28 March 2020

When all my stars aligned|My virtual encounter with stars - THANK YOU !!

Jhilmil sitaaro kaa aangan hogaa
Rimjhim barasataa saavan hogaa

Aisaa sundar sapanaa apanaa jeevan hogaa....(Movie :Jeevan Mrityu)
Aur aaisa hi kuch mere blogging life mein hogaya......aur ye kahani kuch iss tarah hai...dil thaam ke baitiyegaa...πŸ™†

FLASHBACK:Six months ago,my blog FINALLY hit 1M+ views.Good to see that but not a big deal.HOWEVER,there were these ultra-special people beyond my imagination/dreams, who made it extra special - the real big deal .

I think all happened because of adding this quote to a few of my videos..Hey Ram ! :|
So,this is a post pending for long time and as I mentioned in my previous post ,someday I would gather enough courage to pen down my gratitude towards these special people on my blog for sure.Since we are going through a very heart-wrenching situation (COVID) and it is a reminder that we shouldn't underestimate anything or anyone in life ,I would like to dedicate this post without further delay,to all those strangers who supported me to the best of their ability.

 I won't mind if I don't have 1M followers or likes etc ,but these precious people gave my blog the real nirvana .This will always be in fact the highlight of my blogging journey !

I remember asking God for a miracle but little did I knew ki wo mere jholi ko sitaron se bharr dengey...

The day my blog hit 1M views and as usual I opened Instagram to browse some quotes etc ,I felt like  "celebrities" were celebrating me - my blog for the same.Initially I thought it was my mind overthinking and over-imagining but gradually I had this strong gut feeling that ,I am not !

You see,I am a deadly combo of being a psycho + a psychic ! Bachke rehna re baaba.. eeeehaa πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‹πŸ˜€

And dear ladies and gentlemen ,my good Samaritans are :πŸ˜πŸ™Œ

Mollywood - I know for sure that a few stars from Mollywood were really supporting me .Infact I think I have real friends in Mollywood .Tomorrow if my daughter wants to act in Malayalam movies,I believe I have friends who may recommend her/ give her a chance πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‹.Thank "U" Mollywood for the companionship - bhoolega dil jis din tumhe wo din zindagi ka aakhri din hoga ✌….Thanks for tolerating this weirdo !!πŸ˜„πŸ˜‹

Bollywood - I've two extra special anmol ratans (priceless jewels) in Bollywood,the talented handsome hunks - Ranveer Singh Sir and Arjun Kapoor Sir (Believe it or not!!πŸ™‡) .I always get goosebumps whenever I think of those scenarios in Instagram.These two special people were supporting 😱ME ,yes ME😲 ,non-stop after my every blog post or YT video I felt.

They would upload pics and the captions that would resonate with my blog post .I took a screenshot of few pictures that's quite obvious especially from Arjun sir's Insta feed .Sorry for using the pics without taking your permission but I don't have a choice here .Hope you will not mind.I have to share here otherwise readers will think I am bluffing.I would also with your kind permission ,save them as a souvenir here.

Ranveer sir,I always admire your rang biranga /vibrant personality more than your awesome acting .I heard once in Deepika ma'am's interview that ,you are her super-pill of happiness.So,I thank her for allowing you to give me a teenie-weenie portion of that pill/a dose of encouragement.Aap dono ki jodi hamesha salamath rahen !πŸ™πŸ’‘πŸ˜Š

Arjun sir - No words to thank you enough !! At one side you were busy promoting your movie ,"Panipat" ,on other hand iss naacheez ko bhi help kiya..shukran !! I think your movie "Ki and Ka " kinda resonated with my condition somehow ...May be that's why you could relate to me well..(but rest assured all is well!) .Your personal videos were also encouraging....

UPDATE:After my post,my friend told me that Arjun sir posted a video of him in Instagram inspiring all ki and kaS' to help each other...Looks like it was TRUE...o teri...(So,I've updated my entire post !)

And I think the answer is ,"PUMPKIN" color ,I figured it out that day itself  :)
Thx for making me lol dil se ..kahi aap mereko pumpkin toh nahi bol rahe ho:) 
Again in "Pumpkin" color shirt and thanks for sharing the info about FoodCloudIndia and the tag line "Happiness is homemade" is also my blog's bottom decor's tagline.....
The caption of the pic " Ye teri aankhen jhuki jhuki "
Me: Badi kismath wali hai wo pyaar jisse apka mila
Aur mein bhi lucky hu
,I got encouragement .....:)

Now that PINK color is part of my blog's theme as well
By the way ,Arjun sir ,in your story ,there was a pic that you will for fun date "Kriti Sanon"/your co-star of Panipat then .However,if you would ask me (which you would never) ,I would love to see you dating your Ishqzaadi/Pinky/Parineeti ma'am.You two mast jodi 😍.

Besides,you always miss your mother and she is right there beside you ALWAYS.Aise nek kaam sab wahi toh karwathi hain..:)

I ignored all these pics pretending that they will think I am not active in Insta and they will stop these because though I've no words to thank them for their time,effort,attention ,I must say that it was really intimidating and over whelming for me .Also I was writing little off track on my blog (starting from Keanu Reeves etc :D ) to repel all bigshots (with due respect) for the same reason.

My blog is my adda where I am more or less ME - the sarcastic,notorious brat (Haan mein mahaan hu!:P:D) who just wants to write non-stop in her sloppy style in broken English,Hindi and Malayalam - blah blah blahhh...So,when I realized such VIPs' reading my blog ,I was becoming more and more conscious ,though I don't care what others may think of me but still ...kuch kuch hota hai ...applog nahi samjhogey ..

Thanks a lot to the talented gorgeous stars -Priyanka ma'am ,your home-made video with your hubby-Nick resonated (Thanks for understanding!) ,Parineeti ma'am's diet tips - I did incorporate a few of those ingredients in my Pumpkin muffin recipe and felt like you were saying "Rise like a phoenix!" ..I am trying ,not that easy for me and it is ok-aal is well (Life is never perfect! I am a born phoenix hehee) ,Preity Zinta ma'am's pics with her mother in US was comforting to me whenever I missed my mother ...

Also I felt lots of other celebrities from Bollywood cheering up for me by posting something that resonated with my blogpost .Thanks a lot !!πŸ™

Hollywood - Thanks Tia Mowry ! Yes that kiss in my Diwali video was for you 😘😍 .I would have somehow saved that picture of yours with your kid and their cousins that kinda resonated with my blogpost and YouTube Video.Huge fan of you and your twin sister ..always wanted sisters or atleast friends like you - your infectious laugh,jokes,talks,styles,outlook -everything I am in awe of.

NOW,first thing first ,how the hell did I get everyone's attention all at once ?? This is going to be the mystery of my life I think. Secondly,imagine my plight ,one who was hardly getting any attention/support ,finally getting encouragement from all bright stars of film fraternity ...Still,I am kinda shivering and my mind is in turmoil..

I can feel God winking at me .But dear God,I just want small attentions,big ones are little overwhelming for this gareeb aurath ..reham karo.The day I realized that my blog got some celebrities attention,was the day I started getting an itch to delete my Instagram because it was really messing up my head ,though happy beyond words to get such attention/support too.Guess what,recently I finally deactivated instagram .I must learn how to use it properly in the first place...

I am notoriously known among my friends to deactivate or delete my social media accounts on a whim any fine day.I and social media don't get along well .We are poles apart.Only my blog and my own Youtube channels will never be deleted.There are stories and struggles behind every blogpost and my youtube video and whether they are doing well or not ,they mean everything to me .I'll crawl,fall but I will stop ONLY when "I" think I've a strong reason to stop pursuing my passion atleast like this. Not getting enough likes,subscribers etc will not be the reason ever .

Since I got special attentions and if I feel over-conscious ,I may try to get another job once my girl starts going to school ,till then I will keep going no matter the consequence …..

My zodiac sign is "LEO" and sher hamesha akela chaltha hai (Lion (since every human has a feminine plus masculine side to them) always walks alone .My pace may be like that of a turtle but I will roar like a lion in my own way . (Uff mein bhi na)Grrrrr :P

UPDATED:My friend send me this pic of Ranveer sir's insta post .Like her I too feel it kinda resonate and shows his funny side..I apologize if it is not apt to post here but I will anyways :D..Thx Sir :P

Abb toh akele chalney ki aadat hogayi hai mujhey,saharon se darr lagtha hai saahab/saahiba (I must specify in blogging world/virtual world per se) :P ….Akele hai toh kya gam hai,chahe toh bass mein kya nahi...

I am very thankful to YouTube for pursuing my passions in my little ways,is my part-time gig and most importantly,it is helping me to overcome my shyness especially it is still very difficult for me to make an apt eye contact with strangers especially the opposite gender except hubby.At first sight they think I am rude and arrogant.😁Secondly,being too sensitive ,I wasn't good at handling criticism but now YT is teaching me ,just like life,you have to take the bad with the good and keep going with a smile and a wink..Also not to expect anything from anyone..just do your thing and keep on improving..

The reason I am not able to come forward(many encouraged ) in my YouTube videos regularly is that I don't get time.I've to take care of my priorities - kid,husband and home first (my 3 kids basically!) all by myself,then whatever time I get, I use it to pursue my passion.It ain't easy and I feel so tired/energy-less at the end of the day,struggles are real behind the scenes .So,others may see I am not doing my best may be ,but I am, as much as possible and I know for sure that there is enough room for improvement always ..I am at it too...

My YouTube channel has lately become multi-lingual -Kerala recipes in Malayalam,North Indian recipes in Hindi and universal recipes in English (as per viewers request only) ..the only channel doing so ....abb mera kya hoga ..hey bhagwaan,karo kalyan ..akka khichdi hogaya haiπŸ˜‚

I would rather want my daughter to believe that her mother didn't give up even if she had many reasons to (did her best) than that she was damn successful !

Who knows I may ,God willing, have my own restaurant one day (AMEN!) ...You all are invited in advance !😎😊...I will be a pro by then ..

I look at it like this,my blogpost or any YouTube video are like seeds I plant today which will take its own course to grow up ...I will reap the fruit/my desired outcome one day but it will take time like any plant or tree we plant ...even if not,atleast I know -I tried my best !Koi gal nahi ...Rab nu shukriya...

Having said that,I am grateful beyond words to anyone who genuinely wants to support me by hook or by crook.My angels ,my pride !

It's been such an honor !! I wish you (ALL) all the best - may you all feel never un-supported in life and fair well in all walks of life.God bless you all!! Keep shining!!...dua hai  ~ Dil se...

Chalte chalte chalte chalte
Yun hi koyi mil gaya tha

Sare raah chalte chalte
Wahi thamke reh gayi hai
Meri raat dhalte dhalte...
Jo kahi gayi naa mujhse
Wo zamaana keh raha hai
Ke fasaana ban gayi hai
Meri baat chalte chalte
Yun hi koyi mil gaya tha (Movie - Pakeezha )
From Meena Kumari (RIP) of this blog ...πŸ™‡

P.S.:#STAYHOME #STAYSAFE #TAKECARE #GODBLESS - United we stand,divided we fall !!Oye Corona,bhagonaaaaa.....Hum bhi hai josh mein...