07 September 2023

Janmashtami Sep 6th 2023 - Treat,tales,and a tribute to the Divine !

Allah karam karana lillah karam karna ,Paravardigar-e-aalam bekas pe reham karna
Ye phool jo ada kiya isako samabhaliye , rehamat ka apani koi bhi jalwa dikhaiye

ise maa ki fiza kaya Rab tu dharam rakhana.......... Song from the Movie : Sanam Bewafa ...(Nothing to do with the movie name particularly and Sanam is a gentleman anyway!😊)

I always believe that until and unless you have a calling from the Divine , you won't be able to visit any holy place per se (planned or unplanned). Well,this summer vacation ,our plan was to visit India and some local temples as always. However, the divine had other amazing plans!

 On our way to India, we had a layover in Abudhabi for 10-12 hrs .We took transit visas and stayed in a great hotel and to our surprise, just opposite to our hotel was the grand Mosque of Abudabhi called the "Mega Mosque " .

I remember the last time I visited a Mosque was in Mumbai. The faith with which I offered that green chadar /the Holy cloth at the Dargah,the Holy place of worship and I love the number "786",(A holy number in Islam and other religions as well) ,I believe the divine accepted my prayers or presence at least .

I used to wonder if I would ever get a chance to visit any mosque again.I really felt God's presence as I have been tagging that holy number for a while now.I was so happy that I could visit this wonderful mega Mosque of Abudabhi .Shukriya Allah !πŸ˜ŠπŸ™Œ

Similarly, on my way to Kerala (to visit my parents) from Hyderabad (My hubby's place) ,the way we got tickets booked helped us to visit one of the most important churches in India,"Velankanni" .As exactly mentioned on this website ,"Vailankanni is fondly known as the 'Lourdes of the East' because like Lourdes in France, millions of pilgrims visit the Shrine throughout the year, praying to Our Lady for various needs and thanking her for the favors received through her intercession. Tradition recounts that Mother Mary appeared with the Infant Jesus in this small hamlet at the end of the 16th or in early 17th century. Ever since Vailankanni is the most important destination and almost the synthesis of all Marian Sanctuaries for the pilgrims of the world."

The Basilica of Our Lady of Good Health, also known as the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Velankanni, is a Christian shrine located in the town of Velankanni in Tamil NaduIndia. The shrine is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary and infant Jesus.(Source :Wikipedia)

It was so good to see Mother Mary with the infant Jesus rather than the Lord Jesus on the cross ,which kind of, is painful to see for me.

It was on my bucket list to visit this church for sure . Thanking Lord Jesus, Mother Mary for making this wish come true . And yes, like I mentioned in my previous post,the holy cross necklace that I couldn't buy here from the "Love Issa" shop , I got from the Holy place itself.

On a lighter yet serious note, Dear Lord Jesus, was that your way to make me visit the church to meet your Mother, since many people (with bad mental health πŸ˜œ and ignorance ) tried their best to label me like "Mary Magdalene "?? Thank you for the love Issa ! πŸ™πŸ™ŒπŸ™‡πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜

Coincidentally,after leaving the Church I realized,I was wearing the earring I purchased from the Love Issa shop and the color of my eyeliner was blue similar to the color of cross of the Velankanni Church.πŸ’™

I respect all religions !Divine has many names !

Also,got a calling to visit the famous ancient temple of Lord Muruga,one of the sons Of Lord Shiva and Maa Shakthi/Parvathi . "Palani temple is considered synonymous with Panchamritam, a sweet mixture made of five ingredients. The idol of the deity,Lord Mururgan, is said to be made of an amalgam of nine poisonous substances which forms an eternal medicine when mixed in a certain ratio." (Source :Wikipedia)..

Smiling that Lord Murugan is also known as Sanmukha as he has 6 faces.

While returning I forgot my Swarovski earring/Kammal in Malayalam and Lord Murugan's Prasadam at the hotel where we stayed.Somehow, after lots of effort, we got them back eventually. That was kind of strange, except that it was a beautiful /memorable trip to visit one of my favorite temples on my bucket list . When others were getting flowers,I got a special sindooram from Lord Shiva's shrine! Made me blush somehow! 😊😍

Divine answers my prayers that are for my best!

Also got a golden chance to visit my holy Mother, Bhagwati/Jagadamba,in all forms residing in the famous temple,Chottanikkara Devi Shethram on my birthday with my parents and bro. The main deity here is Lakshmi Narayana! I remember an astrologer/palmist told me that my Holy Mother was waiting for me and was very happy with my arrival to visit her holy abode. My 6th sense KNEW IT ! That confirmation made me extremely happy! πŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸ™ŒπŸ™‡..Another favorite temple on my bucket list! The wish came true!πŸ’–

So, from Holy Mosque to Church to temples, overall, had an amazing spiritually inclined,God/Goddess-willing summer vacation with my family. Unbelievable yet grateful and happy beyond words to the divine and my hubby especially.Makes me wonder, when will I get an opportunity to visit Gurudwaras, especially the Golden Temple, the holy place of worship of Sikhs. Pending on my to-do bucket list! 

So, this post is my heartfelt tribute to the divine, and hope the post can bring others too ,more and more closer to the light, the Divine. After all, actions speak louder than just words and sentiments, and good things should be cherished and shared!

I wanted to post it on September 6 th /yesterday on the auspicious eve of Janmashtami, the birthday of the 8th Avatar of Mahavishnu,the Lord Krishna.

In my video, you can see a standing pose of Lord Krishna in black.I deliberately put that picture in my prayer room asking him to give me company as some evil people tried their level best to stain me. Being Bhakthavatsala, (always at his true devotee's service), he seems to have paid heed to my request as this year his birthday fell on September 6th,2023 while I celebrated mine on August 6th . Like I proudly boast always, after all I have his star/zodiac sign "Rohini".πŸ˜πŸ’ž

So,as a token of gratitude and love beyond measure,I adorned/dressed in black with a bit of gold here and there while celebrating Lord Krishna's birthday in my little way. I know it is too much to say but felt like he gave me an opportunity to say ,he is my divine ka to me/ki ...Needless to say, THE true and original Divine masculine!πŸ™‡πŸ™Œ As I light-heartedly kinda in a humorous yet my love for Lord Krishna,I have mentioned in my blog posts before that I am like the modern-day MiraBai (though incomparable to MiraBai Ji's bhakthi),the famous devotee cum divine lover of Lord Krishna.

 So,this Janmashtami was very special . As a token of gratefulness and heartfelt love to my darling Lord Krishna,I made his favorite, Aval Payasam /A sweet dessert /Porridge made with flattened rice. This reminds me of the story of Sudama, one of his best friends, who was very poor and could only afford to bring a handful of flattened rice which lord Krishna happily accepted as the most precious offering ever and said "Mein toh sirf bhav ka bhooka hu" / True devotion matters me the most even if it is just a small flower offered with genuine love and faith. That's why,to commemorate that message and love,I always make Aval Payasam mostly on all Janmashtami eve - sweet and simple!

Aval Payasam is very easy to make. For me, this Payasam would sum up Lord Krishna's favorite things to eat. Little Poha/Chivda/Flattened Rice,Ghee,Milk,Raisins and jaggery .Not at all time-consuming yet pleasing to God. How to make sugar-free Aval Payasam is demonstrated in this video and my little celebration of Lord Krishna's birthday.

Really felt the divine's assurance of his divine presence in my life in all the above and many unsaid ways. This post is my humble tribute as a token of gratitude beyond words! Spreading the good vibes!

In my last post,I had to put an obvious picture of Chottanikkara Bhagawathy / Mother displaying femininity (partially) in its original/raw form (I felt my Divine Mother covering up/supporting me)..So,a picture clad in a lovely saree...πŸ™πŸ’–

UPDATE October 25th,2023 -I was sad that Number 6 was maligned and I was kinda whimpering about it to my divine Gods/Goddesses in my prayers .So,I was happy beyond words when most of the Hindu festivals like Vishu 2023 on April 15th,Janmashtami on September 6th AND Navratri 2023 fell on October 15th - October 24th .I feel like my divine paid heed to my prayers and pains and for me it is an assurance that my divine is always with me through thick and thin.

Since last 3years,I was looking upto/praying to the Divine Mother especially and I always wanted to paint a picture depicting how I am holding onto the Divine Mother and it's been a while I wondered why I am not able to paint or if I will be able to as I am not that good at drawing/painting.Finally,I did ! and I never thought it would come out good/worth showing to others .I referred to a few pictures online for inspirations.So,credit goes to the Internet !

So,needless to say I made a tribute to the Divine Mother by making this video to make it memorable forever on the auspicious occasion of Navaratri.Though I really don't follow the traditional steps to celebrate Navaratri at home ,my celebration is as always quite simple way of rendering prayers.#JaiMataRani

Saree(*Sorry just incase) colors = πŸ’Cream,Green &RedπŸ’

* - My intention is always to spread good vibes and dispelling any darkness as much as possible towards light. Please remember me as a harmless distraction ,a medium to spice up your personal life selflessly.Over to you for the best ! :)πŸ’πŸ™#Harmony #Peace 

Last but not the least, brain refreshing myself /brainwashing others with this inspiring lovely song from the movie "Ankush".

Itinii Shakti Hamen De Na Daataa,Mannkaa Vishvaas Kumazor Ho Naa -Dear God give us so much strength so that we never lose faith in you Ham Chalen Nek Raaste Pe Humase,Bhuulkar Bhii Koi Bhuul Ho Naa -May we walk in the path of righteousness ,and not make any mistakes by accident Duur Agyaan Ke Ho Andhere,Tu Hamen Gyaan Kii Raushanii De -Dispel the darkness of ignorance and Give us the light of knowledge Har Buraaii Se Bachate Rahen Ham,Jitanii Bhii De, Bhalii Zindagii De -Save us from all misdeeds and Whatever life we have let it be BLESSED..........

You are welcome for the free unlimited gyan / pearls and other gems of wisdom from yours truly and I appreciate your tolerance level too .😊

Love and light,

With sweetness and spiciness,