21 February 2016

HOW TO -make tutti frutti at home in 2 different ways|Candied Papaya|Dry fruit cubes recipe


"I am crazy for color.Color embraces you.It wakes you up and keeps you present." ~ Tracy Reese
Sooo true !!..I can't agree more .Can you imagine a world without colors ? Can you stop yourself from thanking almighty for blessing us with two functional eyes that just reinvigorates itself every time at the sight of different colors ? Can you imagine how dull everything would be ,if there were no colors at all ?

Tutti frutti made with edible gels
Can you stop smiling at the sight of a beautiful rainbow even if you are not a kid anymore ? Can you imagine how boring sky would be if there were no rainbows in between ? Did you ever notice, our planet Earth (I believe) is the most colorful planet in the solar system (as of now) ? ...welll,I can go on and on...because that's how much I love colors .Colors make me super duper bumper HAPPYyyy...Girl Happy Dance( <- btw,that's not exactly me,she is just a square root of me ,may be I should shake it and break it like she is doing ..hmmm )


Anyways, can you imagine a food full of colors to be distasteful in any way ,even if there is a possibility ? I believe ,no you just can't...Well,that's how it is in my case at least...Colors make me hallucinated....

I remember, when I was a naughty little girl ,I was not a big fan of breads because I loved eating bread with either butter or colorful jams only and not by just itself .My mother had a hard time hiding butter and jams because I would finish it in no time ..So,she used to sometime give me just bread to remind me of my mischief  (How dare mom ..huhh..:|)...


However,there used to be one bread I was a big fan of,"The Tutti frutti bread" ,that I just loved eating it by itself or should I say I loved to pick those tutti frutti from the bread as if they were stars from the sky and leave the rest for my bro ...(that was another call for trouble - another fight and another scolding would follow thereafter...deep sigh and deeep sob !!)

Needless to say,I was a big fan of tutti frutti since my childhood days-tutti frutti bread,tutti frutti cookies,tutti frutti cakes,tutti frutti pastries..OMG...I am drooling already..well..just made my day...

Tutti frutti in natural colors
Since I started my cooking adventures,it took me a while to crack the code -how to make the tutti frutti at home.Initially ,I had nooo dime idea what they were actually made up of...I am telling you those colors are so seductive !!

Then I dared to distract my attention from the colors to the ingredient labels of the store-bought tutti frutti and I was surprised by the "hero" ingredient Tutti frutti is made up of -" The PAPAYA" !..Moreover,I hated papaya always ...Well,those colors are indeed magical! ...And then I researched and experimented in my cooking lab - how to make these colorful candied fruit and voila,it was too easy and FUN...I felt like a kid !!...So,if you don't know,allow me to show you how to make Tutti frutti at home in two ways :


So,here is how I make Tutti frutti at home using edible colors : Atleast ,unlike store-bought tutti fruttis or candied papaya,they don't have any preservatives .So,pls watch my video for the tutti frutti recipe and the method to make it.

Even though I love colors ,I don't like to use edible colors in food as much as possible unless there is no other choice left for me .So,here also,I was not that content with using edible gels for coloring those fruit cubes earlier and then I dared to experiment with some natural ,healthy colors and as they say,it came out with flying colors...How?? Pls watch my video that will show you how to make homemade Tutti frutti recipe in natural colors ,safe and healthy :


I can't describe how much fun I had creating these candied papaya or tutti frutti ...and those colors especially the natural colors which I was really skeptical about ...I thought I'll be betrayed but natural colors won my heart by leaps and bounds...

Sometimes you just need a splash of color............and everything looks simply beauty FULL!!

 As Rubyanne said,"Don't just live a life of black and white when there is a spectrum of colors available for you.Don't confine yourself,instead express yourself and have some fun."

Amen to that,