19 September 2015

How to remove the fish odor at home

I,fish and my home - A despicable smelly tale  !

I love Sea foods but I hate it, when I smell like one !! That's the downside of buying a sea food item,cleaning the sea food item and eating the sea food item . I feel, as if the soul of that sea food just possessed my body and my home .And everyone ,even my neighbors get a hint that there is something fishy about it and that my kitchen is haunted ! That smell,that stink, travels faster than anything on this Earth. Law of smell .....Smiley

If you clean and cut fish at home then can't even explain,it just makes you and everything that fish touches, despicable you .Sometimes I wonder if my home has turned into an aquarium .

However,like every problem has a solution to it.There are ways and methods to solve the problem of fish odor at home as well:

To nip the evil in the bud ; to make the fish less smelly in the first place : (Credit:downthecove.com)
  1.  Soak the fish in the milk for 20 minutes approx ,if the fish is like a day or two old and the flesh is firm.
  2. Or,soak it in little vinegar mixed with water.
 Or, if it's too late,fikar not/worry not, following are the tips and tricks to remove the fish odor from hand/sink/kitchen/home:

Watch this video that will show you four easy methods I personally use, to remove the fish odor at home :

Other tips to remove fish smell/fish odor are :
  1. Heard a lot about this one but never tried but would like to, by simply rubbing the hands on the stainless-steel under running water the fish odor can be removed from hands or by using a stainless-steel spoon, or anything else stainless-steel and hold it under running water in the sink, while rubbing your hands with that stainless steel thing.  
  2. Cold water plus any minty flavored toothpaste or any toothpaste can remove the odor. 
  3. Heat a pan and simmer little water with a couple of cloves in it for 30 minutes. 
  4. While cooking fish ,burn a scented candle or an incense stick.  
  5. If the fishy water spills on a carpet or floor,put some newspaper sheet on it.It will absorb it . 
  6. Cut a lemon in half and boil in a little water for 10 minutes. 
  7. Keep a bowl of white vinegar in kitchen overnight
  8. Put a small amount of vanilla extract to a paper towel and wipe the surfaces especially in refrigerators or use any disinfectant wipes or sanitizer to diffuse the smell.
 Reference : downthecove.com.

Reminds me, Phoebe Buffay's song in one of the episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S...

Only difference,it was a smelly cat there and smelly fish here....

Smelly Fish, Smelly fish,
It's not your fault

You may not be a bed of roses
You're not friend to those with noses
I'll miss you before we're done
Or the world will smell as one...................