25 October 2014

WOW-Write a Letter to someone you miss the most this Diwali

[This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.]

This Diwali I miss my big bro the most ..as always........nowadays,it's all about whatsapp & other similar apps /instant messaging and I am glad Blogadda gave this topic ,I miss writing long letters and when I do it's like this............ A letter to my bhaijaan/big bro ...

Dearest bhaiya,

Hope my letter finds you ,bhabhi and our cutie baby,paimol hale and hearty.Here we are also by God's grace doing well.

Bhaiya,today I am missing you a lot as Diwali is going on and today is bhai-dooj.It's been years we celebrated this festival together.I am wondering when we'll be able to celebrate it once again with loads of masti in person.I hope someday soon.Till then I'll as usual reminisce and rekindle the fun filled memories we had in the past.Hai na?

Bhaiya,remember ,when we were small,how our sweet neighbor,Bengali aunty used to arrange the puja thali filled with sweets,chandan,fruits etc as amma didn't have any clue how exactly to celebrate this festival .I and our Jhilli rani would force you to the puja room and instead of worshiping God we would directly do aarthi of you and aunty would be lol-ing and would say out loud,"arrey pehle bhagwaan ko khush karlo phir bhaiya ko karna."We would do it in a hurry,you would have two tilaks on your head and we both lil sisters would be giggling and then you would put those big ladoos in our mouth and again we'll be fighting and teasing each other.And when you think you are done and before you plan to run,we would demand "Chalo chalo paisa nikalo/Cash time bhaiya" and as kanjoos makhichoos you were and are hehee,you would give us both Rs.5 each and say,"Jaa aish kar !!" .

However,you never learned how stubborn and goal-oriented we both were.Jhilli was laid back and so I had to work extra hard to compel you to pay us an hefty amount with a warning ,"Do or die".Eventually,amma ,aunty and papa would sniff the chaos in disguise and dad would jump to light up the situation and hand over Rs.100 to you and aunty would give you Rs.200 .But before you would even touch it and change your mind,we would snatch and run for our life chanting,"Happy Bhaidooj" la la laaaaaa....How we loved this festival ?

As we grew up you changed for good,you used to save your pocket money especially for gifting us on such occasions, without any hesitation.I remember every Diwali,even though I would only use sparklers ,I would order you to buy all kinds of crackers and you happily obliged .Even when you were busy lighting up those big crackers ,you would keep your eye on me, if I am safe.I miss you every Diwali,every festival we celebrated together with maa and paa.

I just want to say that even if I don't say this often,even though we are miles apart,you'll always remain in my heart not only as a big bro but also as my best friend/next to paa & maa --through thick and thin.Thanks a lot for all your support,love,understanding and you mean a lot to me.I am proud of you in every way always no matter what.I'll always be there for you as you are.

Like everyday,I am praying to almighty to bestow all his blessings to you and your family.May you get peace,prosperity,good health ,wealth and loads of happiness wherever you are,whatever you do.God bless you .Amen! .

Since I am such a good sister and for all those good words above,you can definitely send me a hefty commission later ;D.Like a good bro,hope you will be not be kanjoos and do the needful ;)...heheh..just kidding bhaiya...I pray to almighty ,may the sacred bond we share always get stronger and stronger by each day and may I always get your precious blessings ,love & guidance.

You are such a wonderful brother and moreover,a very good human being at heart.I love you.I miss you.Happy Diwali wishes and happy bhaidooj !!

Convey my sweet wishes to chechi and paimol.Hope Paikutty is enjoying her new school.You all take care and enjoy.

Rest in next.

Yours loving sis,
Manju mol