10 July 2016

Portion Control-What the heck is that and how the heck it should be done ?

Portion control !
If you ask me what is the full form of DIET  ? I would say it is - Did I Eat That !!!!

That soft cake with a chocolate frosting,that Pizza with all your favorite toppings,those new flavors of vanish-super-fast-in-the mouth ice creams ,that lip smacking chicken biryani,that non stop finger licking paneer curry ,that 70 MMmmmmm dosa,those deep fried samosa filled with green peas and potato stuffing etc etc etc...Man!! How the heck am I suppose to have just a portion of it ????...A.K.A,In a more formal language or medical or health terms -"Portion Control" .

Well, when I was little I ate entire portion of the plate,if not more (Ohh come on peeps,I mean whateva food served in it ) ..No one taught me to control my portions! When I grew up ,still I felt it was unfair to eat just a portion of food (I hate partiality you know - United we stand..err eat!).Infact ,I had no idea there is something called portion control , I believed in ,"Life is too short ,just enjoy to the fullest-without any ifs and buts."

However, gradually,my body was so (filled with) jealous of my philosophy that it started to camouflage like a balloon at times -sometimes inflated,then deflated,then inflated and inflated and inflated a tad more, that it started throwing signals in the form of many physical discomforts and torturing my wardrobe to hoard clothes of different sizes day by day.

 But I must say,I didn't gain weight just because of non-stop eating - to be frank I eat normal (my mom would say - like a bird (ok EXCEPT anything that is sweet),there were lots of health issues that contributed to weight gain.So,my doc is taking caring of my health issues but he recommended I must take care of my lifestyle as well -you know the usual we hear everywhere-eat right,drink more (I mean water),exercise your butt off ,at least don't be a couch potato blah blah blaaah..

Diet plays a vital role in our overall well being .And portion control plays a vital role if we wanna lose weight aptly and to keep it off.

Portion control ,the name explains for itself - Nevertheless,portion control works by controlling the amount or portion size of food consumed in a day ,which has a right balance of essential nutrients and calorie ,thereby reducing overall calorie intake without compromising health,reducing weight and keeping it off .

In short,Portion control = Calorie control = Weight control !

We are fortunate enough to live in an information era ,where we can self-educate with convincing evidence how to measure the right amount of food to eat in a day,plan our daily menu accordingly and stay within our calorie requirement range ..Rest,our weighing scale,mirrors,selfies,medical reports will gradually speak for itself ;)..."Positively!"

I recently came across portion control reference guide online and also in a few health magazines ,that made sense and was quite helpful.So,I created one with all best info from all and thought of sharing with you all as well. This reference will guide you how much different kinds of food items ,we should consume in a day aptly:


I also came across this new plate method of portion size that was quite informative as well.It also made sense.They say ,always serve in a small plate which will give the impression that the plate is full and your are having sufficient food.

Did you know - A 8-9 inch plate can hold up to 800 calorie foods ,10 inch plates = 1000 calories,11 inch = 1600 calories,12 inch = 1900 calories approx .Imagine if you fill that plate ,how many calories will go in and what will be the after effect?

That's why now there is also a portion plate method that makes sure that we eat the apt food with apt calories only.Here is my plate planner guide  :


Other Points to remember :
  • Drink lots of water for sure.It will keep the hunger off,flush out toxins from the body and you may eat less.
  • According to a research,choose plates that have a color contrast to the food you are eating as a main course.
  • Don't eat any food while watching TV especially packet size products like chips,snacks etc.Study shows that one tends to eat more because of the distraction.
  • While eating out -Order an appetizer as your main course or share an entree or take half to go (parcel it baby) and stop eating when you are full,sip water before and in between to do so.

Need more motivation to control portion/calorie/weight -well,just eat in front of the mirror "NAKED" (Oh my !! don't stare hard though ,I get all the symptoms of mini heart attack !)

With lots of love (without any portion control here),

DISCLAIMER:I am collecting all these vital health related info (from reliable sources all over internet) ,for my personal use and storing it at one place as guidelines for good health .So that I don't have to google it always .So,these are otherwise strictly for informational purpose only and not to be substituted for any professional medical advice..

REFERENCE :Webmd.com,Prevention.com,MayoClinic.com,Precisionnutrition.com