16 September 2020

Thenga Chammanthi Podi |Roasted Coconut Chutney Powder Kerala style|ചമ്മന്തി പൊടി


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Chammanthi podi is a dry chutney powder/condiment made with shredded coconut, spices, curry leaves and tamarind. The idea behind this simple yet nostalgic edible delicacy/creation is to make a dry chutney powder that has a longer shelf life and can go well with any kind of meal deliciously. 

Well, whoever came up with this amazing podi idea... Hats off !!...This chammanthi podi is my heart stealer, my most favorite edible food I can't have enough of . Who needs rice, idli,dosa,I would simply eat it by itself 😜 .It is spicy,tangy,simply tasty ! I can't stop licking my fingers and sometimes I wonder if I may eat my fingers as well... That much I love them....💓😍


1. Since we used to be in North India for long, and we didn't get free or enough coconut like we are so blessed enough to get in Kerala,Amma hardly prepared them.Chammanthi podi which is a staple in most of the Kerala homes, was prepared once in a blue moon at my home(Govt. quarters) in North India .
Mostly,while travelling from Bokaro to Kerala during summer vacation,it used to take almost three days and if there was one food item that would stay fresh for more than three days ,it used to be this chammanthi podi . Though it has a long shelf life,it would never dare to stay that long in my presence as I would complete it before we reached Kerala..I could hear my amma shouting in the background ,"Don't eat too much at a stretch or you will have stomach ache or loose motion." ...but to no avail...Chammanthi podi was like a powdery snack to me...my edible weakness 💟🙌

Pic credit:Quora Uruli and Ullaka
While going back to Bokaro from Kerala after vacation,I remember my ammama/maternal grandma and/or aunts preparing this chammanth podi traditionally in a special huge mortar and pestle with a tough wooden stick called urali and ullakka.
It used to be an unforgettable lovely sight to watch them pounding this chutney powder traditionally as it looked like an art,a dance of hands ,creating some edible magic tirelessly and all of them happily gossiping simultaneously. Such a humble atmosphere and what a dang whole body workout it was! No gym or personal trainer can dare to compete I feel... Gone are those days ...

 3. During my college days especially when I was doing my Masters in Coimbatore,amma used to pack bottles of chammanthi podi for happily surviving hostel stay - a dash/touch of her food with every boring, tasteless meals served everyday in hostel.It not only used to make my day but my friend's day as well.
One of my close friend ,who used to call me her soulmate/sister,my roommate, one of the loveliest and wisest girl I have ever met in my life ,she used to wait for me in hostel when I used to return from Bokaro after any vacation with open arms and all eyes on my backpack as she knew my amma would have for sure packed packets of chammanthi podi and we used to enjoy it together with lots of gossips and stories.#MissYouSwapu

4.After my marriage, whenever we travel back to US from India,I don't mind forgetting to bring anything else but chammanthi podi.Chammanthi podi is inevitable just like passport 😁. Not only me,my hubby is also a huge fan of chammanthi podi, so there is a clash of the Titans between us...ath shree Mahabharat katha ....and no one wins..it's always a tie... So,it finishes up as fast as a melting ice cream... 



If my hubby is crazy about pickle,then I am crazy about this chammanthi podi 😎.I can finish a small jar/bottle of my mommade chammanthi podi in a day for sure 😋 ...So,if there is a pickle eating competition,do let my hubby know and if there is a chammanthi podi eating competition,do let ME know...No one can beat us respectively...

Chammanthi podi recipe varies from region to region in Kerala. Since it has a long shelf life,is travel friendly,almost every home in Kerala have a story to tell.I've tried many versions of Chammandi podi but it's my mother's that's the bestest for me.


So,let me share with you all our family secret chammandi podi recipe in our own nadan way ...

Chammanthi podi recipe|Roasted Coconut Chutney Powder Kerala style


Coconut large  5 nos.
Red chilies,stem removed 80 Nos

Shallots/kunj ulli 20 Nos.
Curry leaves 10 Nos.
Coriander powder 4 Tbsp

Salt to taste
Tamarind ,lemon ,medium size (Seedless) 1 No.  

Preparation method to make chamandi podi:


  1. Grate the coconut and keep them aside.
  2. Heat a WIDE pan ,add the grated coconut,red chilies and shallots and keep on sauteing on high flame till the moisture evaporates.
  3. Add curry leaves,then keep on sauteing on medium to low flame.
  4. Add coriander powder and keep on sauteing until everything is well roasted and turns brown in color and coconut has a crispy texture to it.
  5. Put the flame off and let it cool down.
  6. Then remove all red chilies and grind it with salt and tamarind and keep them aside.
  7. Then take little portion of the ground powder ,the above (Number six) chili mix and little portion of dry roasted coconut and keep on grinding it batch by batch so that we can get a well combined chammanthi podi.Don't run the jar for tooo long or it may produce oil .It doesn't have to be super fine powdery consistency.
  8. That's it nadan style chammanthi podi is ready !!
  9. Store it in an airtight container.


  • The continuous sautéing / dry roasting coconut until they turn brown and crisp is the key step in preparing this Chammanthi podi. 
  • Whil grinding don't run the mixer jar too long or it may turn oily.

OR,watch this step by step chammanthi podi video.Hope it helps.

If there is one recipe I wanted to learn how to make by all means,then it was my amma's style of Chammandi podi . My love for chammanthi podi is something that is beyond words ....#MyLoveAtFirstTaste #MyForeverEdibleLove ..Do you have any idea how much I love you Chammandi podi ??? You are my Yin to my edible Yang....

I am soo glad I finally learned how to make chammandi podi nadan style .Coincidently,Amma made this chammandi podi for me to take with me to US and this is, for now, my last cooking lesson/session with her in India (looking forward to more ..touchwood!!)...sighhh...and my last blogpost in India...

Every year ,whenever I used to visit India,my acha/father would tell me to learn all cooking recipes from my mother as much as possible but due to lack of time,I would never be able to do so.Anyways,this long vacation I could fulfill my father's wish to an extent.:)


Now,it's TIME...It's time to pack ..it's time to fly ...it's time to say goodbye (India)....with loads of memories and a few lessons... Thanking almighty (and his notorious muse ,Corona) for granting me such a long stay with my parents in my motherland...though had to stay away from my hubby for long too which I believe is God's way of saying," Let the absence make the hearts grow fonder forever." AMEN!!

Also, thanking my hubby for adjusting with my long stay away from him ,tolerating me regardless and putting his health at risk and finally coming to India for us (though in quarantine)..Can't wait to see him....Time to go back to our God gifted, hard-earned nest ...May God bless us always! Amen !!💕

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Dil ke sandookon mein,Mere acche kaam rakhna

Chitthi taaron mein bhi,Mera salaam rakhna................🙏💗

Please take good care of yourself,