Meet the DIVA

So, in short,that's about me ,"I am an open book" 😊😉 ..Anything else you wanna know -keep in touch then 🙋 ..I guess one thing you wanna know the most- "About this blog"..Alright, here we go :-


Always wanted to have a website with my name (Don't you forget,"MANJUSHA" it is 😉-One of my wish in my bucket list!) , Yes I do cook (you'll see 💁 ) and Yes, I am a diva (Read:Diva-ine/Goddess 😊- Like our Hindu belief ,every girl/woman is nothing less than a Shakthi/Goddess who stands for good & fights against evil and my name is ? - (not Khan 😄 ->"MANJUSHA"( Just so you don't ever forget!) .So, my dear friends, that's why my humble jumble virtual edible space is called "Cooking Diva Manjusha" !!


I love cooking mainly to see my loved one's plate turn into taste,palate into an edible ballet, tummy into yummy and face full of grace ! Moreover, in the real world ,tired of scribbling recipe notes here,there,everywhere like a crazy-messy cooking scientist and stuck with amnesia at times  ,I realized it's high time ,better to find a space in the virtual world to jot down my culinary saga in a more organized & colorful way.So, that's how mywonderkitchen.blogspot to CDM was born!

In fine,it's an edible memoir - straight from my heart and kitchen -virtual  documentation & a celebration of my cooking adventures post marriage far away from my mother (parents/relatives) & motherland (INDIA)- from trials to triumphs , how to wow, disasters to signatures, blunders to wonders in my cooking lab,"My wonder kitchen" (My previous blog's name on blogger/My launchpad!).

About my cooking 

It is a wonder full combination of (mostly easy , healthy version & with (my own creative) twist ) -South Indian recipes- traditional Naadan Kerala recipes passed down through generations in my family , North Indian recipes from a small city, (Bokaro Steel City ), I was raised in,a few Nawabi recipes from Hyderabad,my hubby is from ,some gems of recipes from the wonderful land of opportunities,USA, where I am currently residing and other interesting recipes around this beautiful world from the multi-inspirations I come across daily ("Unity in diversity!" and food justifies that - brings everyone together,regardless  Isn't it ?).

In short, traditional yet modern , easy yet unique . Having said that,I am neither a novice nor an expert still learning  . However,all my recipes in CDM are tried,tested,trusted by my near & dear ones,but,it will depend how your taste will perceive it...

Inspirations/Tribute -This blog is also a tribute to my three main inspirations (not only in cooking/blogging but in everything in my life , whatever I am, whatever I've and know about (the main people behind these edible memories) ) -  
  1. My Mom/Amma (who was skeptical that I'll ever cook in my life & concerned that my hubby & in-laws may kick me out one day ) (God forbid!!)🙇
  2. My Dad/Achchan (who advised me ,"The way to a man's heart is through food" (his self-experience + emotionally blackmailing you see) 😉😎
  3. Not last and never ever the least ,my BEST 1/2, Honey P (who believed in me (Thank God! ladies do Monday fast/Somvaar vrat-IT WORKS!!) even when I didn't & happily surrendered himself to be my Guinea P (I mean Prav,his name,seriously!) and even though I may not be a perfect cook yet but he knows I try my best and so,proudly certified me as a good cook ).😍💏
Hopefully , it'll be my virtual gift to my future daughter & daughter-in-law one day.😊

Moreover, this virtual little space of mine will be my ultimate outlet to rejuvenate my three passions  - Cooking, Writing & Photography (no wonder why my mom would always say ,"Cooking is one of a kind art" ;) ).So,I invite you all to join me in this edible adventure and do bear with me too 😉🙇.

Likes or yikes do let me know,it'll help me to improve further.

I hereby ,once again, welcome you all to my little space .It's just another budding personal cooking blog among the vast mind-blowing blogs out there .However,I'll try my best to entertain YOU with my rants (@ my xpense with no offense - I try to keep it sarcastically funny and speak my mind and since truth is bitter ,I hope I don't offend anyone,just take everything I write light and yet get the depth of it ,when it comes to recipe - I am damn serious!) , share my easy peppy recipes and useful information I come across.

Hope anyone who visits this blog enjoys here as much as I do .So,do stick around!

Thanks for stopping by anyways but hey,Kabhi alvida na kehna 😊💓.Make some noise and come back soon - Athithi devo bhava !

Stay blessed!! Keep :)ing no matter what!

The woods (food Blog-o-sphere) are lovely, dark, and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep ( ~ Robert Frost in me ).........

A cooking memoir in progress........................

With loads of food n good vibes,

Hearty welcome amigos !

Dil se, 

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