31 August 2014

Piece of cake


Welcome sunglasses TO CookingDivaManjusha.com !!

Shri Vigneshwaraya Namah !!

Well,this is my first post in my new blog ,CookingDivaManjusha.com aka CDM ;) and obviously a good bye to my old bloggie,my launchpad (mywonderkitchen.blogspot.com). Crying and blowing nose

Mywonderkitchen blog was my experiment plus exploration spot ,which gave me a heads up to the  blogging world,with lots of lessons,ups and downs ,gave me the confidence to go on nevertheless.


To take it to the next level--more seriously and professionally,we are virtually upgrading & I always wanted to have a website with my name and so here it is ,my new virtual home,"CookingDivaManjusha.com". :)


Lemme start with my blog anthem/motto :-

Img credit:lyndsayjohnsoncreates.com


Though blogging is certainly not a piece of cake,my recipe is ;)...yep it is indeed pieces of a cake stacked with icing and decorated with colorful sprinkles  ,I prepared for a get together long time back using a ready made cake mix ,icing/frosting and round cookie cutter to create mini cakes like these ...

Piece of cake


Any baked cake
Round Cookie cutter
Cherries and sprinkles for decoration


  • Bake the cake (here made with a readymade cake mix)( I do have some cake recipes in my blog for your reference)
  • Once cool,using cookie cutter create round shapes and keep on stacking together with icing in between each layers -first the mini round cake piece followed by icing and keep on repeating until you get the desired shape like this and should end with the round piece of cake.
  • Decorate with sprinkles and cherries.

I am not sure when I will recreate them again but would love to share the pics for the start. But I do have more interesting recipes coming up  ..watch out my space !! Giving Thumbs Up Winking

CheersSo,here's to a new start,a new beginning .....May God bless YOU,my new blog and us(PraMan)!!Amen!

So guys,once again welcome to my new blog.How is my new blog ? What did you like and what should be improved ?? Do let me know every now and then:))...Hoping for a lot of love and support always!!:) Your company and your feedback means world to me ! Alert me if I am doing something wrong (just don't walk away :P)and pat me when I am doing good,just be there for me always ,I would really appreciate that and it'll fuel me to go further- more positively.Hope to see you all around!!

And I'll keep in mind always -

Dil se,