12 September 2020

Chemmeen Vada|Prawns Vada|Kerala style shrimp cutlet|Prawn fritters


Chemmeen Vada / ചെമ്മീൻ വട /Prawns cutlet a.k.a. Prawn vada in Malayalam, is a very special spicy tasty seafood appetizer loved by all Malayalis, especially the seafood lovers. Myself, being a huge seafood fan, this prawn cutlet is an edible dream come true. This prawn cutlet can be served as an appetizer or as a side dish with any main meal of the day.


It is amazing how simple things are enough to make this cutlet and it doesn't even need any specific binding agent that is usually required while making other cutlets. To make this prawn vada ,you may need lots of prawns to make at least four or more patties properly.That's why medium to large size prawns are usually preferred to make this prawn cutlet Kerala style.


If you have prawns at home and you have some expected/unexpected guests at home, you can easily cook some prawn cutlets without spending too much time in kitchen and impressing the guests as well with a one of a kind non veg appetizer. These cutlets can be prepared anytime though especially for a change from the usual prawn roasts, prawn fries and shrimp curries . These prawn vadas a.k.a. fritters can make any meal extra special.


Whenever Amma makes these chemmeen vadas,it just lights up my face .Amma says the entire credit for this recipe goes to my grandma/her mother and my grandma was an awesome cook and so are her four daughters but in their own style though.I loved anything my grandma would make, whatever she touched turned just edible beyond words.Amma usually prepares these konju vadas with lunch and dinner and not as a naalu mani palaharam/tea time snack. These prawn fritters would taste good with ketchup I believe.Can't wait to try!


Though I love these prawn cutlets like crazy, I wonder why the heck I never tried to make this prawn vada by myself yet. Probably because my hubby is not a huuge seafood lover like me. However, I can't wait to make these chemmeen vadas for him. He loves spicy foods though and this qualifies/fits the bill !! Hopefully he will like it. Hope my little one will like it now or in the future too.

So, this is how we make spicy Chemmeen vada at home :

Spicy Chemmeen vada|Prawns Cutlets|Prawns Fritters


Prawns/Chemmeen, shelled,deveined 10 to 20 Nos.

Coconut,grated 1/4th cup

Green chilies 4 Nos

Onion, medium size 1/2 No.

Red chili powder 1/2 Tbsp

Coriander powder 1/2 Tbsp

Pepper powder 1/2 Tsp

Turmeric powder 1/4th Tsp

Fennel powder 1/2 Tsp

Salt to taste

Coconut oil  1/4 th Cup

Preparation method to make Chemmeen vadas:

1. Grind everything except coconut and prawns into a smooth paste in a mixer jar or grindstone/Arakallu/AmmiKallu .

2. Then grind coconut into a semi-coarse paste.

3. Finally, grind the prawns, more like in a crushed style. If using a mixer jar, first crush the prawns, making sure it doesn't turn too fine paste and then remove them and grind everything like mentioned in the above steps in the same jar to save any leftover prawn essence.

4. Then take small portions from the mixture ,wet palm slightly ,roll it and flatten them using the fingers in the form of small disc shapes or patties .

5.Heat a pan with oil and shallow fry each pattie one by one until golden brown on both the sides and make sure that the inside is well cooked as well. Make sure to fry them on medium-low flame only and press the pattie to make sure inside is well-cooked.Or deep-fry in more oil .

6. That's it crunchy tasty chemmeen vada are ready to serve.You are welcome!!😉😁


1. This is a spicy chemmeen vada/prawn cutlet.You may adjust the spices and chilies to make it less spicy.

2.Don't grind the prawns into fine paste.

3. I am shallow frying in less oil. You may deep-fry it to make it more crunchy.

4.NO, you don't need any binding agent for this cutlet..yayyyy..but you could try that way for a variety too.

5. You may add curry leaves too. I've omitted as that's how we like to have it. If you have gas issues, you may add little ginger and garlic too, though the taste may differ.

OR, watch this step-by-step prawn recipe video to see how to make the chemmeen vada properly . Hope it helps:

So, if you are a big seafood lover like me, you will enjoy this recipe.


As mentioned in this article :

  1. Prawns are high in protein, low in carbohydrates and contain very little fat. So, good for weight loss.
  2. Prawns are a good source of vitamins, minerals and Omega 3 fatty acids.A rich source of iron too.
  3. A 2015 article in Food Chemistry highlighted the lower levels of heavy metals evident in farm-raised prawns. The authors of the study demonstrated that wild-caught prawns had high levels of cadmium and arsenic, which should be avoided as they're considered possible causes of cancer.
  4. However as per this article, people should not eat prawns and vitamin C/lime/lemon together as prawns contain a high concentration of arsenic compound, which is non-toxic to the human body but the vitamin C can transform it into highly toxic "trivalent arsenic," that is arsenic trioxide, causing acute poisoning even death.


Now that's a bit turn off 😒 but hey, it is good to know and share. Better be safe than sorry. Thing is, it may not be safe to consume prawns on a daily basis probably but once in a while they are good if they are organic and not farm raised mainly. Moreover, nowadays, everything are adulterated ,Shiva Shiva. Knowledge is power here and ignorance is not a bliss. So, its high time being health conscious and cautiously buying,cooking and consuming food items should be a high priority. Health is wealth after all !!!

Please take good care of yourself.

Just a humble reminder :(CNN (<-Click for the link))If people washed their hands regularly, wore masks, and kept their social distance from each other, these three simple behaviors could stop most of the Covid-19 pandemic, even without a vaccine or additional treatments, according to a new study. PLS DO NOT FORGET!!