01 November 2014

WOW- Share a story that ghosts would tell to scare each other

A freaky cold dark night,on the eve of the ghost festival,Halloween,Ghost X was busy in renovating their home with the latest model of skulls,human skin wallpapers,precisely imported,"Made in China" and antique collection of bones ordered from "eBay" while Ghost Y,was busy arranging the dinner -Human Pasta,Bone marrow sauce, and of course, pumpkin pie with a bloody frosting decorated with fresh human nails or SO, thought Ghost X.

However,Ghost X didn't find Ghost Y in the kill-tchen.Suddenly,Ghost X heard a loud thumping on the upper floor.Ghost X rushed on his girlfriend's (Witch A 's gift last Halloween )broom and found ghost Y lying unconscious and a glass of "Bloody Many" shattered all over the floor .

Ghost X sprinkled some fresh blood on ghost Y's face and ghost Y,drearily opened his white eyes.Ghost Y hug ghost X tightly and a stream of black tears started rolling down on his cold cheeks.

Ghost X ,whispered eerily ,"What happened to you,the freakiest undertaker X?" You passed out ? YOU ????

Ghost Y's face still pale ,chilled,wrinkled , shrank ,replied coarsely,"Don't you watch the TV, X." "Don't you"!

"Whaat...why Y??" ,asked Ghost X wide-eyed with dilated red pupils.

!" ,said Ghost Y.

"What..where...OK let me guess,in the TV ,you mean Y???",asked Ghost Y.

"Yes",replied Ghost Y in a spine chilling tone,motionless,utterly speechless...

Ghost X took his broom and put on the TV.

After an hour ..Ghost X also fainted ,breaking all his sharp Tooth with blood stains, on the floor...

Ghost Y saw it coming!.....He took a huge pumpkin and smashed the bonny TV into ashes... and said ,in a blood curdling voice,"It was the movie aired in the SyFy channel ,inspired by the real human incidences of the unforgettable serial killer "Ed Gein" ,"The Texas Chain Saw Massacre" ."

"If a HUMAN can do such horrendous brutal acts,merciless (human) killing spree,just for pleasure or revenge or for no apparent reason,then what the hell, is the point of our EVIL existence ?"

Happy Halloween,

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