29 March 2017

How to cook Basmati Rice in 3 ways|Basic cooking


Rice is one of the most significant crop of India .India is the world's largest producer of  white rice.Being a tropical plant ,it flourishes well in hot and humid climate mainly prevailing in India.Rice cultivation in India contributes to the national economy and rice is a staple food in India especially in Eastern and Southern part of the country .The major rice growing states of India are West Bengal,Orissa,Bihar,Chattisgarh,Uttar Pradesh,Punjab,Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu .


There are varieties of rices grown in India like Paddy rice,White rice,Polish rice,Puffed Rice and more.The one rice that is known for its peculiar aroma,texture ,taste  and a pretty name is Basmati Rice,cultivated in Northern Punjab state of India and Pakistan .Basmati in Sanskrit literally means "fragrant". This rice was cultivated in India since centuries .


Basmati rice is used extensively in Indian/Bangladeshi/Pakistani/Middle Eastern/Arab/Persian cuisines . I LOVE basmati rice but if you ask me,I will call it an exotic rice , I personally don't feel basmati rice goes well with our traditional Kerala curries other than non-vegetarian curries (that too only egg,chicken or mutton recipes).However,when it comes to North Indian curries ,Basmati rice rocks.


At my home,amma used to make Vegetable Pulao/Pulav with basmati rice mostly and mostly during special occasions only as we use our Kerala rice or any parboil rice for regular use.So,the aroma of Basmati rice gives me a special nostalgia as well.


Did you know ?

Basmati rice is quite healthy when compared to other rice .

Look at the nutrition facts  of the Basmati rice :



How is Basmati rice cooked ?

Basmati rice can be cooked in many ways and when cooked,they should be long,firm and not sticky with each other i.e. separated and I am going to share my THREE ways to cook Basmati rice aptly at home without any rice cooker -
  • Basmati rice cooked on stove top
  • Basmati rice cooked in microwave
  • Basmati Rice cooked in pressure cooker '
Preparation method of Basmati rice :  The Basmati rice and water ratio are different for these three ways to cook Basmati.SO,please watch my video that will show you how to cook basmati rice perfectly at home.

Wow,I always thought rice is not that good for health like has fattening effect ,but now I know,there is one pretty good rice,the basmati rice full of health benefits and controls weight as well .Being a Mallu/Keralite,Rice is our weakness and being partially North Indian,Basmati rice is exclusively my weakness as well especially with non-vegetarian curries.Now,I can cook and eat rice carefree !

Jai ho Baahishmati....oops Basmati !

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