12 March 2017



Puri or poori is a very popular, easy to make, unleavened deep fried Indian bread which is served as a breakfast or a light snack or as an offering to God during Hindu festivals.Puri or poori or pudi is made in almost every state in India and is famous in every state except South India.

Puri is derived from the sanskrit word "Purika" meaning filled .In some parts of the India,puri are made with filling and deeply fried .In West Bengal and Odisha,they are also known as luchi ,in Assam they are known by Lusi.In Uttar Pradesh,they have another twin sibling called "Bedvi".Southern part of India prefers to call them puri or poori and Northern part of India may call them "pudi".


 Puri needs only a few ingredients to prepare that is always available in every Indian home BUT making puri is an art by itself especially if you wan to make a soft,puffy,fluffy puri .For beginners / cooking newbees,even to roll out a poori properly would be a herculean task and top it,to make a puffy and fluffy puri will not be a child's play either .Well,been there,done that - so many times and then gradually,one fine day,practice makes not only a man lol but also a woman perfect .🙌👍


Well, there are some tips and tricks to make perfect soft puffy poori at home and even today if I don't follow those secrets to make puffy poori ,my pooris may not become puffy ,but my face would for sure ->😯.However,pooris are pretty forgiving,meaning just because it didn't become fluffy doesn't mean it is not edible anymore or no one can eat.It doesn't have to be puffy for sure ,it should be deeply fried,that will be good enough.

Well,if making poori is an art and making a puffy puri is a skill to be learned and earned !!👸


The child in me loves the very sight of puffy poori.👧💃.Sometimes I also giggle like a child.Somehow it makes my better 1/2 also damn happy lol...Made for each other (Touchwood!)😀💑


When I was little puri was not something that was frequently made at home ,it used to be a weekend affair mostly and we (bhaiya and me)  used to look forward to that sizzling sound of deep frying and the aroma of today-is-puri-day-yay - that aroma was a sweet distraction not only from face book I mean facing those school books but also from my irritating bhaiya/bro..(He is very loving though)👫

I also remember my neighbor next door aunty used to make puri and her special Bihari aloo dish and share with us ... or our Bengali aunty in the upper floor would give us luchi with dum aloo ..those aromas of puri and different sabzis made by amma or my beloved aunties still haunts my nose and memory every now and then....


In fact,poori reminds me my golden childhood days in North India :))..

So,lets see how to make poori at home

Poori/Puri Recipe - Puffy,crispy,soft Poori recipe

Whole Wheat Flour - 1 cup
Rava/Semolina - 2 Tbsp
Salt to taste
Water - 1/2 cup (approx)

How to make Poori method - Pls watch my super quick video that will guide you step by step how to make puffy/fluffy poori recipe without fail .

Serve poori  with any curry of your choice.It goes really well with potato dish but it is very adjusting and just becomes tad more tasty regardless.Watch my poori video you will become a poori pro for sure and don't worry if you don't become one at first try,but you will one day,but my poori youtube video will be always there to guide you the secrets to make a puffy fluffy poori properly .

A huge poori fan,