Diva-ine intervention

Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us daily. ~ Sally Koch

So true ! That's why I always try to find ways and means to do my bit for the helpless and the needy, if I can.We all are blessed in one way or the other.So,I believe it's our duty to use our blessings to spread and help others.

 So,I came up with this humble idea to help a homeless especially old and/or if that's a woman for sure (right now in US where they sit outside shops with a cardboard "Homeless" "Pls help").

I've seen a lot of people just ignoring them & hardly anyone giving them even a dime ,even I used to do at times but with a heavy heart because what if they are doing it for some wrong reasons (drugs etc)and yes if they are young and physically fit
they should find a job .I agree there.

However,what if that's not the case or the story. Who are we to judge ? Instead, what can we do to help them somehow not in cash but in KIND especially & do our bit in helping a needy, that's how my "Project Care Card" came into existence.

Project Care Card is all about buying 2-3 gift cards like walmart,subway,target etc of any value starting from $5 and keeping it with you always .So,that next time you see a homeless,you can give them not cash directly ,instead, at least a value card without any hesitation ,that will help them to buy food for a day at least or a blanket for the harsh winter and likewise something worth.

So,if you like this idea PLEASE support this small effort in this Facebook page :(Click Project Care Card) .  
Like it (more likes more people will be interested that's how it is I think) ,share it (spread the word)and pls follow it if you can and let us all together make a difference in someone's life.

Making one person smile can change the world – maybe not the whole world, but their world.

So far I've done cash + cards = $100 approx and counting.....I don't have or any plans to take pictures/visual proof of giving them because first of all ,I'm only answerable to almighty ,secondly,I usually find them while driving and most importantly,I believe it is quite disrespectful to take pictures as if I am doing a huge favor to them or a big thing.....I am not!

(Nowadays,I give them family packet chips also )

As Gandhi ji said, "Be the change that you wish to see in the world."....this is one of my small way...

I know a few may find it silly, like my few friends - a few will be suspicious and then a fraction with good conscience may get it.Well,all I'll say is:

Hoping for your kind cooperation.

P.S.I also monetized my blog and any earnings will be used to support this and similar causes....By God's grace hope I'll be able to..in large extent......AMEN!!