22 January 2017

Light and fluffy Pancake from scratch


"Happiness is Pancakes" !
I love Pancakes .Pancakes are easy to make and hard to resist .I don't make pancake that often as my hubby is a pizza,pasta guy than a pancake lover and I am just the opposite .I can eat pancake all day,everyday BUT with butter,syrup and whipping cream .That's mandatory !😁💓 Since it doesn't sound that healthy,I may throw in some fruits ,nuts or use low fat whipping cream ,butter to confuse my health.😋😆

 I first tasted pancake in America and first ate Pancake in the famous pancake restaurant here,IHOP and I was sold .Pancakes are just my type - round like me,petite like me,little sweet like me,little brown like me ,little fluffy and very light ..add any extra flavor ,we gladly embrace it and become more flavorful and tasty . Oh yeah !!😂

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Whenever my better half is on office tour,if I am not accompanying him,I celebrate being alone by making pancakes and all sweet things of this world .Those days are my pancake days .


I tried different versions to make pancake from scratch at home .Initially,it looked like an alien pancake ,I wanted to name it "Mancake" to reassure that it is indeed man-made and made by man-jusha ..so..

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Anyways,as they ,"Practice makes a man perfect ",after a few trials and errors - sometimes flat,sometimes hard,it became light and fluffy pancake eventually .


And I can't wait to share how I make light and fluffy pancake from scratch and without any buttermilk.Most of the time,I may not have buttermilk (American buttermilk not Indian buttermilk which is totally different) and I may not feel like making buttermilk ,which is in fact quite easy to make.


If you don't know,Pancakes are one of the famous favourite breakfast item in US and other western countries ,though they may look,taste and made differently . They are also known as "Flapjacks".

American or Canadian  pancakes are thin,light,fluffy ,little sweet cakes made with an instant batter and fried on a griddle/skillet/hot pan till golden brown in color and usually served with butter,jams,fruits,syrups,whipping cream etc.


Pancakes have a rich long history since Ancient Roman times.

DID YOU KNOW ? (I didn't !) Some interesting facts about pancake are:
(Credit : Telegraph.co.uk and MTV.com )
  1. During ancient times,first three pancakes prepared were considered sacred and sprinkled with salt and used to ward off evil .
  2. In commonwealth countries,Pancake day , the day to feast on pancakes exclusively is celebrated which is popularly know as "Shrove Tuesday"/"Shrove day",the first day of lent (Lent,I think is kind of religious fasting in Christianity (I may be wrong! ) 
  3. In England,there is a tradition of a public pancake race with flipping it on Shrove day/Pancake day .
  4. In France,while making and flipping a pancake and holding a coin in another hand ,wish are made and believed to be granted.
  5. In Britain,objects with symbolic value are mixed with the batter to make pancakes,which acts like a fortune teller .
  6. Biggest Pancake breakfast was held in Springfield America .
  7. Largest Pancake weighing 6614 lb was made in Rochdale,England !
  8. World's most expensive pancake costs $200.00 at Opus in the Printworks in England made with 23 carat Gold leaf and Madagascan Vanilla pod.
  9. In Sweden,pancakes made with pork blood called "Blodplattar" is sold.
  10. By eating the topmost number of pancakes,you can't get into Guinness Book of records.There is no such category for that . 😒

Ok,over to the pancake recipe - this is how I make quick and easy pancake at home from scratch ..

Fluffy pancake recipe 


All Purpose Flour - 1 cup
Egg,large - 1 no.
 Melted butter - 1/4 cup
Milk - 3/4th cup
Salt - 1/4 tsp
Sugar - 4 Tbsp
Baking powder - 2 Tsp

Preparation method to make homemade pancake :

Now,all you need is just a cup of Jo(y) and this cake made on pan instantly and ENJOY!!