22 November 2014

“Blog to Feed a Child” - my third post

Charity begins at home.

There are a lot of ways Government plays a significant and wider role in preventing the problems faced by our country and then there are NGO's who also do the same in their own way and then there also many ways we as an individual or family can assist our country in solving a problem in our own little ways and it all can start from our humble home and heart.

As children in any family look up to their parents as role models and inspirations,I believe the parents should take the apt action to help any worthy cause as much as they can and there by setting example and inspiring their kid to do so in present and their future.

As I said in my previous two posts(1,2),the first step to eradicate child room hunger should be empowering women especially from rural,slum areas of our countries.

It can be as simple as making sure the house maid is treated well ,paid well . Occasionally, giving them used clothes or toys ,study materials ,left over good foods.If possible ,one can even sponsor or help her(maid's) kid's education.Or, even encourage her to get some education or go for some vocational trainings like tailoring,embroidery works,other arts that will help her to get a better job in future .

A woman can only understand another woman's pain better.So,we as a woman should take initiative even on a smaller level by supporting any programs that enriches a woman in any way . Within housing colonies,women can come together and make a generous donation whenever it is possible and later accumulate those contributions and submit it to any organization dealing with women empowerment.

When we get old,we lose the urge to celebrate our B'day,may be we can, if not frequently at least on our b'day make a ritual to do a humble donation for helping another helpless woman somewhere in need.How blessed that B'day will be ?

If one is financially sound or big-hearted to risk with pleasure,one can sponsor any girl child through many NGO's supporting that cause.That means one is not only sponsoring the girl but also making sure her next generation will be not as helpless as she is. I am sponsoring by the way.May almighty allow me and my family to continue doing so.

All the woman entrepreneurs especially,must play a vital role by hook or crook in empowering women for sure ,I hope !

In rural/slum areas,woman face a silent physical,mental toll especially during her menstrual days.They use dirty rags and clothes in unhygienic ways that can lead to other grave diseases that has the potential to affect her fertility or pregnancy or delivery and the child born and even may become a factor responsible for her death.

All the sanitary pad manufacturers in India should come up with ways to make sure the pads are available even to the slum dwellers .I wish they would come up with options like "Buy one and Give one" scheme meaning any woman who buys any sanitary pads, will give an equal number of pads as a donation by default to some rural woman via some organization that would support such welfare scheme.I hope !

By the way,I take this opportunity to salute Mr.Arunachalam Muruganatham ,known as the "Menstrual man" for his path breaking innovation in menstrual hygiene management. He once worked in a cycle repair shop and was heartbroken to see his wife using a filthiest rag to use for her periods to save money for food and he eventually , endeavored to create a low-cost sanitary production unit.

Today, this machine is available in 1300 villages across 23 states in India. Women Self-help groups achieved employment by working in units that produce these sanitary pads.Such a great contribution from someone who didn't have it all ,but struggled much harder to give his best to uplift humanity especially the weaker section of the rural society,the woman.His story is so heart touching and inspiring.Hats off to him !

When a man can understand a woman's discomfort,how can we as a woman do nothing about it.We can even donate sanitary pads to orphanages or any programs that supports the same concept.

I really wish many more organizations or scientist ,innovators ,should come up with creative ways to provide very affordable sanitary pads to each and  every rural/slum women across the country. I hope!

Many healthcare practitioners especially retired ones should take utmost interest in providing free health care services in rural/slum areas and creating one to one awareness among ladies.I hope!

I recently read an article about an environment cum fuel efficient cooking stove designed by Guatemalan scientists and social workers that requires only 25% of woods to cook and through a stovepipe it emits the smoke out of the house ,it reduces carbon monoxide by 80% and is quite safe and easy to use.Moreover stove recipients in return commits to plant more trees in the area .

I wish we had something like this as well,because like the rural women in Guatemala,Belize, Hondura,Mexico,Pakistan etc ,our rural women also faces the exact problem of going to forest to collect woods and burdening their heads or cutting trees /deforestation,during cooking for hours ,they(she and her family) inhale all the dangerous smoke that can cause many respiratory issues and even death.This fuel and environmental friendly stove option would be a boon to our rural ladies as well.Hope it is already implemented or is in the pipeline.I hope !

Women face lots of challenges compared to men . It is multi-faceted and inter-related.Even if we can't do big things, even small step will do.A drop can cause a ripple ! It's all about taking that first small step and then together we all can make a huge difference.

These are some of my ideas that I believe and I am and I'll personally do as well and if it makes sense to others,hope we all can come out with options to implement it through different mediums ASAP.

More the women are empowered,less will be any under-nourished kids and so will be any child hunger or classroom hunger . We woman especially should come forward to extend our full cooperation to make sure, we do our bit to uplift a helpless woman and thereby help in combating child/classroom hunger.

"There is no finer investment for any community than putting milk into babies." -- Sir Winston Churchill

P.S.This is a part of Blogadda and Akshaya Patra's collaborative effort “Blog to Feed a Child” theme where any blog post contributed for the same cause, BlogAdda will sponsor meals for an Akshaya Patra beneficiary for an entire year.Kudos Akshaya Patra and Blogadda!


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