14 October 2014

How to - revive and refresh vegetables ?

What do you do when the vegetables you've stored carefully in refrigerator, lose their freshness slowly ? Do you feel hopeless ? Do you without a second thought just trash them with a deeeeep sigh ? Do you just brain wash yourself to think that you got those vegetables for free..or do you just take another deeep sigh thinking you just trashed a portion of your money in your dustbin ? (been there,done that...shh don't tell my hubby)

Well, don't you worry,there is a solution for it :

To revive the wilted ,soggy vegetables just immerse them in COLD water (remove any brown parts or trim the ends of leafy vegetables) for about 20 minutes-1 hr.You can even add 1 tablespoon of vinegar or juice of half a lemon to it to speed up the process.