01 May 2016


Rangoli cookies|Eggless cookie|Unique cookie


"Baking cookie is comforting, and cookies are the sweetest little bit of comfort food.They are very bite size and personal." ~ Sandra Lee.

 Hallelujah to that !!!... More than cake,I love baking cookies ...Easy to make and quick to bake and you can share equally without any bias :P....especially when your house is infested with cookie lovers...Sometimes I wonder if I should name my house "Cookie monster villa"!!.....We love cookies !!...However,my hubby can't eat sugar a lot ..So, we control our urge to torture our oven and cookie jar and our health..Thank God !! Otherwise we would have had to buy a backup oven as well soon and we would have happily ate, then sadly gained weight later like a snap...hmmm.....


I am a blink and glitter lover..A Girly girl! ..that doesn't mean makeup or anything expensive necessarily ,but just some lights,brights,colors,shine..that just makes me a happy girl..I love it when even my food shines like pearly pearl ..in colors...like drops of rain-bow...


So,that's how my rangoli cookie was born ..I gifted it to my friend who loved it so much that any party she has, we bake bunch of this cookie ..even her kids would happily participate,even though we try to hide those edible pearls at times..Can't blame them,sometimes even I would nibble them ...And sometimes,I simply wanna stare at them and eat with my eyes only.....Irresistible !!

These are also eggless cookies .So,pls watch my video that will show you how to make my rangoli cookie at home.

These cookies are gift-worthy and needless to say,you can't stop at one.

Isn't my rangoli cookie,a unique cookies,a gorgeous cookie? Doesn't it make you smile ? It does to me:D....I may even spare this cookie without eating but then my tummy will be disappointed :P.....