21 September 2015

WOW Topic- A simple hello could lead to a million things..

 “Oye pimply”,”Oye clearsil ki ad”,shouted, a chorus of boys ,from the second floor of a posh three-storey school,the Daisy international school.
It was not unusual for Seema .She was used to the constant bullying by boys from her class,class 10 B .Just like any other day ,she pretended she didn't hear them and she walked into her class, heads down and sat at the corner of the backseat of her classroom.
When every kids were looking forward to the lunch time or game period ,she was looking forward to a new hiding place other than the library ,where she could just disappear .
She had only one friend ,Rosy ,who was very pretty and famous ,but not studious like Seema.Seema was not the top most scorer of her class but certainly among girls . That was one of the reason Rosy befriended her as Seema helped her to complete her homeworks and Seema was glad ,she had at least someone with whom she could spend some time ,for that matter.
Seema's parents, Radika kataria and Hemant Kataria were quite famous lawyers of the city ,who were pretty busy with their professional lives .They spent weekdays at work more and weekends on spa,parties and meetings with VIPs' . Seema often felt left out ,alone as she was the only child of her parents and sometimes she felt she was a mistake ,a burden on their parents ,who would have been very happy if she was not there in their life .
Seema was convinced when her mother and her father didn't think twice before aborting their second child-to-be . Seema was so longing for a sibling ,a companion for life but she was hurt again,deeply hurt as this was only what she wanted ,when her parents asked ,what she would love to have as a gift for her 15th birthday.Instead, her parents gave her a diamond necklace with a letter S inscribed on it. For Seema,diamonds,gold, pearl ,anything that money could buy , never enticed her . She just wanted to love and be loved !
Though she was pretty and could pamper herself to look more beautiful ,she was careless ,for that matter .Neither anyone had time to look after her nor she cared to do so herself.That was one of the topic of argument with her parents most of the time.
Apparently,her appearance gave people a wrong impression that she belonged to a poor family. It was the matter of status in the well-off society after all ! Also the main reason she was often bullied at school ,her face ,full of signs of her raging hormones activating into puberty ; the pimples and scars . She was so used to getting hurt,that she cared less .
One day,Rosy introduced Seema to Jay of class 10 A, who was one of the most handsome guy and an all rounder in school.Just like any other girl ,Rosy had a big crush on him and she was trying her best to woo him and make him fall in love with her.Like any other boy at school,Jay didn't have crush on her or in love with her but then he simply admired her to be a beauty with brain.
Seema didn't even look properly at Jay ,said hi and bye and went back to the library room.
Jay was surprised and asked Rosy,”Well,is that your friend...she looks so...”
Rosy completes the sentence ,”Weird ?” “She is actually a butt of jokes in our class “ .
Jay intervenes ,”But why and how did she become your friend then?
Rosy takes a deep sigh and replies,” All those pimples and you know what she doesn't even own a cell phone yet and her parents are like the top lawyers of the town . I am the only friend she has .I feel sympathy for the poor thing at times, because she would happily give her homework notebook to anyone who would ask for ,to simply copy, and sometimes,she even completes mine in my notebook itself.” 
"She is very studious by the way ,but then she is so weird that she is intentionally not studying well as her parents told her that if she scores the highest mark in the school in the finals, she will be sent to abroad for higher studies.Guess what,she wants to be an ordinary teacher at the near by slum area ,she says.How cheap and gross is that !!
Jay responds,”What ? That sounds unfair to me.Give her some space.You all should support her."
"The way nobody likes her,she also doesn't like or believe anybody other than ,yours truly,ME . Ok ,gotta go...my class is gonna start soon .Bye handsome . Laters!," waved Rosy with a wink.
Bye Rose,smirks Jay with a blink.
The other day,Seema didn't go to the school as she had stomach cramp and so stayed back at home . 
To her surprise,Rosy came in the evening to check on her .
You've to help me Seema,please ,“said Rosy.
Seema asked bluntly ,”Trignometry or Permutaion combination  or calculus ?"
Rosy replied ,”Calculus.”
Tomorrow at lunch time,I'll do it for sure.Not today,my head is gonna explode ,Rose,” whined Seema.
"No,Seema,please do it now. You know,what today I've invited Jay to my home ,kind of date ." emphasized Rosy.
Seema said,”Jay? Who is that ?
Rosy got irritated,replied,”You never pay attention girl,the hunk from class 10 A,I introduced you the other day ,now remember ?”
Ummm..kinda...ohh okk that guy ,the all rounder ! All the best for your date then? But what does it have to do with me ?”,asked Seema in a confused tone.
"One day while talking to him,he was telling me how he was having a tough time solving an equation in Maths. I remembered it was the same one that I copied from your homework notebook. So,I showed him and he was quite impressed .Actually,thanks to you,because of your solution,he started showing interests in me more than his best friend Celine and Celine is so heads over heels on him .So,I want to be the one who should win his heart eventually. I can do anything for him Seema.So,please help..do it for me !," said Rose.
Alright,show me”,said Seema.
Within an hour ,Seema solved the problem while Rosy was busy playing with her lips ,trying red ,purple ,plum lipstick to select the apt one for the evening.
Here it is Rose.” ,said Seema.
Oh wow..thanks girl !...gotta go fast...see you tomorrow at school..can't wait to tell you tomorrow what happened tonight....bye See.. .”
Bye Rose.Enjoy !!.
Rose heads to her home.She rushes to her beautiful pink colored room She opens her blinky wardrobe and picks her new short flirty black dress with halter neck for the evening. While she was busy applying make up,she heard someone knocking at the door,bell rang .Her maid,Jenny opens the door .It was Jay,looking dapper, standing there with a bouquet of yellow roses and pink lilies.
Rosy baby,someone is here to see you.”,said Jenny ,in a high pitch.
Ask him to sit down,I'll be there soon.” ,replied Rosy.
Jay sat down on the beautiful soft sofa. As he was admiring every detail of the posh bungalow,the antique clock's pendulum strikes to 7 pm.
Rosy was still not done with her make up.She changed her lips to red color and asked Jenny to call Jay to her room.
When Jay came to her room .He found Rosy ,with a book and pen , as if she was busy doing something.
Jay asked in a confused tone,” Hey Rose,How are you ...what are you doing ?
Rosy replied ,”Hey handsome...aa..I totally forgot about the maths homework. This calculus problem really got me ..am sorry Jay for being late...but...you know what ..It was a tough cookie,I solved it...hope you'll understand”
Jay smilingly said,”Oh no problem ,let me see. Wow,that is indeed one tough one even I was trying to solve yesterday but I couldn't.Good job!!"
Now that I am done,let's go out then..mm..how do I look Jay ?.
Jay with a smile replied ,” As always ,simply awesome !!”.
Jay,where do you wanna go ?
Jay replied with a grin,” Ben and Jerry's “ .
"Are you kidding me ? How about Lush cafe -it is so posh and you'll love it," said Rosy .
Ok,sure ,thy order is my command ma'am,” said Jay teasingly.
They reached lush cafe and indeed it was quite cozy yet posh.It was filled with kids and teens like them.
They order, Cold espresso ,donuts and  pepperoni pizza and then sat on the chairs next to the window.

Rosy couldn't help herself staring into Jay's eyes.
Even Jay was smitten.
They dine happily,flirting with each other ....
A musical band was playing at the background ..
Rosy asks Jay to dance with her.
Jay simply obliges. He places his hand on her waist and they dance to the tune the band was playing,staring at each others eyes.
Rosy tries to kiss him but Jay steps back.
"Next time Rose ..sorry...well,it's getting late,I think we should go ," said Jay teasingly.
"Too soon Jay," whined Rosy.
I've exams next week ,so I've to prepare .I think it's too late for you too.”,said Jay
I've an idea -how about, let's go over to your place ,I've a math problem ,if you can help me to solve it.I think you love maths.
Rosy was shocked and little frightened as if her little secret was gonna come out soon in front of Jay.
Rosy replies,”Jay,I am sleepy.I'll go home.Will do it laters”
Ok Rose.No problem.Let's go then.
Jay drops Rosy at her home.Rosy again tries to kiss but …
Jay with a big grin replies,”Not yet . By the way did you like my bike - the Harley Davidson ?"
Rosy replies with a dissatisfied tone,”It is ok but I prefer your Range Rover.
Jay smiles back and waves her goodbye ,starts his bike and was gone.
Rosy was like partially satisfied with her date with Jay ,but she was confident ,she could make him fall for her for sure .
Next day at class ,Rosy runs fast to hug Seema.
Seema asks,”So how did the date go ?
Rosy shamelessly lies,”He kissed me .I am sure he is in love with me .
Hey, that's great.Good to know Rose.
Rosy's iPhone starts ringing.
“OMG,it's Jay”,Rosey jumps with joy.
But suddenly all her smile was disappearing little by little.
Seema wondered why.
Hey See,you've to come with me to meet Jay now.
Why,what happened Rose.
"Jay wants to see me now.He wants to discuss and solve a maths problem,"replied Rosy with a frown.
Rosy just drags Seema with her.
Hey Rose ,so happy to see you ,"said Jay excitedly.
Rosy was smiling from outside and frowning from inside.
Jay,whats up? “,said Rosy.
Just a maths problem ,it is giving me such a hard time.I thought I'll spend some time with you and if you wish, you can help me to solve it too,”replies Jay.
Seema felt uncomfortable.She was thinking ,what the hell she was suppose to do here..between them.So she hid herself partially behind Rosy.
Umm..J...why don't you give that problem to me..I'll solve it in my class..we've to go quick ,our class is gonna start soon”,said Rosy in a hurried tone.
Alright,may be we'll catch up later then.”,says Jay.
Rosy and Seema heads back to their classroom with Jay's notebook.
After a few minutes.,Jay thought of checking upon Rose just like that. He was surprised, he saw her goofing around with boys and her other girl friends from her class.
Then he saw her going back to the class.He followed her.
At the door,he overheard Rosy asking Seema,”Hey Seema,are you done with the problem,do it fast,the quicker you complete,the quicker I can give it to Jay and quicker he will be madly in love with me . I'll be back soon ok.”
Jay hides outside,behind the corner of her classroom.
Rosy heads back to her gang .
Jay enters into their classroom and watches Seema hurrying to solve the problem.
Jay was confused and he then heard Rosy's voice ,so he rushed out and went fast back to his class.
Jay gets a call.It was Rosy.
After 5 minutes,Rosy comes to Jay's classroom and says ,”J..here is the maths problem..solved !
Wow that's really really impressive,how do you do all these,huh ?”,asked Jay mockingly.
Oh Jay,I am crazy about Maths.I didn't even eat my lunch today.I was solving this maths problem just for you”,said Rosy playfully.
Ahh..I see..I am so impressed Rose ...tell me this,CosΘ/sinΘ = ??
Rosy got confused and stammered,” Whaat.. I don't know..I mean...I am tired ..and hungry..will see you after class ..bye.”
Rosy ran for her life.
Jay was convinced that, all these time, Rosy was just lying to him,pretending to be someone else ; to get his attention ,to impress him .
After class , Jay was walking downstairs when he saw a few boys mocking at a girl .That day even girls joined them and teased her .
It was Seema!This time Seema couldn't help herself but cry.
Jay rushes to her and gives her his handkerchief. He asks all boys and girls to step back and stop it and warns them not to repeat ever.
Since girls were also there,it was a matter of pride for the other boys of their class.So,the head boy warns Jay back and asks him to mind his own business ..in his class...
The other one steps up and hits Jay .
Jay also hits back .
Seema didn't know what to do.She went running to the restroom to check if Rosy was there ..doing make up as everyday..
Seema said everything to Rosy in tears and Rosy went back running to stop the fight.
She stopped the fight somehow but she yelled at Seema,”Look at Jay,he is bleeding you fool..all because of you...loser...just get the hell out of here, you ugly .”
Seema was deeply hurt.She just left sobbing.
Jay also went after Seema.”Seema,stop please .“
Seema just ran towards her bus ,wiping her tears.
Next day , while Seema was walking towards her class,she saw Jay with a huge bandage on his head and bruises here and there.She couldn't stop herself out of guilt and rushed towards him.
Jay,..I'm Seema...I am really sorry for whatever happened yesterday”,said Seema in a mellow tone.
Jay turns back.
Hey Seema,how are you...mm..ohh don't be.”,replied Jay with a smile.
Ok.Bye Jay.
Wait Seema ..I wanna talk to you ..seriously,please. ”
Seema for the first time ,looks up to his face ,into his eyes as if it was literally ,her first hello to him in true sense.
Even Jay was also staring at Seema as if he was also saying ,hello for the first time …
You've lovely eyes...and heart ..trust me ,” whispered Jay.
Seema stood their silently as if it was a dream.She always trusted her instincts .Her heart started pounding.She felt a spark she never experienced before ...
Rosy saw them standing together.So did Celine.Both rushed together towards them ,one from the right side ,the other from the left.
Jay ,what are you doing with this pimply,ugly ..weird girl,” asked Rosy angrily ,looking at Seema..
Jay simply and lovingly without losing his gaze ,kisses on Seema's forehead...
Rosy and Celine felt helpless and stood there flabbergasted..
And Seema..she knew ...this hello was going to change her life forever....for better ….
Reference : My imagination ! So it is a pure fiction..duh..If I am not there ,it ought to be....;)

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