25 December 2021

Merry Xmas and a happy new year 2022 in advance

 Just thought of wishing everyone a very happy Xmas and a Happy New Year in advance.

It's been quite a challenging year with a difficult ending....Any child regardless is a lovely gift from God . I've got a history of miscarriages...

We were expecting triplets...though two embryos were weak from the start...we lost them 

all :((.....Usually, the thing with the people seeking an infertility treatment is that (mostly) until and unless they see the face of the baby, they are always in a "What-if-something-goes-wrong-mode " , they share less fearing of any evil eyes and bad omen/news ...This is the first time I am sharing the pain we were going through...Since last few months...

People desperate to have a child,who seek infertility treatment,they go through A LOT- physical trauma, emotional/mental trauma, and spiritual trauma..they go to places, doctors, hospitals far and wide, one-of-a-kind treatments that assure hopes and promise success, the painful treatments, the horrible side-effects, and the recovery, holy places far and wide, become superstitious and over spiritual ..Hoping for a MIRACLE!!

It takes a heavy toll especially on the woman which can't be expressed in words ... Thank God Science has developed so much that we can by hook or crook conceive our own baby in the desired way as well .....Until and unless one experiences that trauma, they have no idea what such couples go through....Those trials and tribulations, tears and heartbreaks, strength, patience, endurance,over-cautiousness,over-sensitive,over-reactive,over-protective, and resilience are beyond any explanations...I can write a book on that !!.... Top it all, the taunts, mockery pre, and post-baby...It just continues ...

As if some people/sadist were wishing upon someone...Simply can't stand that why someone is not having a baby and then can't digest that when they have one , how and why it happened ......It is never-ending...Being educated or uneducated is all same..Being human is a challenge to them ...Being cruel is natural to them ...Oh yes some may go to holy places to offer prayers for their well-being though or may even know the entire Bhagwad Geeta or all Holy verses as well...Some think they are God with a heart of stone...

And God forbid...Like the saying, what goes around, comes around one day...

My close friend here....

It is an extremely painful experience for couples going/went through the above phase that they find it very hard to even discuss openly because of the existence of such cruel people ...or the outcome is the 

outburst unleashed when provoked!!

The only one pic in an orange dress...

That's why my baby girl is special - our blood-y miracle child !! Worth waited for ~ Beautiful gift from God!!:))...Well, every kid is beautiful nonetheless !! That's why any negative judgment = outburst sometimes !Also, single-handedly without anyone's help or any prior experience, I am raising her by God's grace..My hubby is at times helpful too...But we are always learning every day...It is not a child's play either ..initially, it was overwhelming as I had no prior experience and I had a responsibility of

a little baby ...she is still a handful but manageable as she has grown! :)

BTW,I am looking up at the Original Lord Krishna and smirking...how he directed my hubby to name our child,"Devu Krishna Praveen " (Our Diamond!)..:)...(It helped to cover up the stain on my face !)๐Ÿ’

Anyways,as we were recovering from the (triplet's) loss,we came to know about my father-in-law's demise ...I was my hubby's and my father-in-law's choice for his son.We all are relatives but I never met my hubby or his family until the day he visited my house as we were raised outside Kerala in different places and then we got hitched within a week.It was not like going to any stranger's house.

So,we had a special close bond with my father-in-law especially !! My hubby just came back from India after performing all rites ..So, we won't be celebrating any functions for another year as per Hindu/Malayali customs....That's why thought of wishing everyone a very happy new year in advance....


Last but not the least,I must mention that dialogue from the movie, Annaatthe, where the superstar Rajnikanth Sir said," They may have money, fame, and contacts but they may not have what I've - "AFFECTION !" ...๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™

This affection is what makes one treat others as God or make them feel like God ...And affection is MY superpower! ...What is yours on a serious note ?? (Unni Sir/super-Man don't overthink..Best wishes as always !!:)) )

So,please keep in mind...

So,may this year and every year be like Audrey Hepburn said,"For attractive lips, speak words of kindness.

For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people.

For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry.

For beautiful hair, let a child run his fingers through it once a day." and even if you can't help someone, at least don't try to hurt someone.And when it comes to me, it hurts me a lot to hurt someone ...it will be like I have no choice then only...

Don't encourage others to do sin or be a part of that! Live and let live!

And don't ever forget, the divine is watching everything. Judgment day is for everyone eventually !!

Well,the world didn't even spare Lord Jesus and now I know why I've got this strong affinity towards him. And I don't like his pictures on the cross. It literally hurts me!!

Anyways,Merry Christmas and a happy new year...

Rishta dil se dil ke aitbaar ka,Zinda hai humi se naam pyaar ka

Ki marke bhi kisi ko yaad ayenge,Kisi ke aansuo mein muskuraanyenge

Kahega phool har kali se baar baar,Jeena isi ka naam hai

Kisi ki muskurahaton pe ho nisar,Kisi ka dard mil sake to le udhaar

Kisi ke waaste ho tere dil mein pyaar,Jeena isi ka naam hai............................(Song from the movie,Anari)

Love and light,

And don't twist,pls remember, my name is..


Mamata aur bhavana toh harr aurat mein hoti hai (right sisters?) and my man's name is Honey P =Prave meaning the efficient and the sufficient !๐Ÿ’—

In my blog or vlog pls keep in mind : 

DISCLAIMER: Any resemblance to actual persons or actual events is purely coincidental until and unless clearly stated!!

Kal Khel Mein Hum Ho Na Ho

Gardish Mein Taare Rahenge Sada

Bhoolenge Hum Bhoologe Tum

Par Hum Tumhare Rahenge Sada

Rahenge Yahin Apne Nishan...............

No regrets!

To all the old people out there,I see you like my parents,pls shower your blessings always, Protect us!

To all the young or same age people you are my friends forever without any benefits, United we stand!

To all the kids around the world,I see you all in my little girl...Love and love only !!

Good-Bye to all cruel, heartless, sadist,no-GodFearing people, dark inside out..Stay away , keep your darkness to yourself!!

Over to my low key life,

เคšเคฒ เค…เค•ेเคฒा เคšเคฒเค…เค•ेเคฒा เคšเคฒ เค…เค•ेเคฒा

เคคेเคฐा เคฎेเคฒा เคชीเค›े เค›ूเคŸा เคฐाเคนी เคšเคฒ เค…เค•ेเคฒा.....................

 In divine I trust !AMEN!!

P.P.S.I loved watching the movie "TUCK JAGADISH " .......The concept of "DARK K-NIGHTS' (OF THE SOUL)" was well captured and portrayed. THANK YOU, Tollywood !! MAY OUR YOUTH ESPECIALLY BE LIKE THAT = "Man of character" not just spoiled brats !!!!

That defines the real man, not looks, six-packs, status, wealth, or power unless they are used for the right purpose !! Those things otherwise will impress only a non-virtuous woman/person !!

Not that women are weak ...

Real men don't stain, scam, or slay women because they see their Amma, daughter, and sister in them = RESPECTED!! Just remember that !!(Right? The famous dialogue from the movie,"The commissioner" (My favvvv...movie) Mr.Bharat Chandran /Suresh Gopi Sir..HUGE FAN!!)๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Š #IFeltUnsafe ...I had to mention in my last post not to accuse anyone or create any trouble but exclusively for my self-protection/Self-defense.... I think I got an uncomfortable phone call as well.... I also got many MMS  ...

Meaning Veer 786...

(Like in the movie Kurup,the hero tells the heroine,"You may go to jail but I won't ever !"...Dear HACKER,I am not sure who you are but I've informed the right personnel about it here and in India...FYI ! )

You see there is a case like this that shook India ...It was one of the brutal crimes and heart-wrenching incidents which demand justice ....I must say, since I kinda mentioned it indirectly here /Bhavana ,though my main motive wasn't that yet it was in a way,I emphasize,I really felt both the victim/survivor and the accused were both framed and the case was fabricated..I was the only person in my friend group who believed that the accused is innocent until proven guilty with solid evidence...How can this accused person be so inhuman when he sacrificed his wife to remarry a woman who got stained because of rumors of an affair between them or whatever...Only God knows the truth after all !...

Hope the original culprit is caught, punished and justice is provided soon for the ultimate safety of the women...

You see, the way I was thrown lemons at by outsiders one after another...I felt unsafe eventually !... Whether a woman is walking on the road, or at the workplace, or at home if someone tries to harm her dignity by words or actions especially for the wrong reason, she may react, may lash out, may do anything for her self-defense .....That's our birthright, that's all I did! Otherwise, I was raised to respect everyone regardless!

By the way,I must emphasize,I write because it is my passion,it makes me happy and I hope it will others too ...I've no intention to teach or preach or play politics/games or put people in their place ...Because I am also imperfect, working on bettering myself everyday....Just sharing my wisdom,and rest samjhdaron ko ishara hi kafi hota hai ...

I may clarify something if necessary to clear any misunderstanding especially if anything may hamper my family, myself, or society per se (doing my bit !) because I am a family person, I've self-respect, and am also a law-abiding humanitarian, otherwise, my blog is all about food, people, and memories rekindled or made...

Since everyone may perceive differently, some things may sound coincidental or odd, should I be punished for that or stop pursuing my passion???...I am simply minding my own business !...

Like I always say ,I am only responsible for what I say not for what you understand !!

Dear Virat sir and Ma'am,I felt like you called me Sangeetha Bijlani ..Bohuth dino se notice kiya maine(It's been a while I've been noticing you),so,I gave you an example (reply) of what kind of Bijli(thunder)-ani I am :D and I am a one-man woman meaning straight, married, and a mommy !๐Ÿ˜„...I love you both !!Hope you will understand!๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ˜Š

Hadd kar di kuch logo ne...Insaan hu ...Murti nahi...How spoiled brats get fun at the expense of others....

This is the diya/lamp I light at home to offer prayers to Goddess...It's been like this for a while ..Maa/Goddess can't be seen precisely..Like I said,chahe sadharan aurat ho ya Devi maa,mamta aur bhavana sab mein hoti hai....So,I put the other pics especially Lord Krishna full black, and now everything is fine ...Afterall,my nakshatra/Zodiac sign is of Lord Krishna and our KulDevi maa..:))....#MyStrength๐Ÿ™I am divinely protected !!

(I dedicate the last year 2021 to Maa Bagalamukhi,the Hindu Goddess in Yellow saree...Hey Maa,I pray to the Universal mother, protect us and bless us always...May you turn all my enemies to my well-wishers or as you wish ! ๐Ÿ™‡)

Baat unhi ki hoti hai,jinme kuch baat hoti hai :))....

UNBELIEVABLE, the day I completed this blog post ,I saw Suresh Gopi sir's latest movie ,"KAVAL" meaning (GUARD)ian Angel ....This movie pretty much summed up what I mentioned in this post...Nice movie !! ๐Ÿ‘Dear Suresh Gopi sir,enikkum vendi eppozhum kaval undavvannnam pls !I am counting on you !!:)

THE MAN !๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™‡

Also,I am not a feminist or a man-hater (except those who look at women as just some sexual dumb object only),I do believe men with moral values who respect or value women do exist ! ...Dear men,pls prove all these feminists wrong that not all men are out there to put women at their place to prove how powerful they are....I wish..I will pray !!!....So that women can feel safe,less defensive, more trustworthy, and be more friendly simply ...#IAmAHumanist

Even our Hindu God's can be won over with devotion especially when they are addressed as RadheShyam,Uma/Gauri Shankar ,LakshmiNarayan,SHRI Ram etc etc (FeMALE counterpart first, that's why she is called woMAN,the SHAKTHI)...That's why we have Nav (9)ratris and Vjayadasami ...

Jai Hind !

Wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year!




๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–Dearest Samantha Ma'am..Just wanted to say thanks a lot for your love and concern .:))...

Well, just like your movie,"Oh BABY" something like that happened in my life . Look no further!

BTW,(not poking or scratching any wounds being an outsider) but I admire so much the most bubbly, cutest, madly in love, and made for each other couple ..Being a huge fan of both of you,I pray to Divine,hope you both will be back together one day forever once again..Well, whatever happens, happens for good.So,may you have that LOVEly smile on your face intact always, and wish you loads of happiness,peace, and blessings..Happy New Year !๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’

@Ranveer Singh sir..I RAN to my gym  ,you VEER/the royal blood/warrior indeed! Thx sir !:))..Thx to Deepika ma'am too for allowing your man to save my honor..You have a story to tell your daughter especially ..your kids will be so proud of their father !:)..Best wishes!

@Prithviraj sir -I must say this.....I feel like I owe you this msg.. I am a huge fan of you! Something like your movie,"nandanaM" happened in my life . That's it! :))...I followed you in Insta but Unni sir was suggested by the insta..I've only seen 3 of his movies so far now (Mallu singh,Michael, and Mamangam).

After watching Michael,being a huge fan of Nivin sir,I thought Unni sir was a villain.I kinda hated him after that!I've seen a few of his movie songs on youtube that is melodious where I admired the gorgeous actresses he paired with mostly ...That's why I was not really his huge fan per se ...Though he is equally talented like you all are ...So, when our path crossed in Insta that was during the shooting of Mamangam,I couldn't recognize him ..I was like wow,I didn't know Vijay Devarakonda sir's doppelganger existed in Mollywood...I remember leaving him a comment,sir you should do a Malayalam remake of Arjun Reddy ,little did I know he would become (kinda) one in my virtual life :D:D....

When no one cared to give me any attention or support,I was surprised a celebrity had time for me. That's why he is very special to me!

Besides, there was this strange strong sense of familiarity when I really paid attention that I've never felt before with anyone from the opposite gender ...He was not even a crush or an infatuation...That's what non-believers named brahmam/illusion eventually,...

Well,I would have kept this thing called illusions in my heart but my main intention to mention the soul connection I felt was since the people from your industry were staining him for no reason right from the start and since he is like us, not born with a silver spoon,I never wanted to admit that he was a real villain in real life too,I didn't get that vibe from him ..

His fans are more active than I was, then how can I be a Meera and he was also simply being playful with no strings attached..I had to mention all these (soul-connection story)to highlight indirectly that he was innocent,I am by his side and I wanted to find the real player behind it and eventually got stained...That was my motive! But being tagged along for long, he became more and more special too...Anyways,I feel honored that you represented my Honey P ..Thx to you and suPriya ma'am too (Honey Ps from reel life!) !:)

@Unni sir...Hearty congratulations to you on the success of the movie,"Meppadiyyan" and now you are officially a film Producer sir..Yayyyy!!That was my intention.I looked forward to this moment so eagerly!I couldn't watch your movie,"Meppadiyyan" in theatre as my little one won't sit at a place for long especially to watch a movie...and it is a little risky as she can't be vaccinated ..We spend time outside very little...This was one of the movies I always wanted to watch badly..So,I mocked you a little to speed up the process :)... ..BTW,my bro's wife's name is Anju :D..Thx for honoring my request though (I think !) ..Appreciate it !:)

Sir,pls do more solo (MAIN HERO) movies...All the best for your personal (settled with family/more unni s ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘) and professional life!

You were a blessing in disguise (the best part!) sir !:)...Thanks!

If you ever felt like I was playing or kicked you out,it was for the woman in your life (she is your identical twin flame for sure :D;D ...right Vishnu Mohan๐Ÿ˜Ž sir ๐Ÿ˜‚)or for other potential suitors and for my man ...I said ,once "Ukkad lo jo ukkadna hai "..it was for your woman ,then I was not sure of your relationship status and I indirectly wanted to tell her ,with true love ,make him yours only..As I don't wanna hurt him in any way..And you all cruel ppl toh mere hi peechey padd Gaye ukkadne keliye ๐Ÿ˜กBTW,ma'am r u doing .. ❤magic on me I wonder?..A birdie gave me a hint..๐Ÿ˜„..No worries, you both are made for each other ! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ‘..I was your fan, not his :))..

@Aparna ma'amS (Sr. & Jr.)- Big fan of you both !๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ˜

Sir,plss do no more favor to me..waise,"bin pucchey kuch kaam kiya,aapne bhare mehfil/duniya mein mujhey badnaam kiya"...nahi bhooloongi mein ye jab tak hai jaan....May U always win !๐Ÿ™‡

@Ranbir Kapoor sir - When I was in India,I saw a pic with your mother and sis,kind of cheering up for me I felt ..Thx sir to you and hi to your Gangubai ..err.. I mean Radha..Best wishes !:)~ Barfi :D

@Krithi Shetty Ma'am..Appreciate all your efforts :D...You are the MOST-EST BEAUTYfull girl I've ever seen in my life... I and my daughter loves your Uppena songs like crazy..It is a visual treat to watch you ! Love and best wishes !:)

@Bhagyashree Ma'am-Loved watching Meenakshi Sundreshwar..Your son is as innocent and good-looking as you looked in MPK...He looked like a South Indian guy,the type of guy girls like to marry from our world...:D...

Last but not the least, Someone special from our world,Mithun๐Ÿ˜Š...Was that song for me??..Thx !..Thx for reading my blog and for remembering me after all these years..Your yellow garbage bag :D..Well,I was really playing with lemons in that video and not juggling ppl, many thought so ..I just got tagged along and in my effort to prevent anyone from getting stained for no reason,I eventually got stained...I would have rather juggled YOU not people out of my league ! :D...Anyways,thanx for everything..happy to see you beautifully settled !gOOD lUCK!:)