09 January 2016

Baigun Bhaja|Baingan fry Bengali style|Eggplant fritters

"Kaali kalooti,Baingan looti " /Blacky as an eggplant :| :(....Well,that's the only black thing about my childhood days ..I mean,that's what my big bro used to call me,tease me as he was more fairer than me like my mom and I am dusky like my daddy and it used to irk me like hell and like all irritating brothers,he knew my weak point ;he used to piss me off by saying so ...to my racist irritating bro..ye leDesiSmileys.com


Heheh...now when I think of it ,it makes me LOL and makes me sigh...Nostalgic memories !! My bro grew up,but me, (well,I don't want to ;D) and shhh-ecret..I am still taking revenge silently by irritating him back ....but with love :P...

Well,needless to say,as they say ,foods have memories attached to it...so,I used to just hate this vegetable,"Eggplant/Brinjal",Baingan in Hindi,don't ask me in Malayalam ...I can't even pronounce it properly :(...the other reason why I never liked this vegetable -twisted my tongue ! DesiSmileys.com

Well this vegetable always gave me zor ka jhtaka dheere se ...You see,once I came to US,I was even more surprised to know that this vegetable is known as Eggplant here.I was like ,"O wow,in US,plants produce eggs and then they grow black and longDesiSmileys.com...


However,very soon,my mind would give me a minor shock reminding me,"My unfair lady,why do you keep on forgetting that your G.K is very weak and please give me some break - don't humiliate me indirectly !!"

The shock treatment worked like a charm - I learnt ,Eggplant is nothing but hi-fi ,fancy-pancy upgraded version/name of that vegetable I hate - the mighty Brinjal from India !!

May be ,when my mom wasn't around ,it was God's way of making me eat those vegetable that I hated the most as he knows well that I love eggs for sure,but then he didn't wanted to completely fool me so he added plant beside it as well...lol...Well,I overestimate God ; Sometimes I think, God has no other work than taking care of  even my teeni-weenie stuffs in my life ...Oh my !!..God see I love you so much...


But dear God and mom,yours truly ,is not yet convinced because I still don't like this vegetable that much.However,there is this one Bengali dish called Baigun bhaja/Baingan bhajja/Brinjal fry ,that is ,a type of eggplant fritters that is coated with a batter of gram flour and little spices and then shallow fried to its crisp.Ohh yum!! It can be enjoyed as it is or even with rice ,curry etc...Very simple to make and even any eggplant haters like me would fall in love with ...

As I was surrounded by Bengali neighbours when I was little and we had an awesome rapport,my mom used to prepare this eggplant recipe a lot at home,which I was the first one to complete it...So,here is how I make Brinjal fry/Eggplant fritters/Baigun Bhaja ...Not going to repeat the recipe as it is in the video itself ,until and unless someone scolds me (with love) to ,lazy me !!:p.....So,Please watch my video for the begun bhaja recipe and the method to do it..

 Dear Eggplants ,you finally stole my heart !! Good try !! DesiSmileys.com