26 September 2021

Superman Cake and super man ice cream



First thing first, belated heartfelt birthday wishes to my favorite Mollywood heartthrob, popularly known as Mollywood Superman (Duh!) -> A successful self-made actor + promising director cum film producer + Whatta singer, dancer and the one with the cute dimples and smile (kalla chiri like Lord Krishna's ) every girl can't staring at except me,best body in the Mollywood,the killer look every girl dies for except me and how blessed I am that he is my good Friend, (Ladies and Gentlemen -> He needs no intro,you might have already guessed) Unni Mukundan sir πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ™πŸ™Œ.(Is this what is called badai ? πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‰πŸ˜œ...Jokes apart,that's the truth and I am sooo proud that he is my closest celebrity friend 😊πŸ’ͺ ) ...

Since I love to make others feel special and it was my friend's/Unni Sir's birthday,I am gonna pamper him with gungaan and gyaan (jo ki meri speciality hai 😎😁) / praises ...needless to say, Sir what an inspiration you are to youngsters/film aspirants ...from a humble middle-class background like us to a well-known all-rounder celebrity, from ordinary to extraordinary, with hard work and determinations, dreams do come true! I am particularly proud that being brought up in North India, you made a name and gained fame in the South Indian film industry successfully ...Not only that, one of the rare actors with the best-est body in Mollywood, thanks for inspiring us to be fit and hit as well...(Nazar na lagey !) 

And personally, thank God virtually our paths crossed and you are my good luck charm .You came and it was like a chain reaction, followed by all the amazing celebrities and like the logo of the superman S which stands for hope,you were like the S = Serendipity, you gave me hope = Believe + Dream+Shine. You were like the divine intervention that was much needed to refresh , redirect and rejuvenate my life. For those positivities, I am ever grateful to you! Thanks for allowing me to steal a bit of your shine as well.That's why U are so special to me!

I also wanted to clear some misunderstandings here - after your star magic show,when you were on knees asking for peace like a true gentleman,very kind of you, I gratefully and gracefully for fun I said I now pronounce you as my other divine counterpart (to irritate some people for fun ) but later,some people took it seriously, so just to make sure that my both divine counterparts πŸ˜‹don't feel dumped or kicked out equally either,I mentioned the Mulan story and the wonder woman story that a woman doesn't need a superhero, she is enough ..it was like I choose self-love as I don't wanna make anyone particularly feel ditched in any way. However, that backfired! 😏😐

Bhagavad Gita πŸ™ŒπŸ™πŸ™‡

So,I showed the truth ,that all is well at my home because we are humans,we all make mistakes ,we make resolutions,no relationship on this planet is all moonlight and roses...and everything happens for a reason ....pre-destined by Almighty ..Life is not perfect for anyone,it is a kinda roller coaster ride for everyone,it was even for all the God avatars who took the human form on Earth as well!

That's what I try (work in progress)...Not to mention, fresh homemade food cooked with love too!#BraggerInMeπŸ‘€πŸ˜ˆ

So,  neither I dumped or kicked anyone nor anyone else in my life did...Sometimes, some things get overlooked by all as everyone is fighting their own battles and sometimes in everyone's best interest we may have to push people away for good ..That's it !!...Dumping or kicking doesn't run in my family,we don't do it even on an animal  ...NOW,hope it'll be fine if  I am playing football with my daughter in my YouTube videos as it is her fav.game,she gets thrilled whenever I hit the ball high .I grew up watching Cricket,football,WWF with my father and bro ...Also,(Common sense is indeed uncommon -> coz  in my YouTube videos, "until and unless specified " ,it is myself and my daughter. Period. 

Also,in my post dedicated to U in the past, I mentioned the secret woman who happens to be your girlfriend πŸ˜ŠπŸ’“πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘.So,I am indeed very happy that you are kinda happily settled. When I call someone my friend,I like to see them doing well .So,I am truly happy for you!

Having said that,I always thought ma'am was your very close friend who was jealous or hated me if I interacted with you on social media. That's why whenever I interacted with you on social media,I left a comment on her pics as well to assure her that you all are same to me.I remember she wrote a loooong essay that her original husband or Ex (I am not sure ) was the reason behind her success and since I was not a successful YouTuber or Blogger,I was looking for your support it seems. That's what I felt!


That's the reason I mentioned in Malayalam in my blog that well,if your husband can allow you to work/romanticize men on screen and when you go to parties ,you hug them as well so what's wrong if Unni sir or others show some support / motivation to me ...I think all other actresses got offended by it too but it was not for them but for Ma'am/Unni sir's main GF specifically ...Well,I understand ,it is part and parcel of your profession and especially if your partner is fine with that,then it doesn't matter ....I wanted to clear that misunderstanding as well(if so).


Since I always saw her pictures etc with her real hubby she had a love marriage with on her social media and that a Muslim woman can't have more than one partner for real I believed (maybe law changed and above that,my G.K. is poor as well),I thought you guys were just super close friends or serious crush and she was just trying to be protective about you ,that's why acting jealous.Even after coming back from India to US,I remember her Youtube video with her husband on one side and another guy on the other side mocking me,it was like ulta chor kotwaal ko daatein (meaning of that saying is "The thief blaming the cop")(haan,now justified !!πŸ˜„) Even when I mentioned,neeyum njannum and the secret woman in my blog (I was mocked and so, provoked to do so as well) , that's what I thought ...So,I was not aware (100% sure) that ma'am was your main girlfriend (Everyone knows it now I believe ! ) 

I've no choice but to explain myself, all these details here, and not to defame/hurt anyone /any hidden agenda. (I was offended/hurt too many times though!) Anyways, I wanted to rectify that here that I am so happy for both of you dil se and to see my hero kinda settled his style or new gen's way of living together and you guys are so made for each other -The prettiest and the handsome-st !! All the best!πŸ’πŸ™‡πŸ˜Š

Soulmate/Twin Flames/soul connections can be friends too and love doesn't always mean romantic....

I feel like I was the chosen one to heal your broken heart,to restore your faith in women, and love..However,I didn't expect we would reach this far πŸ˜ƒ... A friend in need of each other !...That's why I tried my best to be sober with your heart and extra softie to you but if unknowingly if I've hurt you in any way, then excuse me pls...

Happy and blessed belated birthday wishes Sir!:))

So , here is my small birthday gift for U (I know I am as always late (bachpan se hi late lateef hu sir πŸ˜‚) ,it is not a child's play to be a full-time homemaker with no help (not complaining , I've no probs doing chores ) and part-time chasing my passion for cooking writing, and DIY projects like a one-woman show )   - So,hope you will like my not-so-professional but personal,dil se ,A superman cake 😊...

(DISCLAIMER : Pls don't over-analyze the video below in any negative way , it is purely for entertainment purpose only .)πŸ˜πŸ™

My way of saying thanks for giving me hope/renewing my strength ,your precious time and efforts,attention = affection πŸ’, and making me feel sooo special .I've no words to extend my gratitude and I am sad for all misunderstandings ..I always have the best intention for you and mind games are not my thing (hunger game is πŸ˜πŸ˜‹ ),but I am playful with people I like (I play like a child only / Child by heart forever ). However,I may react/respond if provoked to make my point clear as well...(Jerks I avoid totally though !)


I also dedicate this cake to every supermen out there , men who truly appreciate/respect women/GentleMen, filmstars (Thank You "The prides of India" !!πŸ˜ŠπŸ™‡) or youtube stars, or anyone out there who were kind, friendly, and supportive towards me, who gave me their time, attention, positive vibes and encouraged me to believe, dream and shine (Plsss don't change !).... I know I think differently,I can be too much, hard to digest. So, thanks a lot for tolerating me!πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‹πŸ˜€

Male Empowerment (Not a hardcore feminist !) πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‹πŸ˜†

Also thanks to my supermen in my family - my father,bro,friends (boys), cousins, etc for their respective roles in different phases of my life and most importantly my hubby, he is so good-looking and well off that he can get any amazing lady out there and could easily replace an ordinary me ,I tried to push him away as well,I feel like I let him down but he made me feel so far "irreplaceable".....So, thanks for tolerating me and all my nuisances, for not giving up on me yet, for love and for everything ....I appreciate all your hard work and efforts but definitely not at the expense of your health though...

Last but not the least ,my heartfelt wish for U sir regardless,

God bless - Do visit the temple often sir for that !!

Love and light,

TO WATCH : My Fav.actress Kangana re Kangana re oops Kangana Ma'am's movie "Thalaivii".........