17 November 2013


Vella Kadala curry|Kabuli chana curry - Kerala style|Garbanzo curry


 Ask any Mallu (cute form of Keralite) ,what's their fave breakfast item and they will scream @ the top of their lungs, "Puttum Kadala chetta or chettathiii" :O)).

Likewise ask my hubby (though he is more Hyderabadi than a Mallu )what's his all time fave breakfast,even lunch or dinner is ,he'll scream @ the top of every organ in his body :P ,"Puttum kadalem anneyyy" but then there is a catch ! He doesn't like the well known traditional consort of Puttu,black chickpea or chana he loves the white version instead,the kabuli chana/garbanzo curry .So,I hardly make the black chickpea curry and usually make the white one,the recipe being more or less the same.This goes undoubtedly well with the puttu ,also with Appam,bhatura,poori,roti,naan ,rice etc as well.


So,my kadala curry is a spicy curry made with Garbanzo chickpeas ,Kerala spices and coconut milk exclusively.

Here is how I make Kadala curry :

Kadla curry


Vella Kadala/Kabuli chana/Garbanzo chickpeas - 1 cup
Onion ,Big (sliced lengthwise) - 1 no.
Green chillies,(sliced into two lenthwise) - 2-3 nos.
Tomato ,medium - 1 no.
Ginger-garlic paste- 1 tablespoon
Kerala Garam Masala/Meat Masala - 1 tablespoon
Chilly powder - 1 teaspoon
Coriander powder - 1 teaspoon
Turmeric powder - 1/4 teaspoon
Fennel powder - 1/4 teaspoon
Coconut milk - 1/4-1/2 cup
Salt to taste
Mustard seeds - 1 teaspoon
Dry red chilly - 1 -2 nos.
Curry leaves - a few
Oil - 1 tablespoon
Water as needed

Method :

  • Soak the chickpeas overnight/ 8 hours approx .
  • Clean them and pressure cook the chickpeas,turmeric powder,chilli powder,salt and about 2 1/2 cups of water for 2-3 whistles or until cooked.
  • Heat oil in a pan and splutter mustard seeds,dry chilly,few curry leaves.
  • Sprinkle little salt (to brown the onion faster),add the sliced onions,green chillies and saute until the onions are transparent.
  • Saute ginger-garlic paste into it until their raw smell disappears.
  • Add tomato and saute until they get soft and mushy .
  • Add garam masala/meat masala ,coriander powder,fennel powder and saute for a few minutes until the oil oozes out.
  • Add the cooked chickpeas into it.
  • Boil it,once it reaches the boiling point,let it simmer for 5-10 minutes on low flame.
  • Add coconut milk and  remaining curry leaves.
  • Simmer for a minute and put off the stove.
  • Yummy spicy kadala curry is ready.
  • Add more coconut milk to make it less spicy and for more gravy as it thickens up gradually.
  • Kerala meat masala is recommended .

Eat,love,live well,

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  1. Puttum kadalem anney is good andi


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