17 October 2014

IndiChange-"Who's your crisis angel?"

Daily uniforms,daily classes,daily walks to school,combine studies/fun,friendships/masti/hungama,surprise class tests,I-hate-you-mid-term exams,I-am-not-prepared-yet exams to exams and this-is-it the board exams -this mundane yet memorable saga of high school days was going to end soon.I had a mixed feeling about it.It meant I may have to leave my parents,home-made mom-made foods,the small city (in North India) I was raised in,the festivals & celebrations of North India,my longtime friends,my chuddy dost/childhood buddies,the company quarter we stayed in since I was a toddler,multi-culture ,multi-religious friendly neighborhood ,in fine it was time to pack my bags and leave my childhood days behind in this city and gear up for another life changing phase of my life -College life.

However ,a part of me wanted to get out of this cocoon as well and explore more-the world outside my comfort zone,something more exciting,independent and fun without any parental intervention.It was time to stretch my wings.I thought of migrating to some other place in North India itself but the case was spontaneously dismissed by my parents.They wanted me to go to my native place in south India and continue my advance studies .Their verdict : Surrounded by relatives , I'll be safe & sound .

They obviously won the case and I scored good marks & got admission in a good college.I opted for commerce stream. College was far away from all my relatives though.So,they all suggested to stay in ladies hostel next to the college for my and moreover their own convenience .After joining hostel ,when my parents left ,I felt horrible ,I felt as if I was in a jail,deeply homesick.The hostel had very strict rules .I felt suffocated.I fell very ill.I wanted to get out ASAP.

Finally,my dad's relative extended a helping hand,asked if I would be interested in staying at their home but they had a very small home compared to rest of the relatives.So,comfort wise it was challenging but hey good to be at any home than a jail,the hostel and top it all,homely food.Since I was not a princess who was raised in a castle and the moral values imbibed in me by my parents.I happily nodded ,"Yes,PLEASE."

My new college life began in full swing-new friends,new teachers,new subjects,overall new environment .It was a phase to adjust and cope everywhere.Be at college (where I was mocked/stereotyped for not being fluent in my mother tongue ) or at this relative's home.Though I was & always will be very thankful that this relative opened door to their home for me when no one did,I felt more like a paying guest .Other relatives visited me at times especially when my parents reminded them.Needless to say,I badly missed my parents and I felt very lonely.

However,there was this relative (who lived really far away) ,my dear uncle who took time out of his busy schedule to check on me,visit me and he would go out of his way to make me feel special.He would take me to his home to my aunty and my cousin and he would himself get into the kitchen and cook something really royal with my aunt as his helper and me and my little cousin sister would be watching TV /videos etc unlimited.All I had to do there was eat,eat and eat.Not only they were excellent cooks but also every food item arranged on the dining table was over flowing with love.Only at their home,when I ate I burped carefree happily,my tummy,my heart,my mind was at a joyful state.

In short, they made me feel homely,loved,cared and that I was not alone.They filled the voidness of my parents absence.More than my aunt who is in fact my mom's younger sister, I owe it to my dearest uncle .He had this charm and persona to make everyone feel special and comfortable selflessly.He was always at everyone's service.Quite respectful and adorable in his town and in our family.

He once won lottery when he was working in UAE and became an instant millionaire but he was so generous that he distributed chunks of his winnings to all needy near and dear ones who kept on asking more and eventually his business (he quit his job in UAE and started new businesses in India) didn't flourish as he expected and that consequently,hampered his finance a lot .He reached at the verge of bankruptcy.Inspite of the financial tension,he kept his family the most happiest people on this Earth .The love and trust my uncle and aunty shared was one-of-a-kind relationship ,purely unconditional to be admired and learn from.He took care of my aunt like a queen & my cousin like a princess unexposed to any problems of life.

I believe anyone who was near and dear to him never ever felt or saw him upset,stressed or hopeless.He was this jolly,carefree,enjoy-life-when-you-are-alive,b-happy-spread-happiness kind of guy that everyone either simply admired or secretly admired.When he was around it was like an aura of joy and smile.Not to mention,I looked forward to his arrival eagerly so that he can take me to his home.Whenever I needed him,he was there without any questions asked.I felt my dad around,my maa around.I felt I am not alone.I am AT HOME!

All thanks to my dearest uncle without him my three years of college life away from my parents in a place full of relatives and their homes ,would have felt completely left out,alone and darn homesick.He is indeed #MyCrisisAngel,who came along,held my hand,overcame my odds and gave me good memories to cherish forever.

Thanks Indiblogger for giving me this opportunity to dedicate this post to my guardian angel,my Shashi uncle who unfortunately passed away 3 years back in an accident and I am still crying silently in his memory ...someone who gave me reasons to cheer up ,enjoy and live life to the fullest no matter what.

Though he is no more,his memories are imprinted on our heart forever . He was not only mine but also our entire family's crisis angel.This post is in your remembrance -my dearest Shashipaapan.So,proud of you for being such a wonderful human being.We love you & miss you a lot.RIP!~ Yours Manju mol

 Some people come into our lives, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never ever the same.


P.S.This post is a part of "IndiChange-Who's your crisis angel?" topic, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by Indiblogger.com and http://incrisisrelief.org/.Kudos to the team from V.O.I.C.E (Volunteers Online for Impact in Crisis and Emergencies)/@InCrisisRelief, for being Crisis Angels to a mass!!Inspiring.Keep up the good work !!