22 September 2018


Does baby need Vitamin D ?


Vitamin D is one of the quintessential vitamin not only for adults but also for babies as well .Babies need Vitamin D for a healthy growth and overall well being.

As per the well known researcher Michael F. Holick, Professor of medicine, Physiology, and Biophysics at Boston University School of Medicine , Vitamin D deficiency can not only cause rickets (a disease that can lead to bone deformity and fractures), it can also keep a child from reaching her genetically programmed height and peak bone mass  ~ Babycenter.com

What are the health benefits of Vitamin D for babies and adults ?


Did you know that,though breast milk is consider the elixir,all-in-one nutrition for baby ,it typically doesn't have enough Vitamin D necessary for an infant's overall development and so a baby may require supplements prescribed by the doctor.On the other hand ,most of the infant formula milks are already fortified with enough Vitamin D ,that any further supplement (medicines) are unnecessary . 

How to get Vitamin D ?

  1. Sunlight -Vitamin D is also called "the sunshine" vitamin as Vitamin D is naturally created by skin when directly exposed to sun .However,the harmful effects of Ultra violet radiation can also cause skin cancer ,making it tricky .Moreover,in babies because of the clothing and sunscreen sunlight effects are minimal and hardly helps in creating Vitamin D .
  2. Foods - Most of the formula milks are fortified with enough Vitamin D  for the baby.Mothers who took enough Vitamin D during pregnancy ,may forward it to the baby after birth  via breast milk but they may or may not meet baby's need and may require additional supplements .As a baby gets older and on solid food ,including  food items rich with Vitamin D will be helpful.
  3. Vitamin Supplements - For adults ,many Vitamin D tablets are available in the medical store or as advised and prescribed by the doctor.Babies with Vitamin D deficiency are prescribed Vitamin D in liquid form ,easy to swallow ,using a dropper .As per FDA,the baby should be given the exact amount as prescribed by the doctor using the dropper that came with the medicine and it should not exceed the dose in any way ,which may otherwise be harmful to the baby .

How much Vitamin D the baby / child needs ?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics ,all infants,older kids,teens should  take Vitamin D supplements of 400 IU each day unless otherwise advised/prescribed by the doctor.

What are the best sources of food that contain Vitamin D ?


I remember, when I was struggling hard with breast feeding my baby properly after she was born and when I visited India with my baby,after lots of trials and guilt trips,I finally decided (with doctor's suggestion and assurance) relied upon the infant formula milk completely to feed my baby .

In US and in India,I was interrogated , belittled ,judged by many "women" (people I know well) for that as if I was committing a sin and I was lectured that there is nothing like breast milk ,it has everyyyything and I knew a few women who completely breast fed their babies ,(those babies) were always sick and by God's grace ,my baby was doing well (touchwood!)…

I do agree there is nothing good like the natural breast milk for the baby but it also has its own cons -Breast milk doesn't have enough vitamin D,iron etc  but infant formula has ...so,all those breastfeeding moms cut some slack ,sometimes even mother's love will be enough to make a baby thrive happily and healthily and mothers who give infant formula to their baby,"If you can't breastfeed your baby and you have switched to infant formulas ,don't worry,be happy,you are doing your best for your child ,rest leave to God,he will take care of rest with blessings "...😊

Anyways,I always wanted to write in my blog all about Vitamin D as Vitamin D is one of the unavoidable vitamin for adults as well and Vitamin D deficiency is quite common among adults nowadays and it causes lots of health issues if not restored sooner .So,when it comes to baby,we want to give them the best jumpstart to a good health and Vitamin D is one of the most essential vitamin a baby must have .Now,I am relieved as I finally have the complete list of the Vitamin D food items for referral.

So,this is for my little sunshine ,so that she may shine bright always (AMEN!)

DISCLAIMER:This article/blogpost is for informational purpose only and are not intended to offer any personal medical advice. 

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