05 October 2022

Run to Gym smoothie - Cheers to peace !!#HandshakeWithAMilkshake

A milkshake/smoothie made up of Honey,Pistachio,U-NO chocolate bar,and milk

Dear Ladies and gentlemen!πŸ™

Who dares to listen to another loooong lecture /free gyan with a cup of my special smoothie for a smooth read !!😊

To all those who would dare,I share for once and all!! 

Ready for an eye and ear sore ,TMI, and blah blah blahhhhhhh....??? Do you have what it takes ??πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜œπŸ˜œ

After much thought and consideration and sequence of events to stain me and mainly my family, led to this post.

Some revengeful,soul-less, low-grade people made many rumors to harm me by their words and actions to ruin my image and especially the “Running to India for a wrong reason “  one  #BadKarma4You...I don’t believe in explaining myself to anyone or needing anyone’s approval anyways because I know the truth and people who matter to me know the truth ,divine in holy places know the truth but just so you know…..
Some facts may sound repetitive /ear sore 😊…


Some people may say why to share your personal info in public ?.. Well, usually I only shared positive aspects I am grateful for but circumstances insisted me to share positive and negative as well and it is also my way of saying, life is not perfect for everyone...Everyone has ups and downs in life and relationships !! I don’t want anyone’s sympathy but that’s my whole point!

FYI…The summary !


Dear sadists!

I went to India on a VACATION with my doter for a couple of months because once she joins school here, we won’t get a chance to stay in India with her grandparents, etc for long as always it will be a quick, unsatisfied visit as we live in different states in India and also, my mother has health issues and she was not getting a regular maid. My old father and bro were helping her.So, I being a doter, my close friends know here that I had been planning to go to India for the same to help my mother...

My hubby was anyways traveling for work . And my toddler doter had probs like not sleeping at night, waking up from time to time and it was havocking my sleep and I had my health concerns. She is at times a handful being a kid. So, I decided to take a well-deserved break and spent time with my old parents back in India, our doter gets the authentic taste of the traditions of India and I wanted my doter to have amazing memories with them when they are alive since we live so far.

It was during this time I got this attention from celebrities and I did give a small hint to my hubby, especially about Unni sir but I didn’t tell him all the attention I was getting from celebrities as I feared what if he stops my blogging/vlogging forever and since I am not used to lots of attention especially such elite’s attention,it was verrry overwhelming for me. 

So,it was also one of the reasons that made me grateful, smiling yet very uneasy, and just disappear for a while...but not at the cost of abandoning my blog/vlog,it is a work-in-progress dream of mine after all…. I thought they will forget and ignore me gradually….I don’t want to encourage them but I will always be grateful for all elite people’s attention and excuse me for all problems from my end ...I tried my best to ignore them first, taking all gossip lightly and simply responding to their personal attacks /misunderstandings in a funny way (teasing them back)...So, that it doesn’t escalate to worse but it did !πŸ’

Divine knows the truth - Only that matters!

My hubby was neither interested nor had any leave to go to India back then .He hardly listens to me.So,he asked me to GO with my doter for a while.For which I was very mad at him 😑😑😊 and he said he might try to join us in India after a couple of months to see his folks as well but then Corona hit.We didn’t want to travel and take risks with our little doter.So, we stayed back.

In fact, we wanted to return to the US after taking vaccinations only like after a year as it would be so risky to travel with my toddler with her tantrums alone but since my hubby was alone,my parents insisted me to go back to the US ASAP as we were hearing horrible news happening in the US because of Corona and since traveling with my handful doter during a pandemic would be inconvenient and to make it riskless,they asked my hubby to come over when it is safe to travel and either work from India or if it is not possible then return back together. Or just stay in India permanently as they were scared of the consequences of corona in the US . However, my hubby prefers US,so he came to pick us up and we came back together.

(Having said all this ,even my parents do not listen to everything I say ...They all are the same (ellam kannakka)..No one is my best confidant !..Well, they all are not perfect, they all have their own justified reasons as well ..even me )...

Anyways,I can’t thank Corona,it was a blessing in disguise for me and my doter.I knew it was once in a lifetime kind of vacation.Usually, we go to India for 2 – 3 weeks max.I am sooo happy that my doter and my parents have some amazing memories for life to cherish.We were able to share our respective loads with each other.My hubby was alone here in the US busy with work etc and he is an adult who can take care of himself.It was not a big deal for me and it was our mutual decision for good!

When I was in India, all these celebrities were cheering me up somehow and it was again overwhelming for me, especially actors flaunting their bodies for fun to something silly I wrote in my blog .So, I was writing this and that on my blog indirectly to my hubby in the US to make sure that when I and my doter are away from him, he can utilize that time to do some exercise/bodybuilding, take care of his health, prioritize whatever matters the most and surprise me and these celebrities as well.

YES, this is a truth that I wished (which I knew was “Mission Impossible !”) if I could see Unni Mukundan sir somehow for once “as a fan”.I remember commenting on his picture I think when I was in India,if he could do his movie promotion in my town so that I can meet up with my friend/cousin/Dad by my side. 

Like I've mentioned before,I really felt a past life connection with Unni sir …. Maybe he was my baby boy at my previous birth ..who knowss????? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Also,I always wanted to have a small dimple on my chin all my life and it coincidently happened after he came into my life as he has dimples...#ChamatkarHiChamatkar

Because of this past life connection thing I felt with him ,I wanted to utilize my long vacation to see him in person somehow of course with my parent’s approval only.I didn’t even have a crush on him (we all fans love all the celebrities !) but I felt a strange familiarity which I believe is called a twin flame journey/soul connection and many tarot card readings confirmed that there is a possibility that we indeed had a past life connection together.

Though he is very handsome ,I really didn’t feel any special attraction towards him (Well,all celebrities are good-looking and out of our league !) and also he is surrounded by amazing women too (So,I didn't have any special stake )...Though he is a well-respected, renowned actor in Mollywood,I’ve till today not seen all his movies ...and he looked totally different ..If my intuition is correct he felt the same spark but he thought it was just another physical attraction . Being a celebrity he was always extra cautious yet playful! I always got a friendly vibe ...That was certainly a matter of attraction….

Right from the beginning,his industry was portraying him as if he was a goon ….I wondered, is it because as he is not a star son, they are treating him like that ??...I didn’t like that and I didn’t get that vibe , though not sure how he truly he is in his personal life....That’s why I was harsh on him in the previous posts, wishing and praying that he proves them all wrong and flourish in every way ..He certainly has got what it takes !

I am only mad at him and his partners in crime for hacking my personal information and using it against me to ruin my image in every possible way….I’ve no problem with his lifestyle or any woman in his life but I am concerned for his well-being like for any other human being….I hope no one will ever say “Well,he is a thalipoli afterall!” ...That’s it ! ...

(By the way, I don't believe in nepotism as I think star kids may have a upper hand but eventually,it is always about the survival of the fittest / the IT factor flourishes )

Well,when you have that past-life connection feeling,how can one not feel like meeting them once in a lifetime for sure?

So, I had this urge for the first time in my life to meet a man for once for sure..Like I wrote to him,I was praying to God, meditating for long, and running hard on my treadmill (as that is my sure shot way of clearing my mind !) but that urge was persistent..It was complicating ..I deactivated my social media accounts..I asked my hubby to plan for a mini vacation here twice to clear my mind of this dilemma forever but he was then very busy at work .So,that was also one of the factors that made me go to India.

Since all the people with revenge mentality and no conscience people were just tagging us along for some cheap pleasure/personal motives,I must say YOU ALL brought us more closer ,I do have a special soft corner for Unni sir but since Mollywood was hacking and stalking me,I had no other way than to be mad at them,to kinda expose them so that they can stop . Though I tried my best to do lovingly first ...

Thanks to all "ChanakyaThanthram"

I even showed my mother a picture of his childhood with his family and I asked her if she feels any familiarity with some Malayali family from my childhood back in North India ..She said No.So,my father and bro became suspicious as I sent him a “Thank You” gift (from a fan) but my parents know me well .So they never questioned me .I told them about all celebrity's attention I got. However,my super-strict bro was alert and serious about it and wanted me to return to the US ASAP.😞

Indirectly in my case!

If by God’s grace,I would and I will get an opportunity to meet Unni sir in person (I would have my hatta katta brothers as my bodyguard),it would have been something like movie 96 (starring Vijay sir and Trisha Ma'am)  , the only difference being we are not former classmates/lovers, just a celebrity and a spiritual fan who would wish the best for the well being in every way of the celebrity she felt a soul connection with !He is neither someone who can be trapped with tricks and treats nor in scarcity of any amazing woman (young,talented,fertile,gorgeous etc) around him and I am married with a child and a small blogger...For timepass,it is quite easy nowadays to get in touch with any men I believe via the internet/ social media friend requests etc...Which is not my thing..

This is it! ….So,it was a well-deserved long vacation I prayed for...I am not single or childless or was madly in love with someone, irresponsible/impulsive to do something seriously stupid ….I would never run to some stranger that too towards a celebrity..for what?..I heard a case something like this in one of his interviews though,so someone got inspiration from that scenario perhaps ..Not exactly my story ! By divine’s and parents' grace,I am well educated, have a logical mind and good heart by almighty’s grace! ....

My moral principles are strictly against the modern way of affairs.I literally have no interest in any illicit matters.I am old school and I am proud of my traditional upbringing. This special spiritual bond I felt with Unni Mukundan sir definitely shook/questioned my beliefs and principles though.I believe in pure love,arranged marriage (because my parent’s blessings were always a must !),hate people who elope with someone,not having a boyfriend, and sleeping with only my husband is a feather in my cap,parenting,household stuffs ,divine,and chasing my passions and living a simple life describes ME rest all blessings are just bonus by Divine's grace.

I don’t have anything special that he can’t get from anyone else ..

(By the way,no offense to people who are way too modern and westernized and I am not saying that I am better than you but this is how I am -Traditional yet modern with rules! )

My parents asked me to come back and stay for a year and go but I told them then it wouldn’t be safe to travel ….

We were always taught to count our blessings than stressing and be grateful regardless.Life is a roller-coaster ride, not rainbows always. I have no problem speaking my truth and fighting for myself with the divine by my side!People who hurt me in any way,I will pray to the divine to forgive you. But as per my past experiences,I don’t think so as my intentions are always good! No, I am not trying to scare anyone,but that’s how karma works when people mess with people good at heart and that’s the kind of bond I’ve with almighty! Karma won’t spare me too but I try my best not to hurt anyone knowingly or have ill intentions towards anyone as I am Divine fearing!

So, this is the truth, Believe it or not,I don’t care! Spread rumors and face your karma sooner or later!

Meanwhile ,take a chill pill or drink this specially made for all rumor makers ,spreaders ,sadist audiences , a smoothie that is tasty and yet good for health .No trick only treat !An edible peace treaty!

I’ve named this drink: Run-to-the-Gym Smoothie (Handshake with a Milkshake !)

My humble request to Unni Mukundan sir 

Dear Unni sir,

Hope you are doing well !πŸ˜ŠπŸ™

This post is my way of peace/goodwill offering! With all balls thrown at me,I took them all with the courage to extend you  - An open invitation for a smoothie in India in the future someday with no strings attached..just to be on good terms!

I don’t know what exactly is called “A date”...but for me, I just wish to meet and erase all rumors/stains and give justice to the connection I felt....Cheers to a good friendship offering!

Though superman in Marvel movies is a man with super values

All this heartbreak (out of misconceptions and revenge mentality) happened because of miscommunications and misunderstandings!!

Hacking, stalking , backstabbing aatha hai,ek baar baat karkey clear karney ki koshish ki hothi ..Unnecessary drama,misunderstandings,shaming ,accusing ,hurting and staining would have been avoided .That would have been the responsible and accountable (mature) way of dealing with such situations I believe.If I were U !

For all the mess created by your filmi folks in my life for the past two years and to do justice to the spiritual bond we perhaps share,I would humbly request you to please stop hurting us and stop people from creating more mess and spreading baseless rumors.

Dear sir,with the permission of the star woman/women in your life and with the permission of all my folks (my hubby and my parents especially and my bro-bhabhi) ,when I will come to India,I would like to meet up with you one day for a cup of tea biscuit :D and then you can go your way and I will go my way .

I am saying this in public that “THANKS” for the idea ,now I am planning for sure to run to this gym / meet up with Unni Mukundan sir by almighty’s grace , a public declaration.When and where also I will inform at my social network handles if it happens by God’s grace.This way it will be safer and nothing phony or secretive. Besides, it was on my bucket list .So, Thanks again for the idea rumor maker!πŸ™‡πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ


Dear Unni sir and his fams ,I don’t have any ill intention or any expectations, just chit-chat and you go your way,I go my own.I don’t want to force you but I am requesting you.Hope everyone will agree to that happily ! πŸ˜πŸ˜‹And anyone other than us who will stop this union by anyway,will face the bad karma (Read:Irreparable loss !!)by my faith in God.After all,we both with our families went through a lot for cheap motives.That's unfair and unjust !!

Just in case, dear moral police,nowadays,I believe,it is super easy to find someone to sleep with,for that no one has to meet up with a hard to get ,celebrity !πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜’..Well,who wants a bull when you have got a lion at home ?πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š

Hoping for a positive response from Unni sir and his folks ! I only need my folk's permission and I will pray to the divine that they all will understand and agree for sure.

Aaj tak mein kehthey rehi,aap sunte rahey,aur sab kahani banathey rahey,takleef banathey and badathey rahey..Everyone’s effort should not go waste,NOW I WISH TO HEAR FROM “U” IN PERSON and would pray to give this special messy bond we share a proper closure, a happy ending to cherish forever! I don't know if it is possible but I think ,THIS IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO ! I know kahan aap,kahan mein ...Hope you and others will understand my viewpoint and agree with me,in same page = The justice league 😊…

Lots of mud were thrown at my family indirectly,So,I wanna redeem it !!..Hope the universe will help me to fulfill this wish on my bucket list.(Fingerscrossed !)

I respect other's time as well !

This was too much for me to bear it strongly with a smile . Thanks to the divine in Holy places,Almighty was my armor ...mein ek aur dushman anek ...Divine got my back !! So, thanks for making me the strongest !!I want to take the risk to extend an offer to meet me in person (with any of my bodyguards/family memer by my side)whenever I am in India.This is not me...not even in my wildest imagination I would have thought to even dare to think like this ...especially extending an offer to meet a celebrity lol...From my point of view,this is a fated connection that’s why it got dragged for so long and the whole universe knows about it (touchwood!)...There is something special about it ! Hope the divine will give us a chance to purify and celebrate it ...

(Reminds me, one of my classmates would always ask me to meet up with him whenever I visit India,since my classmates in India always have get-togethers and I am not able to make it ...I remember pulling his leg and saying for that you have to change your gender ...and his name is Ravi and his wife’s name is Sangeetha,lagtha hai Ravi ka shraap lag gaya mere ko..Khush toh bohut hongey tum Ravi !:(πŸ˜”..Karma is real !) )

I want to share our pictures by Divine’s grace on social media one day for sure! By Divine's grace !:))

Somehow I feel like writing around all Navaratris it seems.😁It all started in MahaShivaratri and this is my positive decision to reconcile especially in person to be on good terms and to do justice to all negativity that happened to ruin our respective reputations and others on Dasami 2022 .

Lord Vishnu relates to the number 8 they meant..#Typo

Unni sir sounds like a good idea ?? πŸ˜‹πŸ˜Š...Hoping to be on good terms !!

Thanks a lot for reading and tolerating it ! Now, breathe in and breathe out , peace in and peace out !!

Hope you all are ALIVE,safe, and sound !!😁

Take a break,rest in nest! You are welcome ! Hope to see you back later !! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜œπŸ˜Š

Naam toh suna hi hoga,πŸ˜‰πŸ˜

Love and light,

P.S : Coincidently, there is a reason why I say these two men (one in my real life and one in reel life)are my connections made by the divine who would play a vital role in the elevation and the expansion of my life on a postive note.My hubby’s birthday is on August 2 and Unni sir’s is on Sep 22 and together 2+22 = 6 ,my date of birth ! Also,Navaratri started on Sep 26 and ends today on 10/05/2022 !Miracle for me ! HAPPY DUSSEHRA !!πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ™

Though it is risky to have a baby now,by almighty's grace we do have our embryos stored in and out of the country as well.It is a costly and challenging process though !! I was before going to India quite desperate to plan for another baby but my hubby was not ready .Now,finally after all these baby dramas created by outsiders , I finally got closure,my doter is as of now enough !!

Enough is enough,I just wanna do the right thing..for all rumors and staining me and others alongside.Rest assured to critics/defamers, I am not desperate/addicted/with any hidden motive! It’s in fact my way of proving I am not , I do have the guts to prove to you that I ain't that type !... 

Eventually, time and actions show us how a person truly is and he is certainly not my type ...and I am neither his type ! So, I am not a threat to his woman/women !!


Also, thanks to this spiritual connection,I came across a tarot reader who told me that all these defamations and staining are the result of two black magic practitioners/witches in my family. It makes sense when I recall many incidents that happened in my life since marriage.Right from the day I got married ,these ladies were secretly making sure that I don’t flourish in my life in any way .So,I had problems in conceiving,losing jobs,other health issues, and eventually, staining me and generated enemies for me in every way in evil ways. Even my FIL became sick because of them,my family was also targeted,my doter initially used to refuse to go to my MIL’s hand and one day she seriously fell ill in India.We didn’t inform about pregnancy or doter’s birth.So,it was a huge surprise for them and after that, I started getting unexplainable mood swings….eventually, I had to leave our home and go to India and all these issues are the result of black magic....Some choose light and then some choose dark to destroy that light !

I am writing all these about them because they were enjoying all these issues I was facing so far.It has got nothing to do with cars etc that I mentioned before .Actually,when my father-in-law was on death bed, while doing a video group call with his relatives, instead of being sad about him,these people were indirectly mono acting and indicating me ,”Now that the maama which also means matchmaker in Malayalam is gone,why don’t you also leave ?”

When my hubby was in India for his father’s funeral last year around this time,he was always reminding me of the life insurance policy because of their torture as I and my doter were alone in US then.As I was talking to my nephew ,he showed me his father/my brother-in-law/MohanDas chettan who was showing me a riding motion .That’s why I mentioned Lord Shiva and Nandi bull in the previous post ...(My sister-in-law’s name is Nandi ) .Divine gave me a chance to show them to taste their own bitter medicine..and my MIL was telling me many times,he/P is my son afterall,meaning her husband is dead and her son’s wife , everyone is killing her. They were secretly rejoicing that all their black magic worked successfully.

It didn’t make me happy to write all these but what difference will it make otherwise.I am not someone who loves to snatch or keep their son or bro away from their family.I may have indifferences and disagreements but I try my best to bring them close only.Even though my FIL was bedridden,I forced my hubby to bring my in laws to the USA ,which was his biggest wish and I am happy that though I didn't get a chance to take care of them in India ,I was able to take care of them ,do my bit and spent some quality time together here.It may look like I am defaming them but this is my only cheesy way of saying that I was deeply hurt by their actions !!

So,this spiritual connection was an eye opener,otherwise ,though a few astrologers did mention it indirectly in past but were not so clear.Finally,it makes sense !! I wouldn’t have come across that Astro friend who highlighted this. What people who go for black magic,spells etc for evil intentions perhaps don’t know is that it works like ,”What goes around, comes around 10 fold !” ..I will never get a chance to say all these on their face anyways...

Hope they all will change for good and family is family after all !!