07 February 2015

How to make a cake on stove top without oven


They say,"Sometimes things fall apart so that better things can fall together' . Well said !! Because that's exactly what happened when one day I rolled up my sleeves with excitement to bake a cake ,whipped up the batter and I TOTALLY FORGOT THAT MY OVEN HAD SOME ISSUES THE OTHER DAY AND IT'S NOT WORKING !!! ...I stood there speechless ,my mind froze for a while...

However,the cooking crazy scientist in me thought of taking it as an interesting challenge to try some magic..A food magic ....I refreshed my basic science lessons behind baking and came up with an action plan to make a cake on stove top in a way that no one has done before.

One of the moist cake I ever baked...

I was not sure initially if  my plan will pay off but I made up my mind and heart to stick through whatsoever.My trash can was smirking at me.....I prayed every God I know-Ram,Rahim,Jesus,you name it wholeheartedly...and fingers crossed and touched wood at times :D...and guess what my prayers got answered and my fingers gave me a thumps up...Yes..."IT WORKED OUT LIKE A CHARM"!! 

No wonder why Julia Child said,"BE FEARLESS!!"....:)

Do you know what I used to make a cake on stove top - "MY PIZZA PAN"....Believe it or not .The trick is to use a pan with holes that allows even heat distribution all around the pan and ensures baking.

So, I decided one day to patent :P my eureka moment  of trial-to-triumph baking this cake by making a video ...so here it is....:)....  

This is how I made a cake without oven on stove-top using "PIZZA PAN" - The ingredient list and method are in the video...:) REST , Seeing is believing !! (my mom would never believe it for sure otherwise:P...exclusively for her :D)

Call me a self-bragger, but I felt on top of the world because once upon a time, to bake a cake in oven was a BIIIIIIG deal for me..my oven was fed up of all disasters and tortures.....finally looks like not anymore :)...And yes,this was one of the moist-est cake I ever baked !!

And that's how my food magic show   aka Youtube channel began......................Do subscribe !Thx.

Eat,love,live deliciously,