29 May 2020

Kadumanga Achar Recipe |Raw Mango pickle Kerala style


Kadumanga Achar is a traditional Kerala style Mango pickle.Kadu means mustard seeds and Manga means Mango in Malayalam and Achar means pickle .In almost every household in Kerala,this pickle finds a special place in their kitchen/fridge and meals .Kadumanga achar is a very common pickle at every home here.And if it is any festival especially if the grand feast of Kerala,Sadya is being prepared,all other varieties of pickles may take a backseat and who will be in the front seat ?? You guessed it right - The Kadumanga pickle !!🙌


I am not at all a pickle person.I love to just taste a bit in between meals.More than the taste and the varieties of pickle,what really fascinates me is the fact,that through this process,so many perishable foods could be preserved for long .(Well,if you don't finish it fast though 😎)


(Source : Mr.Wiki and dimasharif.com )
  • Pickling process most probably originated in Indus Valley civilization in Northwest India around 2400 BCE.
  • In the past,pickling was done to preserve food for out-of-season use and for long journeys.
  • Pickling may also improve the nutritional value of food by introducing B-Vitamins produced by bacteria.
  • Pickle is derived from the Dutch word "Pekel" which refers to the brine(salty/saline solution).
  • Pickle and many pickle recipes are already mentioned in many ancient manuscripts .
  • Processed pickles contain preservatives and more sodium to make them last longer and so may not be that good for health.May create hyper-tension,Cholestrol,high blood pressure and even some kinds of cancers .
  • Research states that consuming moderate amount of  vinegar based pickles is good for diabetic patients.
  • Nausea and vomiting during 1st trimester of pregnancy can be relieved by consuming pickles.Wow,who knew,there was a scientific reason behind those cravings !
  • Pickle juice is a great post workout sodium replishner and rehydration drink.They are also good for hangovers and stomach unrest.
  • Some pickle are good for immunity .
  • Pickles can help with indigestion,muscle cramps,prevents ulcers,improves liver health.

Wow,that sounds quite interesting!! I feel like a pickle genius 😎 ..My pickle G.K. at least got improved !!(Perks of being a food blogger !)


Every house have their own family kept secret of making that amazing lip smacking pickle recipes passed down from generations to generations .And every house has that go-to pickle person and finger-licking pickle recipes sought after by friends,relatives and family exclusively . Likewise,all women in my family have their own one-of-a-kind pickle recipes to boast except ME !😊



I always cherish and relish the memory of amma/mother making varieties of pickles including the North Indian ones.That aroma itself was so seductive that I wouldn't even dare to taste a bit to confirm how awesome they were! I was like that song "mujhey dor koi khinchey,teri aur liye jaaye" .(A string is somehow pulling me towards you)


I hated whenever amma used to call me to put those pickles stored tightly in huge ceramic jars/bharani in Malayalam ,under sunlight for fermentation purpose, almost everyday (until it was ready to eat!) and how studious I turned automatically at that very moment but heyy to no avail,well,no one messes with mamma !😎😏


But I loved the fact that,once any pickle were ready,this would be always available at home for years and the taste just gets better with time and would add an extra zing to any meal always.

I also have fond memories of hostel days,whenever I went back to college after any vacation ,mother used to prepare these pickles,packed up meticulously in such a way that the oil doesn't ooze out and arranging them in my bag/luggage very cautiously so that none of my dress or stuff gets spoiled by any chance.That pickle used to always brighten my day,my food and friends as well :).Similarly,whenever,I go to US ,she does the same.It's like an edible treasure and I don't want it to finish at any cost and so I serve it very kanjoosingly/sparingly .😀


Like I said before,every woman (maa,aunts and a cousin from my father's side) in my family knows how to make varieties of pickle with their own tangy or spicy twist except ME.This is one section of cooking where I am not good at all.And I always regretted the same .Whenever I make Sadya,I hate to use the store-bought pickle and I always wanted to know at least how to make the king of Kerala pickle,the Kadumanga achar .Anyways,I am glad now I finally got enough time to learn from Amma as much as possible.

Good thing about this pickle is that we can use it right away.It doesn't have to be kept under sunlight or for long for that matter.

I do have a kadumanga pickle recipe in my blog already which is like okeey-dokey kinda,tastes good.However,here is my mother's adipoli/awesome Kadumanga achar recipe .I and my cooking can never dare to compete with the master chef,Amma ever ! Amma puli aanu ketta !!😉😋😁🙊

Kadumanga Achar |Cut Mango pickle Kerala style

Raw Mango,sour,medium size - 1 Kilo/4 Nos.
Green Chillies - 10 Nos.

Red chili powder - 3 Tbsp
Fenugreek powder - 1 Tbsp
Turmeric powder - 1/4th Tsp
Asafoetida /Kayam powder - 1 Tsp

Gingelly/Sesame oil - 1/4th cup
Mustard seeds - 1 Tsp
Dry red chillies,broken - 4-5 Nos.
Water - 3 cups (Approx)
Salt as needed
Vinegar - 1/4th Cup (Approx)

Preparation method to make Kadumanga Achar :
  1. Clean the Mangoes well.Wipe them well.
  2. Slice them vertically into 3-4 long pieces .
  3. Then cut each Mango slice vertically into 4-5 long strips and chop them into small cubes.
  4. Repeat with all Mangoes.
  5. Chop the green chillies as well.
  6. Boil water and let it cool off.
  7. Boil vinegar and let it cool off too.
  8. Heat oil in a kadai.Splutter mustard seeds.
  9. Add and saute broken red chillies on low flame.
  10. Add the chopped green chillies and saute on low flame.
  11. Add the chopped Mangoes and saute well for a few minutes until they wilt off slightly ,like the skin turns slightly dark green.
  12. Add all the spices and saute well for two minutes approx.
  13. Add the water covering the Mango pieces and when it starts bubbling around,switch off the flame.Don't let it boil !
  14. Allow this almost ready pickle to cool off a bit .
  15. Then mix the vinegar into it and let the pickle sit for few hours at room temperature so that it thickens up automatically.
  16. That's it Kadumanga Achar is ready !!
  17. Then store them into sterilized jars .
  18. Place the pickle jars in room temperature for 3 days to set and then refrigerate them.
  • Pickle should not come in contact with water or it will spoil.Even while storing in "sterilized jars" ,no water content should be present or while serving,use a dry spoon to scoop out .
  • Sesame oil is the most favorable oil for pickling authentic Kerala style .However,any other oil can be substituted.
  • Use firm and sour Mangoes for pickling this way.
  • This is a pickle without any ginger-garlic addition.
  • If you don't want the pickle to be too spicy,do adjust the green chillies.
OR,You can watch this demo/video  ,how to make kadumanga achar step by step method for more clarity .Hope it will be helpful though it is chitty-chatty :

Complaint Box /Concerned Box?🙊😬
I am so happy that I learned Mango pickle recipe Amma's style finally ! I want to stop buying store-bought pickles as much as possible.Our big boss/Hubby is a huuuuge fan (read:addict) of pickles .Let me know,if there is any pickle eating competition going on ,I bet he will be the ultimate winner for sure.😀😋😐

I always tease him that he should have married a pickle wala's daughter ,which I believe he didn't hear so far .😑😋😃

True but U R overdoing it Honey P !!😠

If I don't dare to stop him,he can finish a can of pickle in no matter of time .My heart sinks every time he eats a lot .If there is pickle at home,he will eat with all meals everyday.It ain't good for anyone's health let alone his .#BeMindfulPls

O My GAWD !!NOW,Don't be a frog !!😋😀
Well,I may pretend it is fine provided he sweats it out in the gym ,which his tight work schedule doesn't allow .It is scary for me .I hate whenever he is careless about his health .That's a strict "No-no" for me ! Nothing will impress me than his good health ever ! Rest/less I can adjust he knows well and whatever I can do for his good health I am willing to do BUT he has to be equally, if not more concerned about it .Period.

One of the reason y I left IT !

Now that no one is there in US to oversee his food and health,I am sure he will be gorging on pickles/unhealthy food,skipping gym and enjoying with his 4 indispensable wives 24/7 - Lappy /Work,Phone,TV and the Google Assistant 😏.Even when I am there in US ,there are days when I literally have to feed him by hand meaning he even skip meals working non-stop.😑#HollyMollyWorkholy-ick

NOW,I am not complaining/whining/playing some gimmick/want some sympathy/attention or drama per se ,I am just very very concerned !!😔 Unfortunately, my blog is my one and only ultimate outlet to vent my heart out.....and just being me..If you don't know me personally well,you may end up judging me .. That's human nature I know....what to do..it is what it is..Goods will be appreciated,concerns may be spilled especially related to health..

Besides,I've pledged to annoy him as long as he is stuck with me in this life ...eeehaaa...

Honey P learn from this santaBanta,these types of JAVA will be always appreciated more!!

How lucky and blessed we are that we can afford all those gym equipment by God's grace and his hard work indeed and I feel it is a shame if we don't use them properly and have a healthy regime .Once in a blue moon he may go for a run..

The only time our big boss worked out seriously in gym was when we were expecting our daughter and not only me,he himself was so proud and happy with the little muscles popping out,tummy tucked naturally,all his sharp features projecting more clearly ,mind fresh,happy mood and most importantly ,most productive as well.Even women were more turning heads towards him and I would tease him non-stop for that and if he listens,he may even blush .

He was so inspired that he promised me that he is gonna make 6 packs next year ,which I had my doubts and he couldn't but that's fine .Just be physically active everyday,that's all I ask for .I don't want any pills/bills at our home,let them stay in pharmacy ! #NoPillsLessBills

Well,atleast pants will sweat!!

Not only him,everyone I know (including me),if are not physically active and careless about their health ,think pills/medicines are magic wands ,it worries me a lot.I truly admire people who are disciplined ,organized and health conscious who appreciate and enjoy life (with little procrastination here and there) .They inspire me ! #HateCouchPotatoes

It's going to be 6 months here in Kerala,longest vacay ever but still I am cringing to go back to US..😋😬(not that I am ungrateful to patidev for tagging me along to US and for all goodies we are blessed with ,Well,phir bhi dil hai Hindustani ..And many reasons like old sick parents here,wanna raise my kids as a pure Indian not too American/westernized etc etc ) but then ,I should and I would've flown back to be with him but don't wanna risk li'l girl's health as of now and thankful to God that he is doing well ,his job is intact and he is busier than ever and is better safe at home there.Till we meet my patiparmeshwar ,renew yourself and miss me madly 😉


Wonder when everything will turn out normal again..At times,I feel like living in a new planet ,kinda zombieland (especially when I watch news) ..Finally,I feel I am ready to sign up and go to Mars #MarsRoverHurryUp...Again not complaining dear God,but still ..being human,sometimes my mood swings badly ...but then I always bounce back by your grace..

CO-RONA,aur math rulana,leave the planet Earth NOW,Expecto Patronnum ! 👼

Having said that,lately I realized that I get depressed especially when my internet is down than the lockdown...So,I AM FINE !! Wishing all too..

Ok ok as if lock down isn't enough to mess your head ,I'll cut the crap and get to the point .Bottom line :Eat healthy,do healthy and be healthy .And when it comes to pickle,remember that ,it is a condiment not a full-on side-dish eating competition.Just remember that (Our Mallu hero,Suresh Gobi sir's style)!😎😉😋😈😁eeeehaaa...

Take Care ,