06 February 2014

Whole wheat pancakes without buttermilk (Thin and healthy version)


Do you know that I heard the word ,"Pancake" for the first time after coming to US ?...Yes...that's the truth :P...well,my G.K. is that strong afterall :P...and the best funniest part was that I thought them to be fullfledged cake that is made on a pan like the bakery cakes :D...well...my GK is....u know:| ...

To pull my legs further my hubby said,"Let's go for a flapjack ..I was like whaaat...I meant "Hotcake"..again I was like whaaaaaaat :O...later he told me lol that they are the other names of Pancakes ,which are nothing but a popular breakfast item of US ,can be called a thin round crepes or kinda cake prepared on a pan of course which is quite versatile as it can be enjoyed in the way we please with fruits of our choice,jam of our choice,even vegetables or meat as fillings etc . Well after hearing all these, I was like then who wants to wait further? ..lets go honey P and I tasted it for the first time in one of the popular restaurant in US specializing for American breakfast items,"IHOP" and just loved it and who will not??... covered with warm flowy butter,drizzled with sugar syrup of different flavors like blueberry,strawberry etc ..with option of going sugar free too and that was just the starting...picture aur baaki hai mere dost :D ...endless options to eat a simple pancake.....I didn't see any reason neither to eat and nor to try at home as well....Thank God I don't have any IHOP near by my house (though they would have thanked me a lot & would have made me the brand ambassador of their Pancakes) and Thank God that I now try by myself to make them at home :)...


The usual pancakes are made with the all purpose flour and I am not a big fan of that white flour,as it is not pure for good health ,try my best to avoid them and here I replaced them with wholewheat flour instead and the usual ingredients sans buttermilk like milk,egg,baking powder,butter ....Result:It's healthy ,its yummy !! ...


So,here's my version of a healthy pancake...

Wholewheat Pancake


Whole wheat flour - 1 cup
Egg,large - 1 egg
Milk - 1 cup
Baking Powder - 2 teaspoon
Honey - 2-4 tablespoon
Salt - 1/2 teaspoon
Unsalted butter/oil - 2 tablespoon
Vegetable oil - 1 tablespoon
For toppings- Mixed fruit and butter


  • In a medium bowl,mix together flour,baking powder and salt and keep it aside.
  • In another bowl,whisk together milk,butter ,egg and honey .To this add the above dry ingredients and whisk well until just moist and avoid over-mixing.It becomes a thick batter that can be poured.
  • It is not must but keep it aside for five to ten minutes.
  • Heat a pan,brush some oil or butter preferably and pour a small ladle of batter and spread it round.
  • Cook them until the surface bubbles and then flip it until the other side gets browned 1-2 minutes approx on medium flame.
  • Serve warm with the topping of your choice ,I used mixed fruits and melting butter ...yummmm....
  • Got 10-12 pancakes.

Keep smiling ,