31 May 2018

Baby's Diet : Feeding guide from 4 months to 12 months | All about Baby's solid food


 "A new baby is like the beginning of all things - wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities ." ~ Eda J LeShan

I realized, making a baby,then waiting for her/his arrival,then taking care of the baby well so that he or she grows up to be a healthy person in and out is not a child's play .Every step is crucial,challenging ,testing and needs a good preparation ahead for it can otherwise get stressful especially if you are like me taking care of the baby all by yourself ,ignorance is not a bliss here and knowledge is certainly the power !!

Everyone around you will throw their expert piece of advises on everything related to a baby every now and then ,internet is also flooded with information and can be helpful when needed but I believe we must most importantly rely on a good pediatrician for the actual guidance and also follow our baby's cues undoubtedly .Atleast that's what I do !!

Once baby is born ,every mother struggles with learning the tricks and tips to breastfeed her baby or the alternative,the formula milk to the baby .Once the baby gets a good latch on and mother is producing enough milk or like me who struggled there as well,had to feed formula as well at times ,once you know how much you are suppose to feed the baby and how often  as per doc's instruction and baby's liking ,it becomes a tad smooth process..You get a rhythm and for a few months it is same thing over and again but once the baby is 4-6 months ,the story changes ….

The pediatrician will inform you if baby is ready to take solid foods from 4-6 months period and in my case, my baby girl was gaining weight properly and doctor suggested to give her solid right from 4th month .My baby's doctor would always give us print outs regarding what to give to baby and what not to.It was helpful !! As my baby hit a milestone month by month,the type of solid food intake also kept on changing .So,I gathered all info about the solid food to be given to baby from month to month and I always referred to it whenever I needed to make homemade foods for my baby ,sometimes all info would be out of my reach .

So,I  wanted to note it here in my blog which will be handy for my (fingerscrossed) next baby in future 😉 as my little girl is already a year old now and share with you all as well especially new mamas like me who are full of questions and doubts ...Hope these guidelines will be helpful !

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This picture is little blurred .I apologize for that ...I am glad I could make this pic atleast in the first place .You see,now my time is all at my little princess's service .Nowadays I am lucky if I get time to jot anything in this blog and will be doing so only when time permits.....As of now,something is better than nothing because writing is nirvana for me....

Coming back to the topic,

Some other feeding points to be remembered are :
  1. When starting her/his first solid food ,always give the baby one food at a time not combinations and continue for 3-5 days .This will make sure if the baby is allergic to any food or not.
  2. Begin with a teaspoon and increase slowly to a tablespoon of food.Baby should be getting cereals,vegetables,fruits,meats,proteins alongwith the required breastmilk or infant formula.
  3. Infant cereals should be fortified meaning with iron and should be given till the baby is 18 months.
  4. Salt or sugar is not needed to make homemade infant foods.Special care should be taken with producs that come in contact with soil as it can have botulism spores that may lead o food poisoning.
  5. Cow's milk is recommended only after 1 year as a meal.
  6. Honey should also be avoided till 1 year as it can lead to infant botulism.
  7. Fruit juice ,that is 100% fruit juice and  pasteurized must be given only after 6 months and about 4-6 ounces day diluted with water .
  8. Babies need very little or no water unless it is very hot weather or for diluting a food . After 12 months,2-4 oz of water can be given twice a day.
  9. Babies should be offerered varities of foods without any restrictions of any calorie intake ,fat etc unless advised by the doctor and shouldn't be forced to eat all food offered .
  10. The food must not choke the baby in any case like any dry nuts etc,.
Disclaimer:This is for informational purpose only .Aways consult with your child's physician regarding any question or concern about solid food or more and do make sure any food is not allergic to your child .Also,these are mere guidelines.Some baby will eat as mentioned or more or less as every baby is different .

I personally follow my baby's cue/lead .I make sure my baby gets good nutritious yet tasty food but it is upto my baby to accept it or eat properly .If she gestures stop,I stop and if she gestures I will eat whole and little more,I do so ,both happily without any force.

For now,her wish is my command - I will listen to her ,so that she listens to me later (touchwood!) 😀 !

25 May 2018

The mummy returns ..

                                       It's been a while away from my virtual little world huh ? 😊

I have a very good news to share ..I am a MOTHER now !!😊I am blessed with a beautiful girl who is today 1 year and 14 days old as I write 👪😊

The last post on my blog was when I was expecting my miracle baby ....Infact,May 3rd,2017 was the due date,though she refused to come out for a week ...

If there is anything I am very grateful to that eased the whole 9+ months of pregnancy journey ,that ought to be this little blog ...

It's been years we were trying to have a baby ,went through painful treatments,heartbreaks,losing friends,feeling moody ,lonely ,lost....Looking back I feel God guided me to start this blog for a purpose ...

There were days when I didn't feel like blogging,but I pushed myself to..there were times I wanted to make my blog private as I wanted to write freely ,there were times I wanted it to make it professional to make the time I spent here worth ...Well,it eventually was becoming up,close ,personal yet professional I believe ...But most importantly,it became my virtual best friend ..that allowed me to be just me..sharing my passions -writing a bit,cooking a bit,clicking a bit and then recording a.k.a making videos a bit ...Making me engaged by hook or crook for good ..

When I didn't feel like writing I made videos and I made a lot of them and when finally got pregnant ,we were nervous,scared ,anxious more than being happy because of past experiences ...It became tough for me to keep my mind calm ,even though I was doing yoga ..It was difficult even to concentrate on blogging ...My doctor advised me to do something that I enjoyed ..

I became very close to God ,I was either reading the Holy books-Bible and Gita for solace or making cooking or DIY videos ..Since I had lots of videos pending to be uploaded,with the help of my hubby and my friend Uma,I focused on creating videos ,I gave my old videos a pep up by adding a fresh intro of mine in most of the videos..It was fun...Except a product review ,every video was recorded long time back and thank God for that...It was hard for me to write well...Somehow ,I managed ..I think it can be seen in my previous or last writings/posts -something scribbled and everything scattered ..and I pre-scheduled all my posts in such a way that it gets published/posted once or twice every month automatically..I mean well distributed and my last post got published on May 3rd ,2017,which as I said before was infact the actual due date ,though my girl came out after a week ...and our happiness, "DKP" was finally born on an auspicious day as I prayed for ...

I always knew ,once my baby is here,I would like to spend time with her than anything else .Since then I have been working for my little majesty ,which has been challenging on another level yet most rewarding ....Nowadays ,when my little highness sleeps,then only I get time to do many chores at home or connecting with people and I didn't think I will be able to return back to my blog any time sooner but I just got lucky ...For now ..I am back !!

To all those women who are struggling with infertility ,wanna become mother..been there,done that,felt that...I sincerely hope and pray ,may your wish to have a baby come true soon..Lean more on God than on others,Hang on,chin up,stay strong ..

And if you know a friend struggling with infertility,be there for them ,give them their space ,give time for them to heal,if you can't help them so,PLEASE for God sake don't hurt them by words or your action ....or Karma is a bi***!! What goes around comes around!!
And be empathetic than sympathetic !!

After a heavy storm,I feel fresh and my sun is shining .........THANK YOU GOD !!

Better late than never !!

The new journey begins.............CHEERS!!