14 June 2018


Best foods for baby that are easy to digest

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Babies are fragile little cutie beauty beings.They develop month by month in and out .I know right, we parents especially mothers are checking everyday how well they are growing like in my mother tongue,Malayalam, we say"Kai vallanno,kaal vallano" meaning did baby's hand and legs grow or not .

It takes a year for a baby's digestive system to mature and it is still very sensitive .So,when solid foods are introduced to a baby whether it's at 4 month or six month,mothers have to be very careful as to what kind of foods to introduce and continue depending upon, whether the food is easily digestible or  the food causes gas,allergy or other stomach related issues and then weed them out.

In my case, I was really concerned , careful and confused because I was worried if the food I give at the tender age of 4 months to my baby will be gentle to my baby's stomach or not .I was scared to mess with that.I was referring to my Baby's doc's information in paper and at times I did my research online but I didn't get enough time to do that as well...Today my baby is going to be 13 months old ,but still I am very careful to make food in such a way that it is easy to digest and nutritious for her .

So,instead of researching online always I have gathered information as to what kind of foods are easy to digest or gentle on a baby's digestive system .

Here are the best food  for baby that are safe and "go to" to help with digestion and good health :

Best Vegetables for babies :

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1.Butternut Squash - is full of antioxidant,fiber and vitamins .It is easy to digest for infants and hardly cause any allergy .It improves the immune system,it's beta carotene content provides good eye sight,has anti-microbial properties,has anthelmetic properties meaning it controls the worm issues in infants .Once cooked it has a smooth texture which is easy to eat for babies as well.

2.Sweet Potatoes - are full of Vitamin C,D,B6 and is a good source of iron,potassium,magnesium and supports a healthy immune system and full of fiber.Once cooked it is also soft and easy to eat and digest for babies.

3.Broccoli - is full of fiber and helps in digestion,prevents from any allergic reactions,has iron,boosts immunity ,prevents chronic diseases etc.Broccoli should be best steamed than boiled as it loses its vitamin C content otherwise.

4.Parsnip - is full of fiber, protein, anti-oxidants, minerals, iron,magnesium,potassium etc.Parsnips helps with digestion ,good immune system and overall growth.


5.Zucchini - is also full of fiber,antioxidants,other nutrients .It's skin is also healthy to eat. 

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6.Potatoes - are easy to digest ,nutritious and filling. 

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7. Eggplant - is very nutritious for baby as it has folate,Vitamin A,Vitamin C and fiber .Eggplant is best introduced at the age of 8 months.It helps in having regular bowel movements in babies .Small eggplants are less bitter and should be peeled and cooked .

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8.Carrots - are easy to swallow and digest ,plus it is sweet in taste and full of health benefits like it's good for eyes ,immune system .However, because of a chemical ,nitrate, it is best to introduce carrots from 6 months onwards ,though store bought carrot baby food for babies younger than 6 months is considered safe.

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9.Peas - are sweet to taste and relieves constipation in babies.

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10.Green Beans - are full of Vitamin A ,fiber,boosts immune system .

Those were some vegetables that's good and safe for babies to avoid any digestion problem .Now its turn for the fruits ..

Best fruits for babies :

1. Apple - Apple puree/Apple sauce is very easy to digest , builds immune system and relieves any constipation.

2.Bananas- Bananas are also easy to swallow and digest.They are good for diarrhea and constipation.

3.Pears hardly produce any allergy and are full of fiber,Vitamin C,potassium.

4.Peaches are very sweet,soft and full of Vitamin C.

5.Papaya is good for digestion,kills intestinal worms,relieves constipation etc .

6.Apricots are high in Vitamin A and C and full of fiber.

7.Blueberries are full of fiber,vitamins and antioxidants and best given around 8 months of age.

8.Cantaloupe are best introduced around 10 months .It is full of vitamin C,Vitamin A,Beta carotene etc.



Other than these,

1.Rice is gluten free and doesn't cause any allergy like a possibility in wheat,oatsbarley etc.It is also filling .

2.Meats provide enough iron .Breast milk doesn't produce any iron and baby's iron content in the body starts depleting by age 6 months.

3.Fish provides Omega 3 fatty acids  that is good for brain development,immunity development,vision,mood and overall health.However babies should avoid shellfish and eat only mercury free fish like salmon etc.

4.Yogurt provides probiotics that helps in the smooth functioning of the digestive system like prevents diarrhea,boosts immunity,strong bones,vision and brain development to name a few.

5.Lentils are a good source of proteins ,vitamins and minerals which should be given from 8 months onwards .Some lentils can cause gas but a few like yellow mung beans are easy to digest when cooked and mashed.

So these are some apt food for baby that will give some peace of mind to us and the baby ,now all you have to do (you might be already like myself) is roll your sleeves ,get into your kitchen and cook some delish homemade baby foods for the apple, pears, bananas of your eyes - your adorable baby..😍

Like Julia Child said," You don't have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces just good food from fresh ingredients." .... 

Disclaimer:This is for informational purpose only .Always consult with your child's physician regarding any question or concern about solid foods or more and do make sure any food is not allergic to your child .

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