26 September 2015

Kerala Thirandi curry recipe|Stingray recipe Kerala style|Kerala seafood recipe


Do you have a favorite vitamin that you can vouch for ? I've many, but my favorite is vitamin "SEA"..wink wink,blink blink. Yep,I love sea and I lovvvve seafoods . In that way,I am a pakka mallu/malyalee girl !

Even my dream home would be, a cute home next to a beach, tsunami-proof-ed ,with less bikini clad babes or bare-chested hunks but filled with cute kids enjoying the simple pleasure of life with their parents or couple in love feeling more romantic or people who are so stressed by their life,that the sea would remind them that even it has ups and downs and when it becomes too much ,it can become a tsunami which will be very destructive ,so is life !!..So, take it easy ,relax and enjoy ...


 Just like the sea,I love most of the seafood that the sea has to offer. One of the weirdest ,my extreme seafood love and my all time favorite one is spicy "Thirandi" curry a.k.a "StingRay curry" made by my mother . I love the meat so much because even its bone is edible and curry filled with spices and flavor.I love to enjoy it with hot boiled rice,any Kerala sidedish-thorans/mizhukupuratti and especially with kappa/tapioca ..YUM !

Kappa and thirandi curry....

If you don't know what stingray is,see it's picture here.It belongs to a shark family.Some fun facts from Wiki -

  • The female pregnant stingrays holds the embryos in the womb without a placenta.So,embryos absorb nutrients from a yolk sac, and after the sac is depleted, the mother provides uterine "milk".
  • At the Sea Life London Aquarium, two female stingrays delivered seven baby stingrays, although the mothers have not been near a male for two years. "Rays have been known to store sperm and not give birth until they decide the timing is right".

OMG !Smiley ...Stingray you rock !!

I remember touching them,petting them,actually the stingray babies, in Seaworld in Orlando,Florida .They were so soft,wiggly ..I wish I could hold them forever...

When I can't,I eat them ....grrr....A hardcore seafood lover's plight !

Here I get them all cleaned and cut into small pieces from the Asian store.

This is how I make Kerala style thirandi curry at home  :

Kerala Thirandi curry recipe  

NOTE :This is not a very spicy thirandi curry.If you want to make it spicy,omit thin coconut milk and add just water instead.

Now, whenever I eat a thirandi , I feel like, I , in fact, took a revenge on someone's behalf especially "Steve Irwin's ",the famous daredevil,"the Crocodile hunter". I remember watching his shows in the Discovery channel,fearlessly fighting either with a giant crocodile or a venomous snake etc etc and unfortunately,he was killed by a stingray while filming a show :( . RIP sir !

So, for as long as I will remember you and many, who died of Stingray attacks,I'll eat and savor them as much as I can......How dare they !Smiley