19 January 2016

How to make perfect Mirchi Bajji & 5 min Tamarind chutney |Stuffed Mirchi Bajji|Mirapakaya bajji recipe|Chilli Bajji recipe with filling


Walking in the moonlight I'm thinking of you,
Listening to the raindrops I'm thinking of you,
Illamaan kanniloodey (Through the eyes of deer),I'm thinking of you,
Illa neer kanaviloodey (through dreams as clear as water),I'm thinking of you.....

Well,this is one of my favourite gOLDen Malayalam song from the movie Sathyam Shivam Sundaram .


Snap snap ...Are you wondering who is "YOU" here ? (of course, I think of U my reader !)

Do I sound like a Devdas or a Mastani ?

Do I sound love sick ?

I am actually !!...BUT snap snap not for any hunk-y funky ...well ,they were never my weaknesses (or should I admit,I am an out-of-league kinda product :P -who am I kidding!!),my weaknesses are as always,SWEETS especially Indian ones and SNACKS .PERIOD.


And when it is windy,cold or raining, a cup of hot tea/coffee is just awesome and if it is accompanied by a snack which is piping hot,spicy ,crunchy yet tangy is like an icing on a cake, for instance ,like  a mirchi bajji . 

Mirchi Bajji is a snack made up of chilli peppers coated with a batter of gram flour and deep fried to its crisp.It can be enjoyed just like that with some chutney or sauce.However,we can take it to a totally next level with a one-of-a-kind filling or stuffing made up of peanuts,onions,cilantro etc etc ,which makes it simply irresistible and you'll fall in love with chilies finally.....

The star ingredient !!
 I had this tasty chilli bajji in Hyderabad,my Hubby's place ,where it is popularly known as mirapakaya bajji which was totally YUM -just my kind of snack -little spicy,little sweet,little crunchy,little tangy!! It's also my hubby's fave .So,I as usual recreated it several times at home, sometimes after frying, I wondered if I really coated my chilies in the batter as my chilies would play peek-a-boo with me and sometimes the coating looked deformed .Anyways, as they say ,"Practice makes a man perfect " ,I finally learnt the perfect way - how to make a stuffed mirchi bajji Andhra style .

Not only that I am also going to show you how to make a super quick Tamarind chutney in microwave in just 5 minutes that you can use as a dip for any snack and I am using it also as the bajji chutney here .


So,please watch my video below that will show you how to make a Tamarind chutney in microwave in 5 minutes and the Tamarind chutney recipe is included in it :

Also watch the video that will demo clearly how to make a perfect stuffed mirchi bajjis/chilli bajjis as you get in shops and also the mirchi bajjji stuffing/filling for the same.Mirchi bajji recipe is in the video .So,not going to repeat it here unless you scold me with love ..Thx from lazy me !

Now,love like this is not a bhaste of timeGirl Says NO NO

Ajab ghajab si uthal puthal hai man maa
Kaisi hai ye feeling kaise batayein.........

Well,I love this bhaste of time............................................. How about you ?