02 April 2020

Kerala style spicy Crab Curry |Nadan Njandu Curry


I love Sea and I love food and I love love loveee the combo ,sea+food = SEAFOOD!! Myself and my daughter, we are hardcore seafood lovers .My daughter's lunch/dinner is incomplete if there is no fish involved.We are typical Mallus like that ,unlike her father !!


The one seafood (Mallu's fav) that is really missing in my blog are Crab recipes.I don't make them that often because I find it really time-consuming and confusing to cut and clean the crabs properly.It's a messy art I believe! So,I try to learn again and again from Amma/mother whenever I visit Kerala.

I am also not an expert yet in making the perfect njandu curry Kerala style/Crab curry Kerala style.Last year,I captured how to cut and clean crabs my mother's style and made a YouTube video for reference.Similarly,this year,I made a video on how to make the crab curry Kerala style in an easy way.So,that I can refer it when needed than pestering her time and again to remind me the recipe to make the crab curry aptly.


In Kerala,crab curry is an "IT"/hit item especially in toddy shops served popularly with kappa/tapioca boiled Kerala style served with fresh toddy (says the local here) and also the unavoidable and most sought after seafood item in Kerala houseboats . 

There are many ways to cook crab curry Kerala style.This Kerala style crab curry is our go to curry that is quick to make,yet spicy and tasty .

At present ,I am in Kerala and by God's grace before this COVID became a full-fledged pandemic ,we were lucky enough to enjoy this crab delicay homemade momway.....

So,let's jump into the crab recipe - how to make njandu curry Kerala style :

Nadan Njandu curry|Crab curry Kerala style


Crab - 1/2 Kilo
Shallots - 5-6 Nos.
Red chilli powder - 4 Tbsp
Coriander powder - 2 Tbsp
Pepper powder - 1/2 Tsp
Fennel powder - 1/2 Tsp
Coconut ,shredded - 2 Tbsp
Kodumpulli/Gambodge ,soaked in water - 3-4 Nos.
Water as needed
 Coconut oil - 3-4 Nos.
Mustard seeds - 1/4 Tsp
Garlic - 6 Nos.
Ginger - 1 inch
Shallots,chopped - 4-5 Nos. (OR,1/2 medium size onion)
Green chillies,slit - 3-4 Nos.
Curry leaves , as needed

Preparation of crab curry :

  1. Clean the crab as shown in the video below .I think it's best to see and learn .
  2. Keep the cleaned crab pieces aside.
  3. Soak the gambodge/kodumpulli in little water until they turn soft.
  4. Heat a pan or mannchatti/Earthen pot and dry roast the shallots and all the spice powders mentioned above for 5 minutes on low flame until they turn aromatic.Put off the gas.
  5. Transfer them into a small mixer jar with shredded coconut and everything roasted above with enough water to make a "THICK" paste.
  6. Now,heat a pan or an Earthen pot/mannchatti with coconut oil.
  7. Splutter mustard seeds and saute the chopped shallots/onions and ginger-garlic paste.
  8. Now add the thick paste from the mixer jar into it and saute until the oil appears on the surface.
  9. Add enough water making sure not to make it too thin.Stir well.
  10. Add the chilli pieces to it and bring it to boil.
  11. Add the soaked kodumpulli/gambodge and the crab pieces to it.Stir well.
  12. Reduce the flame and cover it with a lid until everything gets cooked up.
  13. Remove the cover and let the curry thicken up a bit.
  14. Put off the flame.
  15. Let it sit for a while.
  16. That's it ,our nadan style njnadu curry is ready to serve.
1.Adjust the red chilli powder and green chillies as per your desired level of spiciness.
2.More this curry sits,more tasty it becomes .


Watch this crab curry YouTube video for a demo how to make an easy crab curry :

To every seafood lover like me,you gotta try this simple yet spicy crab curry for sure.You will lick your fingers and the plate and then you don't have to wash your plates -2 in 1  How abt that ? :D:D