many people who suffer from depression report feeling as though they’ve lost the ability to imagine a happy future, or remember a happy past. Often they don’t realize they’re suffering from a treatable illness, and seeking help may not even enter their mind. Emotions and even physical pain can become unbearable. They don’t want to die, but it’s the only way they feel their pain will end. It is a truly irrational choice. Suffering from depression is involuntary, just like cancer or diabetes, but it is a treatable illness that can be managed."

The tragedy and stigma of depression

Any brain disorders have a social stigma that other illnesses hardly have.People generally, even the most educated ones may have a narrow mentality/stereotype towards mental illness or a person suffering from it.They will be so judge+mental that they may not take a second guess or thought or action to treat/call them simply crazy .

What heart attack is to heart,depression like any brain tumor etc is to brain/mind .....


As exactly mentioned in ,psychologytoday.com ," A majority of the public continues to express an unwillingness to work closely with people with mental illness, let alone have them move next door or marry into the family. Approximately 60 percent of people continue to believe that individuals with mental illness are violent. This perception is spurred on by the media’s focus on mental illness in their reports of horrible tragedies like school shootings, ignoring the fact that most violence is committed by people without mental illness. In fact, people with serious mental illness are more likely to fall prey to violence than to commit it."


"It’s not just the public who stigmatizes mental illness. People with mental health issues can internalize these toxic attitudes, developing self-stigma. When people with mental illness are afraid of being judged by others or hold such attitudes themselves, this can discourage them from seeking care. Even when people with many mental health conditions do seek treatment, however, they wait on average a decade or more after symptoms first appear. The cruel irony is that most mental health conditions are treatable with appropriate care."

So I think, because of these stigmas (when considered and affected knowingly or unknowingly),it becomes really difficult to seek the right treatment on time and sometimes, if the patient feels like the treatment is not working, they may give up on the medical care and end up , running out of options to bear the pain and ending their life involuntarily.

And sometimes I think, the one who has clinical depression may underestimate it and then it's too late.

Moreover, this COVID lockdown can be taxing too even to the most positive minds ...No wonder the self-harm/suicides are on the rise like never before....

When it comes to suicide, other life challenging situations can also be responsible.

Know the Warning signs for suicide :

How to help someone who has suicidal tendency/inclination

Be responsible and be ready


Basically what I understood is that some extreme stress factors in life when it becomes totally unbearable/out of hand ,when ignored without any proper solution ,lead/aid may lead to depression and depression can camouflage so well that it can happen to anyone without any reasons too.When ignored,it can be deadly.So,it can strike anyone , everyone should be prepared nonetheless and know when to take apt measures to tackle it ASAP.

Control the external factors !

You see,life is beautiful but can be a b**** (excuse me,I didn't get a better word)too and so can be people .This is what I remind myself : One should be like a warrior ,armed with all self-defence weapons to combat all enemies/problems in life : by being strong in and out ,being your best friend ,being self-reliant and do self care first .Don't ever give up on yourself .They say even our own shadow disappears during darkness .So,be careful while trusting others.Nothing is worth your mental peace.When it comes to health-physical,mental or emotional ,if it is something beyond you can take ,talk to an expert/professionals ASAP(even second opinions/third opinions till you get the one you believe you can count on !) #DoYouHaveWhatItTakesToLiveWell

In God we trust ..AMEN!

And when you feel powerless and would like to lean on someone,let it be the supreme power,God . God may not solve the problem like a snap but may give you strength to carry on and face the problem dead on because he believes you can .Diamonds are made under pressure! Do your best in life but never just depend upon any external validations .God made everyone unique and so trust him,count on him,he is your invisible armour .Basically,you may stumble but let NOTHING cripple you ! #YouDon'tNeedACapeOrAMovieToBeASuperhero

Scriptures and suicide

According to our Hindu scriptures (that I am aware of  since I am a born Hindu ,I do respect all religions and the goodness it has to impart/to be learned,and my ultimate religion is humanity),a soul has to go throuh many transformations/births in the form of 84 lakh species approx in order to get a human body ,which is considered to be a gift from God .Once a human dies,the soul with good karmas may get either moksha /release from the cycle of rebirth  or due to bad karma ,the cycle continues until it gets moksha...More into it you can read here...

So,to get a human life is indeed a gift from God.What God gave us,ONLY he has the right to take back! Because he is the BOSS - the creator,preserver and the destroyer ! ;)

So,as per our Hindu vedas ,if anyone interferes like suicides ,the soul will be stuck ! The soul will wait till the time the human body was supposed to spent on Earth as decided by God mentioned in the astrological charts.The spirit wanders like a ghost in lay man terms..

According to puranas/scriptures , if a human being commits suicide ,it is believed that the soul gets stuck between the material world and the spiritual world,waiting for its release .

Isopanishad: Mantra 3

asuryä näma te lokä

andhena tamasävåtäù

täàs te pretyäbhigacchanti

ye ke cätma-hano janäù

Meaning:The killer of the soul, whoever he may be, must enter into the planets known as the worlds of the faithless, full of darkness and ignorance.

So,according to Hinduism,suicide is considered to be a sin ,an act against God's will with serious repurcussions.So, if the scriptures are to be believed and if one believes in God ,it will make sense .Suicide will still be a temporary step taken to escape the problem confronted on Earth/the material world but not a permanent solution !#ThereAreAfterLifeTraumas #HumanLifeIsPrecious #YouWereChosen #Don'tLetTheSoulSuffer #SaveTheSoulForGood

Suicide is not a quick fix !!Rethink and reclaim your life !

Get involved-Make a difference

Like the saying ,"We are not on this Earth to see through one another ,but to see one another through."

So,if you or someone you know have any or all the warning signs of suicide shown above ,take the immediate action required as mentioned in the suicidal tendency/inclination post above and if necessary call the emergency numbers ASAP . Be there for your loved one in need !#MakeADifference


I would like to request any public figure or anyone with huge fan following,if you come across this post,kindly re-emphasize whenever possible to remove the stigma of depression/mental illness prevailing in the society and most importantly suicide tendencies as well.The COVID has increased the suicidal tendencies too .Pls pls pls spread the awareness as much as possible .People will only listen to you especially if you are a celebrity ,not even to their parents nowadays it seems...

I appreciate all those great celebrities/social influencers/public figures who take their precious time,effort to share their struggles ,become vulnerable inspite of their own battles,inspire others and do their bit to make a difference in society and uplift others by hook or by crook selflessly. More power to you !! People look up to you, so please keep on doing the good work !! AMEN ! #BeautifulSouls #ThankYou

Also,it may sound odd/old school to today's generation but if possible do check your astrological charts/Kundli/Jaathakam from a renowned astrologer from time to time,some times they can accurately predict/warn some misfortunes like suicide tendency/untimely death/deadly disease etc ahead of time and they can guide you to do some remedies to prevent anything bad from happening.I remember Late actress Divya Bharati's parents confession in an interview that in their daughter's kundli it was mentioned that she would die at an young age but not the exact age though....If they would have considered it seriously,then may be she would have been still alive ...

To Sushant...For Sushant...By Sushant : My humble tribute : Rest In Peace !

रिश्ता दिल से दिल के ऐतबार का ,ज़िन्दा है हमीं से नाम प्यार का
के मर के भी किसी को याद आयेंगे ,किसी के आँसुओं में मुस्कुरायेंगे
कहेगा फूल हर कली से बार बार ,
जीना इसी का नाम है..........🎈💝

Never thought I will be writing about depression/ "Suicide" in my food blog ever .I confess I don't feel comfortable at all especially about suicide but death of anyone in any way makes me very sad and when I hear suicide,I am either speechless or I silently scream to raise my utmost concern straight from the bottom of my little heart.Lately because of this pandemic,COVID,we hear about suicides by common men and celebrities equally .IT HURTS ME BADLY!! I wish I had a superpower to stop this somehow...All I can do as of now is to at least write it out in my blog anyways ...And praying and hoping for a miraclulous change in some way ...

Our job...

It hurts more when fans commit suicides for their heroes who have died.I understand the adulation they have for their role models,but I wish I could ask them ,"Are they more precious than your parents/spouse/children ??". How painstainkingly parents might have brought them up-All gone waste for what ???? What matters the most ? Scarificing yourself for your heroes/role models is not going to bring them back sadly and they will never even know or support it any ways either...I wish they would rather consider sacrificing their life for their country ,make India and your family proud like that ...PLS !🙏😔

He is emotional BUT he was very strong too...

I love movies but still I am not a movie buff per se,but two movie stars death did badly impact me.One was my favourite actress forever,late Divya Bharati and our multi-talented,Bollywood Einstein ,Sushant's . It was Sushant's untimely,painful death that affected me in every way ...I will always be in denial .It's been more than a month since his death and my heart is still mourning .I won't be able to watch his movies for a year or so I think .His death is a mystery and being speculated that either depression is responsible for his death or some kind of foul plays are .Well,only he and God knows the truth ...

Such an optimistic,inspiring and grounded person he was !!

I am consoling myself that it was self harm than someone harming him to death...which is painful beyond words...

Well,rest assured and rest in peace Sushant because who can fool and who can escape God !Justice will be served by hook or crook ,if required..

For Child of God.AMEN!

If clinical depression is the villain in his case ,then these blog posts about depression ,though not sure it may create a ripple effect or not but this for sure ,is MY little bitter revenge for taking you away from us/your fans.Rest I will pray and leave to God.And I HOPE my posts may spread the awareness somehow and even if it affects/makes a differenec in some 1's life in any positive way ,would mean a lot to us right Sushant ? God is my blog's PR/Promoter/Manager .Since you are near to him, do remind him and pls do the needful .DEAL? #BroSisCode

My other concerns regarding Sushant

It was the picture of his lifeless body with those dark marks around his neck doing rounds in social media mercilessly that just broke my heart immensely.It doesn't look photoshopped .I hope that photo is not there anymore...

Fans are curious to know what exactly led to his mysterious death and want that he should get justice whatsoever and we need to be convinced .So,most of  the tarot card readers and a few paranormals in YouTube are at work for the same.Totally understandable ! However,the more we try to contact his spirit/soul through various psychic mediums,isn't it like disturbing his soul again and AGAIN.Even that is not fair .Let his soul at least rest in peace now ! Leave him alone ..

This pic they say is FAKE which a few of his fans think was one of his last tweet,which got deleted later as I read in the news/YT..Only he can confirm the truth ...but there is a legit point MAY BE...

Having said that the huff paranormal (YouTube Channel) when it showed up in news,I couldn't stop my curiosity too.The other concerns I had in my heart got answered through those paranormal sessions though like ,Sushant confirmed that he became an angel ,he has wings, going to meet God and that he is with his mother.His soul is in light ...That was comforting somehow !

In US,I have heard lots about unsolved death cases where the law enforcement offcials eventually cracked those mysterious deaths with the help of psychic mediums/paranormals.So,I hope without disturbing his soul further,these tarot readings and paranormal sessions may turn out to be helpful in solving his mysterious death as well.

Thanks to our esteemed Prime Minister,Modi Ji for acknowledging the CBI enquiry in to the case .Hoping for a justice soon and a relief to his soul .#Fingerscrossed #Amen

On a lighter note  - You and Me -Kya tera mujhse hai pehle ka naata koi...

Dear Sushant,

न जाने क्यों, होता है ये ज़िन्दगी के साथ
अचानक ये मन, किसी के जाने के बाद
करे फिर उसकी याद, छोटी-छोटी सी बात.
...(Movie:Choti si baat)

Read somewhere that he was stereotyped for being a Bihari ..FYI!...BiharKiShaan/DeshKeLaal ko salaam !

In your TV serial "Pavitra rishta",there was a character by my name "Manjusha" and you lovingly called her Manju di .:)..saw in an interview in YT..💗

I recently noticed that you also have that extra canine teeth on sides projecting beautifully when you smile,I have that too ...You rock it though :)

I am as Bihari as I am a Malayalee equal to Shudhh desi /INDIAN ...Proud Bihari/Indian like you...

You are a Lord Shiv bhakth and I am a devotee of Shakthi ...

Just like you ,I am a huge fan of SRK too...

My hubby is just like you ,passionate about space,science and his telescope ..Huge NASA fan...

Look at our names,we are connected by a sweet chord of your mom's name "USHA" ...My father's surname is Krishna which I believe is your father's first name ....:))

Kahi tum mere kumbh ke mele mein bichdey huey twin bro toh nahi ...

In my blog,in the "Meet the diva/blogger" page,I have written that I am a "Shudh desi romantic" wife,I copied it from your movie "Shuddh desi romance" !

On my wedding anniversary,my favourite song that I dedicate to my hubby on FB is from your movie PK...

Raahon Mein Tumko Jo Dhoop Sataye
Chaaon Bicha Denge Hum
Andhere Daraye To Jaa Kar Falak Pe
Chand Sajaa Denge Hum
Chhaye Udaasi Latife Suna Kar
Tujhko Hansa Denge Hum
Hanste Hansaate Yunhi Gungunaate
Chal Denge Chaar Kadam

Chaar Kadam Bas Chaar Kadam
Chal Do Naa Saath Mere........

I feel like we do have a pavitra rishta ,you are a part of my life somehow ....you already have 4 sisters.Please consider ,yours truly,moi/me too as the fifth one ! And these posts are my way of paying my heartfelt love and respects to you bro regardless !

Yes You are !

In my first post I wrote,you were an inspiration .But as I end my blog post,I realized,YOU ARE an inspiration and you will be forever...otherwise I would have never thought of writing on these serious topics in my food blog that is affecting many silently in our planet . Thanks for the inspiration !  #ForTheChange👊👍


Never let a stumble on road be the end of your journey ! Prove it ,that's not how my story will end.Be a warrior not worrier .When God is with you,what/who can be against you and God helps those, who helps themselves .Life is precious ..live it well !

May God keep us all safe,strong,peaceful and healthy always !! AMEN!

एक प्यार का नगमा है,मौजों की रवानी है
ज़िंदगी और कुछ भी नहीं,तेरी मेरी कहानी है

कुछ पाकर खोना है,कुछ खोकर पाना है
जीवन का मतलब तो,आना और जाना है
दो पल के जीवन से,इक उम्र चुरानी है

तूफ़ान को आना है,आ कर चले जाना है
बादल है ये कुछ पल का,छा कर ढल जाना है
परछाईयाँ रह जाती,रह जाती निशानी है
ज़िंदगी और कुछ भी नहीं,तेरी मेरी कहानी है...................

Love and light,

Please take good care of yourself  always,

Cosponsored by .......Dil se

P.S.As I was selecting the font for this signature above,I asked simply Sushant which one he likes and I liked two fonts - first font's name was ,"You'll never bring me down" :) and then the font I really loved (that I used above) has a "T" that looks like a cross which for me is a reassurance that he is with God and the name of the font was "WaysToSayGoodbye !" ...Coincidence or indeed his choice I wonder ? .....💟
#BelieveItOrNot ....My heart doesn't want to say goodbye though...So RIP Sushant with your mother !! #ChillWithGod #ShineBrightUpInTheSky #WillMissAndCherishYourSmilingFaceAndtwinklingEyes #IFeelLight💗

P.P.S. Hope these numbers work,got it from internet.If you or someone you know is actively considering suicide, 
please contact a suicide prevention hotline immediately.Your privacy/confidentiality is a priority here.Most of 
their services are available 24/7. 

In India,AASRA,Mumbai-+91 98204 66726,PARIVARTHAN,Bangalore -+91 76766 02602,SNEHA FOUNDATION,
Chennai - 044-24640050,iCall-+91 22 2552111 and +91 91529 87821,Vandrevala Foundation-+91 730 459 9836, 
+91 730 459 9837, and 1860 2662 345   

In the U.S. contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 

In Canada contact Crisis Services Canada at 1-833-456-4566 

In the UK contact Samaritans at 116 123

In Australia contact Lifeline at 13 11 14

Please call them if you are in emotional distress and need someone to talk to. 

Lotus blooms in swamps,stars shine in darkness ,likewise,YOU are precious.Pls don't give up 
on yourself.Life is a gift.Every problem has a solution.Show it how STRONG you are !! 
YOU got this and YOU are enough !!

DISCLAIMER:This article/blog post is for informational purpose only and are not intended to 
offer any personal medical advice.Please consult a medical professional for proper guidance and