30 June 2018

15 foods to avoid for a baby

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When babies are introduced to solids for the first time ,it's an interesting milestone, both for baby and the mother and there starts a wonderful edible story of different tastes and textures .As a mother,we would love to feed our baby every edible thing that sounds healthy to us (I was that ,though my child's doc busted my bubble with the right piece of advises ) .

Like the saying "All that glitters are not gold " ,when it comes to solid foods for baby,not every edible food items may be really healthy and there are many foods that must be avoided to prevent the baby from any illness or a life threat.

Below are the foods to be avoided for babies :
  1. Cow's milk - are hard to digest for babies under 1 year and they don't have all the necessary nutrients like Iron,Vitamin E etc that only breast milk or Infant formula can provide .After 1 year ,"pasteurized" milk are suggested by doctor for feeding the toddler .However by 8 months of age,yogurt,cottage cheese,hard cheese etc are considered fine for baby's consumption since it is easy to digest comparatively to milk ,yet can be equally nutritious.Also,like some grown ups, even babies may have some allergic reaction to the proteins in milk .So,that should also be taken into consideration and discussed with the child's doctor as well.
  2. Honey - contains spores of the bacteria,clostridium Botulinm and it is one of the most toxin (neuro toxin) substance known .Honey is harmless to adults but when it comes to infants under 1 year ,it can be harmful and may create a fatal disease called,Botulism . It may lead to poor appetitie,constipation,lethargy,weakened cry over the next several days,weakened gagging and sucking reflex,lose of previous head control,child moving less and drooling etc etc.It may take even months to recover or may even be life threatening .So,no matter how natural and authentic honey is,it is best to avoid even a tad to babies under 1 year .
  3. Refined Sugar - lacks any nutritional value and it may lead to early tooth decay,eating disorders like more preference to sugary taste ,wrong foods choices in future ,leading to obesity and other health conditions.Instead breasts milk or formula and any sweet fruits like Banana ,Apple etc should be used to sweeten foods if needed .
  4. Refined Salt - very small amount of Sodium Chloride ,the mineral in salt is nutritional for baby ,which keeps the body fluid balanced and helps in the digestion of food.Before 6 months, a baby gets this requirement from breast milk or formula.After this ,the solid food will fulfill the requirement.Before 12 months,the baby's kidney is immature to process the salt and too much salt may lead to permanent damage or wrong eating patterns and food choices in future, leading to unhealthy problems.So,it is advised to use herbs to compensate salt and instead of ready made foods which may be loaded with sodium, make fresh homely foods and use salt barely minimum.
  5. Vegetables with high nitrates - Vegetables like Spinach,Carrots,Beets,Collards,Fennel,Lettuce etc contain high nitrate level and babies under 1 year's digestive system may not be strong enough to process it ,which may block blood's ability to transport oxygen ,leading to low oxygen level called the blue baby syndrome.
  6. Fruits like berries and citrus - Strawberry,blueberry,raspberry,blackberry contains a protein that may be hard to digest for babies and even toddlers.Similarly,citrus foods are highly acidic that may cause upset stomach and rashes in diaper area and even on baby's face or back.
  7. Eggs- Egg whites can trigger allergy .However,doctors now advise to feed whole eggs by age six months itself to prevent allergy in future .However,the eggs shouldn't be raw and should be completely cooked .
  8. Soft foods - like jellies,marshmallows,gummy candies, like wise should not be given as they can be a choking hazard for babies.
  9. Hard Foods - Hard candies,nuts,dry fruits,popcorns can also cause choking problems in babies.
  10. Sticky foods - like  jellies,dry fruits,chewing gum,melted cheese ,peanut or other similar butters can also cause choking issues. However,Peanut and other similar butters can be thinned with water or applesauce for baby's consumption .
  11. Low fat foods -Babies need whole fat foods which helps in proper growth and brain development and over all well being.So,low fat foods are not suitable for babies especially under two.
  12. Trans Fats - found in processed foods,baked goods,chips,cookies etc are unhealthy choices and must be avoided.
  13. Fruit juice - should be 100% juice if it is store bought and pasteurized. However, too much fruit juice can lead to tooth decay,diarrhea and other stomach issues.Instead ,whole fruit is the apt choice.
  14. Fish - Avoid fish with high mercury levels and from contaminated waters.Shellfish should also be avoided till 12 months and in cases like severe allergy running in the family,the wait time is 3 years.Shellfish can create some serious allergy especially if it runs in the family.Shellfish should be consumed by baby after the doctor's approval only.
  15. Other foods with choking hazard - Raw vegetables,uncooked raisins,fruits,Hot Dogs,chunks of meat or any non-vegetarian items are also dangerous for baby to swallow properly.
Other foods not mentioned in the above list may also be unsafe in terms of allergy especially if it runs in the family as some babies will be extra sensitive to a particular food and others may not. So,well,we have to be alert to make sure none of the food baby eats possess any threat to his/her health  as well and must be discussed with the child's doctor as to how to proceed further safely.

So,next time that loving relative or a friend with good intention ,would suggest any food from the above list or anything per se,please make sure first that particular food is indeed safe for the baby. Because we all don't know everything , the actual science behind that and every baby may react to foods differently ,like,even if someone has ten babies, most probably ,ten babies would have different likes and dislikes and may be sensitive to different foods respectively.

Ok,did I scare you or made you uncomfortable ? 😯

No worries, I don't mean to!😊...Actually,I am still very scared for my baby ,it is natural I believe but with the right information and resources we can equip our self to face our fears and do the right thing and take the right action as required.

Like they say,"Prevention is better than cure!"

Rest let God guide us to do our best to take care of the gift from God - the baby !

Cheers to every caring mother and to a healthy baby!

Disclaimer:This is for informational purpose only .Always consult with your child's physician regarding any question or concern about solid foods or more and do make sure any food is not allergic to your child .