28 October 2018


How to manage bottle feeding the baby during long travel | My 10 tips to fly with a baby stress free


We were super excited to show my baby girl to her grand-parents in India after she was born .Unfortunately, neither my parents nor my hubby's parents could make it to the delivery etc because of their old age and poor health and the looong travel and stay was not worth that risk .

So,we travelled to India when my girl was 6 months old .Though my baby's doctor advised to feed her solid food right from her 4 month itself ,I fed her lightly only as according to our Hindu custom in my hometown in Kerala,baby's first solid food should be fed at 6 month infront of God in a temple among priests,grand parents and other relatives in a pious way.We call this custom,"Kunjinde Chorunnu." and we performed this ceremony in the famous temple of lord Krishna in Kerala,Guruvayur .(Pictures are not allowed inside the temple .So,we couldn't even capture the ceremony in camera but just in our memory forever)


It was winter here in US when we left and the flight was about 30 hrs approx. (including the stopovers/layover). I decided to use infant formula for the journey and the stay in India as I didn't want to struggle on-the-go and wanted to make sure my baby was well-fed and relaxed through out.

After lots of research ,weighing all the pros and cons of different infant formulas available in the market ,we chose and used Gerber good start gentle formula and Enfamil Enspire formula as the components in them are very close to the breast milk as specifically mentioned in them and my baby was also very happy with both the formula milks.

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Long flight with a small baby was not going to be a child's play . My excitement became jiggly .Loads of questions and concerns build up in my mind and heart like how many bottles I must take ,How do I store my formula powder safe ,how do I wash my baby bottles etc etc etc....This was so scary,challenging and overwhelming . This was gonna be nothing less than an adventure!

So,I knew I need an action plan .I must be prepared .So,I started doing my research how to travel with a baby for long distance .Thank God my dearest Google is always there at a fingerclick with oodles of informations always .But time was a constraint .I got lots of informations scattered here and there but not upto my satisfaction .I didn't see a particular blog or article with all the information I needed.I collected whatever information was available in the internet and then I customized my plan ,found all the stuffs I believed would make my long distance travel with the little one comfortable and stressfree for all of us .

So,I am going to share how I victoriously managed bottle feeding my baby during the long international travel .These are the blessed stuffs I purchased that helped me for the same :

1.Infant Formula -

I bought a formula dispenser (Shown below) and filled it with enough formulas for 8 feedings approx. .Rest, I took the formula can as well for back up.




  1. Gerber gentle formula closest to breast milk

  2. Gerber ready to use formula

  3. Enfamil Enspire Infant Formula (closest to breast milk)

  4. Enfamil NeuroPro Infant Formula packets 

2.Formula Dispenser 

I bought two of this formula dispenser can/bottle with 4 compartments from Ebay to store enough formula powder for the trip and it was so convenient and very helpful.It could easily fit into the diaper bag without taking much space .Since the formula is premeasured in every compartment,it was easy to make milk aptly .

3.Baby milk bottles 

Philips Avent Anti-Colic Baby Bottles Clear

Because of BPA and other similar chemical concerns in plastic bottles, even though they claim to be BPA free,I used only glass bottles with silicon nipples that resembles breast and are anti-colic/anti-gas as well .I had about 8 small baby milk bottles for the journey.

By the way,there are also pre-sterilized single-use baby milk bottles in the shops or online,though they are bit pricey it seems.
Playtex Baby Nurser Drop-Ins Baby Bottle Disposable Liners, Closer to Breastfeeding, 100-200 Count

We can also use disposable milk bottle liners as shown above ,that can be inserted into the milk bottle and can store milk for feeding .In that way ,we can skip washing the bottle provided the milk doesn't leak into the bottle .But then the nipples and lids have to be washed.In that case spare lids and nipples would be required.I bought these bottle liners but didn't buy spare lids and nipples .SO,it was not that helpful to me.


4.Baby milk bottle cleaners

During air travel ,the water in the toilet or airport are not that safe to clean those milk bottles properly and it is very necessary to sterilize the bottles after each use or they may harbor any bacteria growth from any formula leftover .For that I bought these - Fizzwizz cleaning tablets and wipes made up of natural things that cleans and sterilizes bottles,pacifiers,toys etc  on-the-go and also special microwavable bags that cleans and sterilizes the bottle as well . They saved my sanity !:D


5.Baby bottle travel warmer 

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Portable Travel Baby Bottle Warmer - Multi Function -  BPA Free
 This bottle heater/warmer is a portable one which doesn't need any electricity .It easily fits into the diaper bag and can be used as needed especially during flight when you wanna warm milk for the baby if your baby prefers warm milk . Otherwise the baby can be practiced a week or two ahead to accept the milk that's not that warm so that it will be easy while travelling .


6.Thermo Flask

For warming any milk or for preparing infant formula we need hot water .We can store water in these thermos flasks which holds hot water for 8-10 hrs .

Before boarding ,the security officers may screen any baby food or liquid .Sometimes they may allow that much water just because it is for the baby otherwise I usually borrow some hot water from any shop in the airport .Most of the restaurant especially starbucks will be happy to give if we mention that it is for the baby . We can use this water to make warm infant formula milk or for warming the ready -to-feed one or any pumped breastmilk.The air hostess in the flight may or may not have hot water and can also warm the milk in the microwave but it may warm it unevenly and can cause mouth burns to the baby.I carried two thin and small thermos flask with me.


7.Large zip lock bags

Have a few large size ziplock bags handy (4xl size not required though) .After feeding milk to the baby,we can put the used bottle for cleaning later into these bags and keep it safe from spilling in to the bag .Also,after cleaning since it will be still wet,we can use these zip lock bags to store and keep them away from dripping or spoiling the bag .We can also use Ziploc bags to store any used bibs or burp cloth or any spoiled baby cloth as well.


8.Diaper bag with lots of compartments

Large diaper bag with lots of useful compartments to store everything needed handy .I had two ..Phew....One of them ,just to store my heavy glass feeding bottles exclusively with thermos flasks .It was sooo heavy ..Oh my !! I looked like a potli baba ji


9.Dish soap (liquid) and Bottle cleaning brush

Whenever possible, especially in layovers,I would clean bottles with the cleaning tablets and finally with this bottle cleaning brush just to make sure no milk residue was left anywhere and dish soap as a backup if needed.
10.I also got lots of bibs,burp cloths,pacifiers,extra cloths,washcloths,diapers,diaper changing pad ,boogie wipes (for stuffy nose just incase ),infant Tylenol for any cold,Baby vicks ,baby lotion,baby powder ,cotton towels (Large and small) ,small blankets ,baby carrier,stroller etc....
Depending upon the duration of our journey ,considering the airport waiting times ,any layover's duration,any delays or what if we miss the flight etc ,we must plan accordingly atleast a month or two ahead .I made a checklist for the same as I ordered many things from the Amazon and some orders take time to arrive and if we use Amazon prime program we can get them within two days ,almost everything at a good price,saves money and our time in shopping otherwise .

Even though I was well-prepared,nevertheless, with the baby many things can go unpredictably wrong.I took a sigh of relief only when I reached my country ,my home.So,I was still little worried but then we also have to remain stress free ,otherwise it will be contagious to baby as stress in mother = stress in baby.So,I was also trying to regulate all my chakras and meditating from inside silently - on-the-go yoga :D

We had long flight delays as I feared but because of my preparation ,everything by God's grace regarding baby went smooth and she was well-fed and well-rested and all set to meet her folks in INDIA,her motherland....:)

I hope this blogpost will be helpful to any new mother in the (more or less) same situation and hopefully guide her in her preparation to travel with a baby stress free and aptly.

HAPPY and SAFE journey mommys and munchkins ,

Yes,I believe you can fly ..

P.S. : Pls share with others ,it may be useful to someone out there !!


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