12 October 2014

Writing Over Weekend:Date with God

Revelation 3:20 :Look! I stand at the door and knock. If you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in, and we will share a meal together as friends.

God is my "Go to" best friend.I believe in him through thick and thin.Couple of years back,when I was feeling down and helpless,I questioned our relationship.So,to clear my doubts,I asked God out - A date with me !

Location : My Prayer room.
Ambiance-Decorated with flowers,incense sticks smelling like heaven,peaceful atmosphere & a Diyalight dinner.
Date: God & me...(4get the nos.)
Agenda:Date with God

God:Hello my dear.How are you today?

Me: :)..frankly speaking,Overwhelmed ! ..Well,needless to ask ,still,how about you God?

God:Aaah overwhelmed ,again for the same reasons or any thing new this time dear? And thank you so much ..am so glad u asked for no one does.:)..I am so happy to be with you today .I was looking forward to it.

Me: Well,I am having a date with you and of course,more ,God.Please don't say you were looking forward to meet me.You were not.You are too busy to be my side.

God: :)..My dear,I am always with you.I am busy,but busy with solving your problems but not for you.The proof-Tadaa,here I am on an exclusive date with u.:)

Me:Really?..well..Thanks for your favor.

God:Anytime :).So,tell me how do I look? ;) I was little nervous.

Me:Ha! You and nervous? ..You are as always mysteriously and mischievously funny !!..Oh,by the way,you look great..Bright,glowing ,smiling & flirtatious .You look fab as always. Happy?

God:Thanks for the compliment dear:).I am flattered as always.I know you are very sweet.But I will be happy ,when I'll see you happy inside out.

Me:Yeah yeah...You are the master of sweet talks ! By the way,why were you nervous ?

God:Again,thanx 4 the compliment dear :).Aaah nervous because I couldn't find the big diary that I planned to tag along with me so that I would make sure that I saved all your & rest's( for whom you pray) never ending problems sequentially-aptly and so didn't get enough time to groom well myself you see...

Me:Ha ha ha...quite amusing !!

God:You think? ..Thank God errr Me !...I was just kidding..lighting up dear :)...You know what ,you certainly do look like you didn't get time to groom either..You are such a mess !!What happened?

Me:I knew you never paid attention..Do you've any idea,it's been a while I am job hunting in a so called "The land of opportunities".I didn't get my break yet.I am.mmm..so frustrated.

God:My dear ,I told u time and again via the book I gifted you, my autobiography,"Bhagwad Gita","Karmanye Vadikaraste Mafaleshu Kadatjana"(Concentrate on your effort (your job)not on the result (that's my job)).

Me:Seriously?...You can say like that ,you are a God!What do you know what is pain,suffering and hardships?

God:I know my dear what is suffering,remember in Ramayana,when I was in exile for 14 long years,away from my kingdom,my parents and my people.Remember, when I took birth as Jesus,I sacrificed my life on cross nailed and bleeding for the welfare of my people.In Mahabharata,during Kurukshetra war,I  fought against some of my favorite people like Bhishma,Dronacharya,Karna to name a few, to bring justice and righteousness.A few scenarios for you,see it wasn't easy.I've been there,done that.

Me: Hmm..I agree..You've gotta point there!!....However, in my case,I am concentrating on my effort but can't take my mind off from the result.It's impossible.I've to have a job ASAP.My work visa is gonna expire soon and you know it was not easy either to get it .It is a privilege which I don't want to lose.But,it's so difficult to get a job here in US with minimal experience( Indian work experience) .I almost got offers but lost it due to other visa issues and other was in far away places etc..I feel hopeless.Why aren't you doing something God? I am working hard,praying hard.

God:hmm...I know that.still I'll repeat,"Concentrate on your effort not on the outcome." Don't worry,everything will be fine :).You trust me right dear?

Me:You gotta be kidding me ! But yes I trust you.You are my only trust,my last resort.

God:Awesome! See,we do have a chemistry here !! Let's order something.What do you like to eat?

Me:I am not hungry but here is something special for you to eat . I don't think you can understand the depth of my issue .Chemistry? You are a God and I am a human after all.I think I am done for today.This is not going anywhere.Sorry,as usual you can concentrate on your other priorities.

God: :)...No one can understand you more than me my dear.You are my favorite creation.But I don't want to frustrate you anymore.You need rest.Relax ,then bounce back to make your dreams come true.Never ever give up for you've me always by your side .I know you'll never say never.

Me:Deep sigh..Goodbye God!

God:Goodbye,I am glad you spoke your heart out to me because you trust me.I value your time and YOU the most.Remember,everything is gonna be fine if not much better.Keep smiling.I hope you'll consider another date with me again.I will be waiting only a prayer away...


A week later,an evening I was going for a shopping,I got a phone call .It was another totally unexpected interview.There were about 6-7 people to interview me.I was unprepared and very annoyed as well .They not only spoiled my shopping mood but also,I thought I was not gonna get it anyways.I was completely pissed off and it reflected on my tone,on my interview.When I was done,I went for a long shopping spree to forget everything.

Next morning,I got a call,I got a job in Microsoft :),my first job in USA.I was speechless.I was happy beyond words :)).They say,"Dreams do come true" but I never even dared to  dream a job in one of the topnotch IT company of the world,Microsoft .Well,what can I say ,all the pains and the hardships I went through in my job search melted right there.All my doubts about my God was gone with the wind .I rekindled my date with God and realized:

My conversation with God still continued..........

However,did I say,I am preparing for my next date ? Hope this time God won't forget to bring his big diary......Winking Thumbs up

To be continued......

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