28 April 2016

Coconut cookie recipe|Eggless cookie recipe


 Today me will live the moment,unless it's unpleasant in which case me will eat a cookie ~ Cookie Monster

If cookie monster was real,that would be me !... Yeahhh,I am that monster who loves cookie,and my better half loves tad more..that makes him ......??? Oh my !...I din't say anything,words just flew that way (Love you honey :D)....Sometimes I wonder what will happen when we will have kids...It will be monstrously chaotic it seems !!


Cookies are so easy to bake and it's like ,you can share it without much fuss- like ,3 for me ,two for you ...

My hubby's favourite cookie is the coconut cookie ...This cookie especially can turn him into a 2 yr old kiddo...Very special it is and very yummy it is..


Please watch my video that will show you how to make this egg less cookie recipe,coconut cookie easily and quickly.The coconut cookie recipe is in the video ...


"Me want cookie!" 
"Me eat cookie!" 
"Om nom nom nommmm"