29 June 2020

DEPRESSION : Symptoms,Causes,treatments and MORE..PART 1

तुम इतना जो मुस्कुरा रहे हो क्या ग़म है जिसको छुपा रहे हो
आँखों में नमी हँसी लबों पर
क्या हाल है क्या दिखा रहे हो
बन जायेंगे ज़हर पीते पीते
ये अश्क़ जो पीते जा रहे हो 
रेखाओं का खेल है मुक़द्दर 
रेखाओं से मात खा रहे हो
क्या ग़म है जिसको छुपा रहे हो....
(Movie:Arth ,Music by: Jagjith Singh & Chitra singh) 
This post is my humble,heartfelt tribute to Sushant,the Bollywood Einstein,silver screen heart throb,exceptional dancer,versatile actor,
humanitarian,the go getter,the architect of his own fortune,with an infectious smile and more.🙏💝
Having said that,I am not a die hard fan of him though he is an actor par excellence.I became fan when I started following him in Insta.
I was touched by the way he would interact with his fans - once he even donated 1 Cr on behalf of his fan to Kerala flood relief fund 
(2018 flood).He used to wish his fans on their b'day AND to make their day extra special ,he used to simply follow them back.😊😍
AND THAT made me his fan , a special kind of admiration!!🙌🙇💟
I am a fan of his journey to Bollywood. 
I am a fan of his ever smiling face,it was so contagious that I would look at his smile and smile like an idiot without even staring.😊 
(Thing is people are forgetting to smile ..So,I truly admire those who do especially when they are in pain))  
Heard/read somewhere,he wanted to quit acting and do farming,that made me his fan. 
I am his fan because his mother's name (which I recently noticed) is in my name and his name as well..heheheee 

I am a fan of his intellectual thoughts regarding science /space which made me scratch my head and wished if only I would've paid 
attention to those Physics class during school days,it would have made sense to me as well.I must say that he and my hubby would 
have got along quite well if they had a conversation somehow.Both are from middle class background,self-made achievers and Geeks..
all about science,space and maths..Just like him hubby also owns a huge telescope to explore the sky more deeply..ALSO,one was and 
one is careless about their health.
I was so intrigued by his passion for science and space etc,that once I asked him in Insta,"What is such a brilliant mind doing in 
this showbiz, you would have otherwise put it into good use ?"
I didn't get a reply to it but saw a post later and not sure if it was a response to my question but if my psychic tuning is right,
he meant to say,"For the love of dancing!".And I had no idea about that then..Also saw a post that showed he used to be a 
backstage dancer initially ..That was quite encouraging ...Felt like he was saying,"Never give up !!"..Wonder if he accidentally 
landed on my blog... 🤔
Besides,he was raised in Purulia,Bihar and myself in Bokaro,Bihar.We were like neighbor next door.So,I felt connected somehow..
That's why I took the liberty and fondly call him just Sushant...
So,from one Bihari/Indian to another ...You were such an inspiration ,the way you ended your story was such a painful jolt ,hurt me a 
lot,broke my spirits...Why did you break my heart,why did you go away ,away.....#BiharKiShaan
I was and still I am in denial when I came to know about his end.I was initially lol'ing when I saw it in a YouTube video,thinking, that
brilliant guy is not gonna do something as such,some cheap people are brewing false stories for sure...I was continuously scrolling news 
after news in YouTube to confirm that it was just another hoax.
BUT what really tore my heart and made my head spin was when I saw his lifeless picture lying on his bed during investigation I believe 
doing rounds in social media by top YouTubers,Instagrammers etc mercilessly.I wonder who is that moron (excuse me!) and what kind of heart
he possess to click his picture in that condition and how did it leak for other's to play around with it and why no one cared to remove it..That
 pic SHATTERED me !!#KalYug
Truth is no one cares a damn regardless.So,the life God gave us,be grateful and accountable,live well and be your own best friend always.Be 
kind/empathetic to others as well.If there are 100 reasons to sigh,hold onto that one reason to be happy,if there is not,make one.Be selfless yet
selfish.Trust in/lean on GOD !! #WhatIbelieveAndRemindMyself
Like whole nation is saying,it feels like a personal loss .Everyday I wish I would get a news that it was just an April/June/nasty lockdown 
special fool kind of joke.Can't believe behind those radiant smiles,were an aching heart and a troubled mind inspite of all the success,name ,
fame and followers..
They say ,it is something called "Depression". 
We have lost quite a lot of unknown and known, like celebrities to it like Robin Williams, Maryln Monroe and many more...
But it's Robin William's and Sushant's death that sunk my heart,compelled me to think hard,know more,share my two cents with others as well 
and so, they are the catalyst to today's topic of my write up .. What is this depression after all? Why is this so dangerous?? How much do we know 
about it? How can we prevent it ? Is it curable ? 
Moreover this COVID lock down is also challenging all the healthy and positive mind  as well .It is a wake up call that mental wellness is a priority 

Not only just recipes,I do write about health related topics .So,doing my bit ,here are the info that I researched ,gathered and wanna share with you all.
Hope it will be helpful and makes sense !!

What is depression ??

As precisely mentioned in psychiatry.org ,"Depression (major depressive disorder) is a common and serious medical illness that negatively 
affects how you feel, the way you think and how you act. Fortunately, it is also treatable. Depression causes feelings of sadness and/or a loss of
interest in activities once enjoyed. It can lead to a variety of emotional and physical problems and can decrease a person’s ability to function at
work and at home."
Reminds me that Hindi song from the movie "Masoom":
तुझसे नाराज़ नहीं ज़िन्दगी ,हैरान हूँ मैं
तेरे मासूम सवालों से,परेशान हूँ मैं 
जीने के लिए सोचा ही नहीं,दर्द संभालने होंगे
मुस्कुराये तो, मुस्कुराने के क़र्ज़ उतारने होंगे
ज़िन्दगी तेरे ग़म ने हमें,रिश्ते नए समझाए............... 
A few people years ago reminds me...

There was a time in my life when I THOUGHT I had depression too ,which I had no clue what exactly it was (had a vague idea)...I had my fair share of health 
issues in the past .It was a long,challenging,tiring,frustrating journey. And if I am ever grateful to anyone who was patient all along in this roller 
coaster journey,it is and will always be my hubby first and foremost (then my parents!) as everyone around me were giving up on me/labeling
me/taunting me/scratching my wounds.Not that I was expecting anything from anyone as they all have their own life and problems as well. 
But you know,if you don't wanna or can help someone,please for God sake don't hurt someone in anyway. No one is immune to problems in life.
What someone is going through now,the others may go through same phase later .So,be kind and have patience with others ! 

Due to my stint with doctors and hospitals , I hate to see anyone in my family especially, simply relying on medicines for some health issues and 
emphasize be physically proactive always.I understand that sometimes we must take medications.However,we should make positive lifestyle changes 
side by side for speedy and healthy recovery as well.These medications have sometimes serious known/unknown side effects.These side effects have 
the potential to mess with the mental peace and clarity and make one vulnerable.
So,health is wealth and should be always a number one priority ! I learned it in a hard way .I still don't trust my body and so I want that, we as parents,
should take care of our health by all means especially for the welfare of our kid/kids.I was very fortunate that all my doctors were fabulous,they used to 
love my attitude somehow and pampered me too.It was only the procedures done at hospital that was nightmarish .I was upbeat nonetheless.
However,I started isolating for my mental peace .I had this so called "Friend",I regarded as my elder sister.I used to share with her most of my 
health concerns.One day she called me and that day I had severe migraine,the side effect of the meds I was on and so was not in a mood to talk 
and she in a mocking way asked me,"Depression aano/In depression?" ...She is a nurse and a nurse is suppose to nurse a wound right ?:D
not make it worse .She or any medical professional knows that depression is not a sad emotion,it is a serious mental illness .I was left speechless
and heartbroken.However,after thinking about it for a while ,it lingered for days in my memory.I wondered if she was right and I started having 
chest pains,sleepless nights,racing thoughts etc .I thought I may get heart attack.So,I consulted my doctor and he did all tests etc and reassured 
me that it was nothing but stress.
I must say that I don't like to talk behind someone's back .If that's how it sounds here/any blog posts ,then I am either joking (sarcastically) or 
making a point that ,"Please don't do what they did or are doing."I've no intention to belittle/insult anyone in anyway. 

People who use other's weakness or pain as a weapon to hurt them intentionally ,often forget that the pain felt by the one who is hurt becomes a 
curse indirectly whatsoever which may haunt the other who caused the pain,it's called Karma.That's why they say,"What goes around,comes around." 

Lesson learnt,make sure you are surrounded by people who give good vibes (it ain't easy!) or have a THICK skin,STRONG heart or better be alone and 
then be your best-est friend .Concentrate on self care and self love .Strive hard to stay positive and face your problems head on.Knowledge is power .
Research and be well informed about your problem.Discuss your problem only with someone you trust completely without any doubt .Don't give a dang 
to negativity/negative people .Neither last nor least,Pray.Pray.PRAY!
Let Go and Let GOD!!
Difference between sadness and depression : 
Depression is ,as a matter of fact ,different than being just sad/grief .As mentioned exactly in heretohelp.bc.ca,"Sadness is a normal reaction 
to a loss, disappointment, problems, or other difficult situations. Feeling sad from time to time is just another part of being human. In these 
cases, feelings of sadness go away quickly and you can go about your daily life."
"Depression on the other hand,is a mental illness not an emotion,that comes up for no reason and impacts life in a big way."

Signs and symptoms of depression are :

(Source : medicalnewstoday.com )
1.Persistent feeling of sadness.
2.Loss of interest in activities once enjoyed.
3.Changes in appetite.
4.Unexpected weight gain or weight loss.
5.Sleeping too much or too little.
6.Fatigue or loss of energy.
7.Feelings of being worthless/hopeless and guilt.
8.Difficulty thinking,concentrating or making decisions.
9.Loss of sexual desire.
10.Agitaion/Irritability,anger,restlessness .
11.Slowed movement and speech. 
12.Unexplained pains and aches.
13.Recurrent thoughts/attempt of suicide/death. 
Psychiatry.org says,"Symptoms must last at least two weeks for a diagnosis of depression."
Did you know? 

(source : Psychiatry.org)

1.Medical conditions like thyroid problems,a brain tumor or a vitamin deficiency can mimic symptoms of depression,so it is important to rule out 
any general medical causes.
2.Depression can strike at any time, but on average, first appears during the late teens to mid-20s.
3.Women are more likely to experience depression than men.
4.It may take time for the medications to work . 

Causes and risk factors of depression :

(Source : Webmd.com)

Do you know,how many types of  depressions are there ?

(Source : webmd.com/)


How is depression diagnosed ? 

(Source :verywellmind.com)

There are lots of online resources like quiz,questionnaires,forums etc to assess depression that may not come from reliable sources.So,it is always 
best to consult a medical/mental health professional for the accurate diagnosis.These professionals use established, research-backed guidelines, 
screening tools,checklists, and other criteria to help them make a diagnosis of depression. 

What are the treatments for depression? 


Just because depression is a serious mental illness doesn't mean it is something to be ashamed of . Just like any other illness ,it should be immediately dealt with an expert medical professional ASAP before it gets worse,beyond repair and recovery.Proper treatment without any delay and following it thoroughly as per doctor's advice is must.What matters is health regardless ,nothing else!No one is immune to this or any other disease per se . (except those with vaccines!)

So,these are some medical aspects of depression.I actually wanted to write about foods that can help to fight depression.However,depression 
is not a simple thing,it is a vast serious topic .So,wanted to learn/gather everything about it as much as possible and then jump to the foods etc that 
we can personally use to fight or overcome depression.It is gonna be a long topic then.So,I am gonna split it into two parts.So,for now this is it.
 Will end this topic for now to this quote :
Stay tuned...
To be continued....
AND take care 💝
P.S. Hope these numbers work.If you or someone you know is actively considering suicide, please contact a suicide prevention hotline immediately.
The privacy/confidentiality is a priority here.Their services are available 24/7. 

In India,AASRA,Mumbai-+91 98204 66726,PARIVARTHAN,Bangalore -+91 76766 02602,SNEHA FOUNDATION,Chennai - 044-24640050,
iCall-+91 22 2552111 and +91 91529 87821,Vandrevala Foundation-+91 730 459 9836, +91 730 459 9837, and 1860 2662 345   

In the U.S. contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 

In Canada contact Crisis Services Canada at 1-833-456-4566 

In the UK contact Samaritans at 116 123

In Australia contact Lifeline at 13 11 14

Please call them if you are in emotional distress and need someone to talk to. 

Lotus blooms in swamps,stars shine in darkness ,likewise,don't give up on yourself.Life is a gift.
Every problem has a solution.Show it how STRONG you are !! You got this and you are enough !!

DISCLAIMER:This article/blog post is for informational purpose only and are not intended to offer any personal medical
advice.Please consult a medical professional for proper guidance and treatment.