13 October 2014

Bread Upma/Pulao


 Today let me tell ya,How to become a morning person ? How to make your watch's/phone's/clock's alarm system touchfree (for you)? How to make the alarm say,"Mission accomplished" ?

Are you like what ..what whaaat ? WonderingWell,:P...no no noo that's not exactly my post is all about today but it will certainly play a role .Stay tuned ok!!

Well,the thing is ,this blogging is turning little vulnerable for me ,as it is becoming prone to self-revelation.Lots of my secrets are no secret anymore especially all my negative traits are openly exposed to everyone with a mouse, screen and a net,Internet.Well,I am an open book ,can't help it.But then as ,Brene Brown said,"What makes you vulnerable,makes you beautiful." I would also like to add, "It makes you human,who you are as well".Right?


Well, the recent revelation about me ,that was making some noise & graced my blog was me being not a morning person and a sleep-o-holic .First thing first,of course for me 6-8 hrs sleep is a must whatsoever,but then I also believe in "Early to bed,early to rise ,makes a man healthy,wealthy & wise." So,I was always trying my best to find ways & means to do so but to no avail.

I am, I believe, born as Alarm-proof. Every alarm set for the morning only reminded me to stop that crazy disturbing sound pollution ASAP. Did I tell you I've alarm ringtones as myriad as colors in rainbow ? Some sound like a nature calling (not technically :P)-rainy,windy,breezy etc and some sounded as rhythmic as musical instruments-how soothing! ,some like Bollywood songs -"Subah hogayi maamu",then some which did have the power to provoke me a little, sounded like a roar of a lion,dog barking and howling,halloween theme,007 theme etc .Not to mention nothing worked !


However,I thought of twisting the plan this time- instead of changing the alarm sound system, I changed the place it is usually kept.I rely on my phone which is more easy to turn off (the alarm) for me and usually I keep it under my pillow.

So,here comes the tip and trick how to become a morning person :P .I kept my cellphone not under pillow as usual but on a table far away from my bed and every morning, guess what ,I've to wake up to even turn off my alarm and by the time I reach my alarm,my sleep is half-broke and if by any chance I go back to bed ,second-third alarm of a dog howling like crazy makes sure that I woke up better this time or my neighbors/cops will make me :P.So,yes so far so good.This plan is working.I am waking up early comparatively.Yayyyy...(Fingerscrossed!!)

But then ,even though I was not a morning person,it was never at someone's expense.I mean,it didn't affect my everyday schedule/ritual to provide my better-1/2 ,the food on time (give or take) ,unless I am dead sick or other unavoidable circumstances.That is something I am quite serious about and I can't compromise at all, otherwise it would kill me ,making me feel guilty and I would label myself as "Biwi No.0 ".


I am very conservative like that,I think as they say,"Children look  up to their parents.",I learned it from my mother who is a proud homemaker ,a dutiful wife & a doting mother.She neither believed in hiring a permanent maid to help her out nor she took the easy peasy ways to cooking .However,here, I am just opposite, I go the opposite way.I most of the time, look for the easiest ways to cook and yet make it yummy . :P...Lazy me !!

My morning breakfasts are something that I try my best to make sure is easy and quick to cook yet yummy and healthy as much as possible.So,one of the recipe that I frequently make that fits the bill is the Bread Upma/Pulao.Bread upma/Pulav is a combination of chopped whole grain breads,scrambled eggs,good mix of vegetables and a speck of finger-licking sauce/ketchup.I believe,this will be an excellent recipe for kids mostly,to make them eat all those vegetables along with bread,eggs and sauce with no complains.

Here is how I make Bread Pulav/bread upma :

 Bread Pulav/Upma

Serves -2


Whole wheat bread,slices- 4 nos
Onion,sliced -1/2 no
Green chillies - 1-2 nos (optional)
Egg- 2 nos.
Mix vegetables (I used frozen carrots,beans,peas & corn)- 3/4 cup
Boiled red potato,sliced - 2-3 nos
Turmeric powder & red chilli powder - 1/3 teaspoon

Salt to taste
Ketchup - 2-3 tablespoons
Oil/Ghee - 3-4 tablespoons



  • Chop/cube the whole wheat bread slices and keep it aside .
  • Microwave the mixed vegetables in a bowl(microwavable) with enough water for about 2-3 minutes or until they are boiled and cooked well.Drain well and Keep it aside.
  • Heat little oil in a pan,break the eggs into it and saute it continuously to scramble it on high to medium flame.
  • Heat oil in another pan and add the onion slices and green chilly ,saute until onion becomes transparent.
  •  Add the boiled mix vegetables to it and saute it for a minute or two.
  • Add the chopped/sliced boiled potato,turmeric powder & red chilli powder to it and stir for a minute or two.Put off the flame.
  • Heat oil in another pan ,add the chopped bread pieces and saute it until slightly browned.
  • Now add the mixed vegetables+potato+salt to it.
  • Add the scrambled egg to it .
  • Finally add the ketchup to it and mix everything well.
  • Put off the flame.
  • Serve hot.

  1.  This recipe will be great for leftover breads.
  2. You can always remove the crust and cube the bread slices tad smaller.
  3. Saute the bread cubes in butter to make it more tasty.
  4. If you wish,you can also add dry fruits to it to make it crunchy and more healthy.
Eat,love,live DELICIOUSLY,