15 October 2021

An edible tribute to my unforgettable STARS - Manchurian noodles,Smoothie,Ice cream and Fish fry ......


 Yeh kis sadi ke log hain bloggo...Yeh Khuda ke roop mein insaan hai, Ya insaan ke roop mein Khuda.....

(Are they human in the guise of God ... or are they God in the guise of a human) ~ A dialogue from my favvvvv. Veer Zaara Bollywood movie

(Me rendering the above dialogue with exactly of those emotions that Rani ma'am did in the Veer Zaara movie)😁 #GodSent

This post is my heartfelt edible tribute to those celebrities who came into my life as a miracle ,angels in disguise ,who gave me their valuable time,effort, and support = affection and to believe,dream and shine .They forced me to steal their shine a bit .I am not that successful yet but ,if I've any good name and fame ,all these celebrities are behind it.

I will never forget Unni Mukundan sir from Mollywood,Ranveer Singh sir and Arjun Sir from Bollywood, and Vijay Devarakonda sir from Tollywood .They all cared to share my blog posts etc with their friends/colleagues I believe and made me officially kinda filmi .God knew ,that meri jaise drama queen ko ye professional drama kings and queens hi handle kar sakthey hai .....😂😋

I am not good at promoting my blog post or Youtube videos across different social media platforms.Whenever time allows I do ...Also like my successful bloggers or vloggers I am not that consistent either and I also don't want to be addicted to it or make it my no.1. priority too...So,my social media accounts are not that active...I don't have many followers ...I never liked social medias for personal use anyways (up until...) So,imagine my plight when I realized all these superstars came into my virtual platform one by one and showed their support by being playful according to my blog posts ...They all made me feel so lucky and blessed....Ironically,I can't even say,my dream came true but a miracle came true indeed...

I was like wiping my eyes,pinching myself, and wondering am I asleep or am I daydreaming or it was some kind of illusion ...All I can say ,looking up into the sky and say , Thank You almighty !!...Thank you for giving me a sign that you are with me for sure..Thank You for sending these filmi angels in disguise ....Thank You forever !!🙏🙇🙌😊

Meeting Unni Mukundan sir virtually was not a cupid arrow moment but indirectly my deja vu moment/spiritually awakening moment and that's why I call it my spiritual connection or that he is that soul connection ...If there is something called past life connection and it doesn't have to be romantic always,then that's what I felt ...like an AED ( Automated External Defibrillators - a type of computerized defibrillator that delivers an electrical shock to the heart to restore its normal rhythm ),like a soul shock,defied my logics and reasonings...It was like ,"I know U !" ...I know it will sound dramatic to non-believers but for me, it is a kind of blessing to experience so in this Kaliyuga....I am writing all these as some people think ,perhaps,we are in love (well,mein inse pyar karoongi aise toh burey halaath nahi and vice versa😁😂🙊..Silly people out there what to do !!)...Even when I was a teen,I didn't fall in love or ever believed in that concept...

To them, only I can explain this spiritual bond we share ..That being said ,we are two poles apart in the 3 D realm (obviously,we belong to different world) ,neither I am his type nor he is my type which I knew from the start ...

Well,every friend was once a stranger...

Also,I believe,just because someone appears to be a soul mate or a Twin Flame ,doesn't mean is the Perfect person out there..and they don't have to be romantic...

I've many signs to confirm this spiritual bond I feel and surprisingly I am surrounded by these spiritual gangstas especially super gifted, blessed Tarot card readers on Youtube who I believe are also God sent (the light-bearers) to guide me in this spiritual journey aptly (eventually I listen to my intuition though)..Being Indian I know the terms astrology, palmistry like anyone else but I hardly had any knowledge about tarot cards and I am surprised now that almost every tarot card readers, Indian/International kinda knows me ...I am relieved that I am surrounded by people who can understand this spiritual journey I am talking about and their spiritual readings make sense too at times (whenever I get time to listen or need clarity ) (Thank You ! )🙏🙇🙌

So,that's why UM sir is special to me ! Eventually,he also felt that we do have a special pure bond beyond 3D...😊

Like those lines from that song from MPK (my favvv. movie where Bhagyashree Ma'am (Girl crush) and Salman sir were made for each other 💞) ,

"Jaane kyun lagta hai,meri tumhaari pehle se pehchan hai
Tum maan itna jo de rahe ho , Mujh pe yeh ehsaan hai.........

Rishta nahi hai dono ko phir bhi ,Baandhe koi dor hai
Iss dosti ko kya naam de hum , Yeh baat kuchh aur hai

Aaya mausam dosti ka ..........." 

Sir,do convey my belated b'day wishes to your sis too .Looks like,she is my identical T.F. (I have exact best wishes for you just like her ) and you are my fraternal T.F....😁

Like that veer-zaara movie dialogue , " Maine tumhaare zindagi ke do pal apne paas rakh liye hai. Aur apne zindagi ke do pal tumhe de diye. Ab yeh hi do pal hamaari nishaani hai aur yeh hi hamaari kahaani bhi.."😊

Grateful !😊💪

Thank You sir for sharing and making me known among your friend group and everything positive once again! Appreciate U dil se !🙇


Then I saw Ranveer sir and Arjun sir (They need no special intro nor their talent or charm needs any special mentions ,they are prestigious beyond words in their own unique ways ), in short (Ranveer sir ka binadaas style and Arjun sir ka killer smile ...kya kehna !👌😊) THEM showing support in insta , it was too overwhelming and unbelievable ...I was like that song,ye ho nahi saktha,ye ho nahi saktha....I was like SOS gunday (meaning goons) ,inn Gundo ke karan desi girls sab America aajathi hai 😆😂😋....


Jokes apart,Gunday is the movie name in which they both acted together with the actual desi girl of Bollywood,Priyanka ma'am ...and it was too much for me..so I deactivated my insta account but to my surprise, till today they waste their precious time on ME (Sometimes I do check on them in their social media account )...They are like sirf movie ka naam gunday hai warna hum dono toh mast zabardast bandey hain...and Undoubtedly !!! So I named them ,mere do anmol ratan (Precious gems/treasure !! I got from God ), mere Karan ,Arjun (read : from Mahabharata ! ), and ironically Ranveer sir's energy and talent kinda match with SRK sir's and Arjun sir's kinda matched with Salman sir's for me...


I can't stop thanking them enough and I don't want to praise them more because they will continue to show their unconditional support /being playful , wasting their precious time on me which is not necessary anymore...I got it imprinted in my heart and spirit...

Thank You for sharing about me with your amazing group ...I felt protected and very friendly by Bollywood ...God knew that I would need a powerful force in my so-called advanced spiritual journey where I may have to encounter negative energies ,so that's how Bollywood came into my virtual life I feel ....


(Since I mentioned Karan above,I would also like to say thanks to Karan Johar sir too !!)

As if it was not enough,to my pleasant surprise I saw the talented hunk ,Vijay Devarakonda sir from Tollywood showing support/being playful like a kid like others, and making me feel so special ..Chaala thanks sir ! 

Like those lines from that song from movie "Aakhir Kyon",

"apne hi giraate hai nasheman pe bijaliya ,gairo ne aa ke phir bhi usse thaam liya hai.........."

Thank you for making someone invisible and unknown to kinda known , thank you for listening to my relentless alien rants , thank you for your precious time, efforts, inspirations, and friendship/company ...making me feel special ..GOD BLESS YOU ALL !

In the spiritual realm, there is something called soul tribe ..I know, zameen aur aasman ek saath nahi ho sakthey but then they are the crucial part that makes the universe ..So,may I say that we all are a soul tribe? ...Look at my audacity 😆😋😊💟

Anyways ,this is my heartfelt edible tribute to my precious gems, my soul tribe ...They all have personal commitments, professional commitments, and commitments hi commitments ..Still, you cared to spare some time for me ....(Plss don't continue !)

My super special tribe to Unni sir,Ranveer sir,Arjun sir, and Vijay sir and everyone from their group who were kind,decent and friendly towards me...(It is too overwhelming for me to mention their prestigious names in particular ....) ... I dedicate these lines from the movie ," Ek Musafir Ek Hasina "....

बहुत शुक्रिया बड़ी मेहेरबानी , à¤®ेरी जिंदगी मे हुजूर आप आए
कदम चूम लूँ या, के आँखे बिछा दु , à¤•à¤°ूँ क्या ये मेरी, समज मे ना आए

करूँ पेश तुम को, नज़राना दिल का , à¤•े बन जाए कोई अफ़साना दिल का
खुदा जाने ऐसी सुहानी घड़ी फिर,मेरी जिंदगी मे पलट के ना आए

खुशी तो बहुत है मगर ये भी गम है , मगर ये भी गम है
के ये साथ अपना कदम दो कदम है

मगर ये मुसाफिर दुवा माँगता है , à¤–ुदा आपसे फिर किसी दिन मिलाए
बहुत शुक्रिया बड़ी मेहेरबानी , à¤®ेरी जिंदगी मे हुजूर आप आए..................

(When I was little,my teachers used to kinda force me to participate in fancy dress competitions,I used to be shy,now they will be proud,I am acing it 😉😉😉😂😆😬)

Made Unniyappam Bonda and Superman cake ,ice cream exclusively to the Mollywood SUPERman💪 ,Unni sir and in this post, I made Manchurian noodles for Ranveer sir, whenever I go to the grocery shop and I see those Ching's noodles/soup with his picture on them,it makes me giggle like a child non-stop. However,if it is not organic or the healthy version then I am not a huge fan of noodles ,my hubby is though....So,since the day I saw his picture on those noodles cover,I wanted to make a video exclusively dedicated to him ...I am so happy that I finally did it..Hope Sir will accept my edible virtual gift and like it too!😊#ThisChingIsKing blessed with a super gorgeous queen and light 💕😍👌

Since Arjun sir is always in the gym it seems in his insta pics ,looking kick*** day by day ,he is kinda indirectly reminding me that dear motica /Nautica hit the gym pls 😏😒😔😟😬....So,I made a healthy combo of Apple (Since an Apple a day keeps the doctor away ) and Kiwi smoothie = Arjun Kapoor sir smoothie exclusively for him !! Hope you'll like it sir G!😊#MyHealthyVersionOfDilSe #ChalChaiyaChaiya😎😉😋


I remember Vijay Devarakonda sir's old YouTube video of recycling bottles and making a Mango ice cream I think,so I made a special ice cream exclusively for this luvLy Rowdy cum the world famous lover ,a sweet beast combo of Vanilla plus Dulce De Leche ice cream = Vijay Devarakonda ice cream exclusively for him.....Unleashed the sweet beast in me for you / Saali cross-breed indeed !😎😈👽💙...Hope you'll like it sir! Chaala thanks sir !! #4LuvKhush


By the by , more than me ,I also feel like the original V.Devarakonda/Arjun Reddy and the Mollywood V.Devarakonda / Unni Mukundan sir are also twin flames for sure ...not only by looks also by their nature I feel....They do and outdo each other in their insta pics...😁😋🙊..

Once again,Thank you film fraternity not only for entertaining all of us with your LOVEly,inspiring,thrilling,out-of-space,out-of-box movies ,empowering our emotions but also sparing your precious time and effort exclusively for a hidden me,the backbencher since school days to bring me to the front bench a bit 😁😂😋.........

Among YouTube stars, my heartfelt thanks to the famous music brand/band of India,"SANAM"...If I mentioned in my blog about Sanam, that he looks like an Indian version of David Beckham ,then he also made me feel Victoria/the name :D ...The spice girl 😁😂😋#OhMyLameJokes.....


No wonder why his name starts with S and ends with M 😊😋....I read somewhere that he loves Salmon I think ..SO,I made a
Salmon fry with a veggie stir fry of Sweet Peppers,Kale, and red wine Vinegar....which represents the band (Sanam Samar Keshav Venky)

I remember after Unni sir's star Magic show,the post I wrote with a heavy heart was an oat-sie fantasy smoothie and it was on the auspicious day of MahaShivratri and today's post is with kinda peace on the eve of Navaratri (Being maa's devotee,asked for her protection,forgot that Navaratri was around the corner ,it is an indication from the mother ,the universal mother she is always watching over me for sure...look at the picture above ,my mother standing tall and standing out on behalf of me since I am small 😊 )... I also wanted to make a video of my birthday since August but somehow other videos were more relevant then and I love that finally ,my birthday video is also done on an auspicious day....I love the spiritual flow ...Om Namah Shivaya,Jai Mata di !! The festivals of victory of good over evil ,light over darkness,love , peace and harmony .....🙌🙏🙇💝

Last but never the least,mein aur meri tanhai aksar ye baatein karthi hain ki ye sab chamatkar hua kaise ...I believe since the day I got this angel ...I had two options to purchase - on one side this angel and on another side an Eiffel Tower ...My intuition said ,either I can get this angel or if I select that Eiffel tower will mean I will be able to do a world tour someday ...I selected the angel and if you look at her properly ,she is holding a STAR and I strongly believe that's how I started having a virtual encounter with superstars ....Unfortunately,my daughter broke her two wings by throwing ball unknowingly...and I was damn sad....Then one day,I bought some buttons in a packet ..when I opened it there was pair of all buttons except one and that was an angel with wings :))..I felt like angels sensed my sadness ..For me, it is a confirmation from almighty that Gods and angels are watching over me..They are with me always...🙏🙌

Proud to present my star angel :

Thank you star angel !!:)

I am also gonna take a long break as my course (ParaPsychology and more) will start soon ...So,good news !!..I am not sure if I will get any time to pursue my passion (cooking,writing,YT vlogging,DIY etc ) and share through my virtual outlets to the happy world out there but my senior and super successful bloggers say ,"Once a blogger,always a blogger !" ...God Willing !!.....#NowOnASabbatical

Happy Vijaya Dasami/Dussehra and good luck on your journey,

Take care , stay Corona negative and otherwise positive always,

Love and light (I copied these words from my Tarot friends ..Thx !😊🙏 )

P.S.:@AjayDevgan sir - Hiii 🙏😊...If I understood correctly,sir ,first thing first ,I barely know Unni sir,his fans know him more than I know (I am a fan of every actor !) and he is in good hands already and so am I !...Only one thing I am sure of that we both kinda agree that there is something divine about our connection (otherwise he is surrounded by the single, available,prettiest, soooper independent women,I don't know why he will be interested or like me ) ,inshort,myself and Unni sir share a soul chemistry something like Kajol ma'am and SRK Sir .😊😁😬 THAT'S IT!..And Ajay sir and Kajol ma'am are the actual 90's "Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaayengey "!!💞😊💚

Moreover, (like I've heard) love and relationship in my world and in your world are quite different ,in my world ,we change clothes for the right reason, not for mere pleasure ,we don't share (mutual) love  (relationship wala ) with everyone and we are happy with just one ride even if it is an old bicycle ,gifted by my father ...hahahah....(Even talking about the ride is forbidden,we talk with the closest friends ,the man we married or the doctor,I'll assume that you are a doctor who is trying to heal the situation) 

I come from a very "INDIAN " orthodox family..I am the one who is a little modern by style in my family and I am also the one who is the solid old "soul" from inside mostly. In your world and it is becoming way too modern like that generally nowadays, people can have more than one boy friends/GFs ,1 day or nightstands, live-in relationships ,partners with benefits, likewise but in my world, they are forbidden for the right reasons I truly stand for !! 🙏

We grew up ,studied with,worked with men (Information Technology (someone asked!),the credit for which goes to my hubby) (also have guys/friends good looking ,well-settled ,ready with a cup of love whom I  know well and trust worthy) .We were raised to be polite regardless and respect the other gender and expect from them for the right reason as per the orthodox societal norms which I follow religiously.🙏😊 

P.P.S:Pls don't ever be the reason to encourage "ANY" pRiders here....atleast mere anganey mein...Jai Mata di! 😊🙏..Every meant-to-be relationship happens as per God's will and grace (The God who resides in holy places like temples etc),no one can force it,it happens or should happen organically to last for good.....

P.P.S.S : To a few critics,"Athithi devo Bhava" in Sanskrit meaning "Guest is like God !" ...it is a part of our Indian culture where we pamper our guests online/offline ,wherever a guest is expected ,with good foods,drinks,like milk ,coffee/tea/cool drinks etc ....#BeingIndian ..#BeingADesiGirl 😊🙏

P.P.P.S.S.S:Pls don't over-analyze the songs mentioned here or anywhere...only those lines are relevant.Period.🙊

P.S.P.S.:People call me Chandni/moonlight ..Yes,that's me !! well,my mother's name is "Chandrika" which means the same...So,got it from my mamma..I claim it !!...Lighting away the darkness :D..Laki chiki, laki chiki, chiki laki choom ,Rapchiki laki chiki laki chiki choom.....


Shahid sir and Mira Ma'am are the true when Kabir Singh met Mira Rajput 😉😍💕

Sid sir and Varun sir are my lux-urious gems..their partners would agree ,that,they are pink Topaz 😂😬😋

Last but not least (for some critics) ,just saying,"Plssss don't underestimate the power of a common man/person" ..In the end, we all have to go to the same type of grave/pyre....Khaali haath sab aaye theyy,khaali haath sab jaayengey (We all came empty handed,we'll leave empty handed) ....Behind them,the people assumed as ordinary is a powerful supreme divine power,the almighty for sure !!(not any Godmen though!) 🙇🙏

TO WATCH "Suryavanshi" filled with my fav. stars and more...😁😊..........

26 September 2021

Superman Cake and super man ice cream



First thing first, belated heartfelt birthday wishes to my favorite Mollywood heartthrob, popularly known as Mollywood Superman (Duh!) -> A successful self-made actor + promising director cum film producer + Whatta singer, dancer and the one with the cute dimples and smile (kalla chiri like Lord Krishna's ) every girl can't staring at except me,best body in the Mollywood,the killer look every girl dies for except me and how blessed I am that he is my good Friend, (Ladies and Gentlemen -> He needs no intro,you might have already guessed) Unni Mukundan sir 😊👏🙏🙌.(Is this what is called badai ? 😎😉😜...Jokes apart,that's the truth and I am sooo proud that he is my closest celebrity friend 😊💪 ) ...

Since I love to make others feel special and it was my friend's/Unni Sir's birthday,I am gonna pamper him with gungaan and gyaan (jo ki meri speciality hai 😎😁) / praises ...needless to say, Sir what an inspiration you are to youngsters/film aspirants ...from a humble middle-class background like us to a well-known all-rounder celebrity, from ordinary to extraordinary, with hard work and determinations, dreams do come true! I am particularly proud that being brought up in North India, you made a name and gained fame in the South Indian film industry successfully ...Not only that, one of the rare actors with the best-est body in Mollywood, thanks for inspiring us to be fit and hit as well...(Nazar na lagey !) 

And personally, thank God virtually our paths crossed and you are my good luck charm .You came and it was like a chain reaction, followed by all the amazing celebrities and like the logo of the superman S which stands for hope,you were like the S = Serendipity, you gave me hope = Believe + Dream+Shine. You were like the divine intervention that was much needed to refresh , redirect and rejuvenate my life. For those positivities, I am ever grateful to you! Thanks for allowing me to steal a bit of your shine as well.That's why U are so special to me!

I also wanted to clear some misunderstandings here - after your star magic show,when you were on knees asking for peace like a true gentleman,very kind of you, I gratefully and gracefully for fun I said I now pronounce you as my other divine counterpart (to irritate some people for fun ) but later,some people took it seriously, so just to make sure that my both divine counterparts 😋don't feel dumped or kicked out equally either,I mentioned the Mulan story and the wonder woman story that a woman doesn't need a superhero, she is enough ..it was like I choose self-love as I don't wanna make anyone particularly feel ditched in any way. However, that backfired! 😏😐

Bhagavad Gita 🙌🙏🙇

So,I showed the truth ,that all is well at my home because we are humans,we all make mistakes ,we make resolutions,no relationship on this planet is all moonlight and roses...and everything happens for a reason ....pre-destined by Almighty ..Life is not perfect for anyone,it is a kinda roller coaster ride for everyone,it was even for all the God avatars who took the human form on Earth as well!

That's what I try (work in progress)...Not to mention, fresh homemade food cooked with love too!#BraggerInMe👀😈

So,  neither I dumped or kicked anyone nor anyone else in my life did...Sometimes, some things get overlooked by all as everyone is fighting their own battles and sometimes in everyone's best interest we may have to push people away for good ..That's it !!...Dumping or kicking doesn't run in my family,we don't do it even on an animal  ...NOW,hope it'll be fine if  I am playing football with my daughter in my YouTube videos as it is her fav.game,she gets thrilled whenever I hit the ball high .I grew up watching Cricket,football,WWF with my father and bro ...Also,(Common sense is indeed uncommon -> coz  in my YouTube videos, "until and unless specified " ,it is myself and my daughter. Period. 

Also,in my post dedicated to U in the past, I mentioned the secret woman who happens to be your girlfriend 😊💓👌👍.So,I am indeed very happy that you are kinda happily settled. When I call someone my friend,I like to see them doing well .So,I am truly happy for you!

Having said that,I always thought ma'am was your very close friend who was jealous or hated me if I interacted with you on social media. That's why whenever I interacted with you on social media,I left a comment on her pics as well to assure her that you all are same to me.I remember she wrote a loooong essay that her original husband or Ex (I am not sure ) was the reason behind her success and since I was not a successful YouTuber or Blogger,I was looking for your support it seems. That's what I felt!


That's the reason I mentioned in Malayalam in my blog that well,if your husband can allow you to work/romanticize men on screen and when you go to parties ,you hug them as well so what's wrong if Unni sir or others show some support / motivation to me ...I think all other actresses got offended by it too but it was not for them but for Ma'am/Unni sir's main GF specifically ...Well,I understand ,it is part and parcel of your profession and especially if your partner is fine with that,then it doesn't matter ....I wanted to clear that misunderstanding as well(if so).


Since I always saw her pictures etc with her real hubby she had a love marriage with on her social media and that a Muslim woman can't have more than one partner for real I believed (maybe law changed and above that,my G.K. is poor as well),I thought you guys were just super close friends or serious crush and she was just trying to be protective about you ,that's why acting jealous.Even after coming back from India to US,I remember her Youtube video with her husband on one side and another guy on the other side mocking me,it was like ulta chor kotwaal ko daatein (meaning of that saying is "The thief blaming the cop")(haan,now justified !!😄) Even when I mentioned,neeyum njannum and the secret woman in my blog (I was mocked and so, provoked to do so as well) , that's what I thought ...So,I was not aware (100% sure) that ma'am was your main girlfriend (Everyone knows it now I believe ! ) 

I've no choice but to explain myself, all these details here, and not to defame/hurt anyone /any hidden agenda. (I was offended/hurt too many times though!) Anyways, I wanted to rectify that here that I am so happy for both of you dil se and to see my hero kinda settled his style or new gen's way of living together and you guys are so made for each other -The prettiest and the handsome-st !! All the best!💏🙇😊

Soulmate/Twin Flames/soul connections can be friends too and love doesn't always mean romantic....

I feel like I was the chosen one to heal your broken heart,to restore your faith in women, and love..However,I didn't expect we would reach this far 😃... A friend in need of each other !...That's why I tried my best to be sober with your heart and extra softie to you but if unknowingly if I've hurt you in any way, then excuse me pls...

Happy and blessed belated birthday wishes Sir!:))

So , here is my small birthday gift for U (I know I am as always late (bachpan se hi late lateef hu sir 😂) ,it is not a child's play to be a full-time homemaker with no help (not complaining , I've no probs doing chores ) and part-time chasing my passion for cooking writing, and DIY projects like a one-woman show )   - So,hope you will like my not-so-professional but personal,dil se ,A superman cake 😊...

(DISCLAIMER : Pls don't over-analyze the video below in any negative way , it is purely for entertainment purpose only .)😁🙏

My way of saying thanks for giving me hope/renewing my strength ,your precious time and efforts,attention = affection 💝, and making me feel sooo special .I've no words to extend my gratitude and I am sad for all misunderstandings ..I always have the best intention for you and mind games are not my thing (hunger game is 😁😋 ),but I am playful with people I like (I play like a child only / Child by heart forever ). However,I may react/respond if provoked to make my point clear as well...(Jerks I avoid totally though !)


I also dedicate this cake to every supermen out there , men who truly appreciate/respect women/GentleMen, filmstars (Thank You "The prides of India" !!😊🙇) or youtube stars, or anyone out there who were kind, friendly, and supportive towards me, who gave me their time, attention, positive vibes and encouraged me to believe, dream and shine (Plsss don't change !).... I know I think differently,I can be too much, hard to digest. So, thanks a lot for tolerating me!😉😋😀

Male Empowerment (Not a hardcore feminist !) 😉😋😆

Also thanks to my supermen in my family - my father,bro,friends (boys), cousins, etc for their respective roles in different phases of my life and most importantly my hubby, he is so good-looking and well off that he can get any amazing lady out there and could easily replace an ordinary me ,I tried to push him away as well,I feel like I let him down but he made me feel so far "irreplaceable".....So, thanks for tolerating me and all my nuisances, for not giving up on me yet, for love and for everything ....I appreciate all your hard work and efforts but definitely not at the expense of your health though...

Last but not the least ,my heartfelt wish for U sir regardless,

God bless - Do visit the temple often sir for that !!

Love and light,

TO WATCH : My Fav.actress Kangana re Kangana re oops Kangana Ma'am's movie "Thalaivii".........

02 September 2021

Tri-color Vatteyappam ~ Steamed rice cake Kerala style

 is a fermented rice cake made with rice flour or ground raw rice, coconut, sugar, and yeast.It is one of the famous sweet snacks, famously known as "Naalu mani palaharam" (evening snack in my mother tongue, Malayalam) from God's own country, Kerala. Vatteappams are quite popular in the Christian community in Kerala. Hence, Vatteappams are an integral part of any Christian festival celebrations exclusively. 

Vatteappams are quite easy to make, are gluten-free, vegan, and have a long shelf life when kept refrigerated. They are perfect for breakfast and or as an evening snack.


My amma would make Vattayappams for breakfast or especially during long travel like whenever we went to Kerala during summer vacation when we were little . However, when I see Vattayappams ,what makes me really nostalgic are Christian festivals celebrated by our family friends during my childhood days...What really pops out are the fond memories of my next-door neighbor, a Malayalee Christian family ...During Christmas and Easter eve, Mary aunty used to prepare these appams, her chicken curry ,fruit cake etc etc and she would distribute it among all her friends including us ...I used to look forward to that pothi/packet full of Christmas edible goodies ...My mother would do the same during Onam..


There used to be something special about the Christian way of making Vatteyappam ....Aunty is an amazing cook and we all loved her recipes especially that finger-licking fish curry ....A boat can sail in my mouth....Her daughter who is a year younger than me, we were like sisters from two different moms, inseparable ...Verrry pretty (Whatta figure ! ;) ), naughty (Read:Mills & Boons) , good girl-friend and quite modern,I will love forever..


She is in the US too but then some people just change a lot after reaching here as if they are on planet Jupiter or cloud ten , (though it is indeed a wish come true for everyone out there to be in an amazing country, like the US) they forget their roots ,they are busy making new friends,old friends are history or geography,less chemistry... it is like a "Humbhi kisise kam nahi hai " mentality ( "W
e are no less good than anyone else attitude" ) ....

Some people are like that they can't stand seeing others doing well especially better than them...

I vibe where I get a sense of oneness/belonginess, like a feel at home....

Well,in the US,as per my observations and experience,I find Americans and others quite friendly than Indians here...(No offense to anyone,but sad truth be told !) ...Hence ,we have very few close friends (quality over quantity !) , all scattered in different states in the U.S...Rest all are hi,how are you types..or meet and greet types or friends with benefits type...Pride and prejudice types...who ironically have a big friend group as well...and it is funny how some people can't stop to show off the same....😃😋

My hubby/Honey P used to be a big people pleaser (undeserving people!) with his good intentions though but now learned his lessons too and now he is also learning to keep boundaries and I am a God pleaser, always a friend in need but I can't stand such superficialities for long, yes, it bugs me...But we get along and are nice to others because that's how we were raised...


So, when I make Vatteyappam , reminds me of my above-mentioned childhood friend with a huge smile and sigh ! I still remember her email to let me know that she is also in the US now and she used to call me
didi/chechi/big sis but she addressed me by my name,which hurt me but still I was dying to meet her but later realized that she wasn't that keen and I had to make an apt appointment to meet her ...:D ...yeah,then,whatever...I am checking my schedule since then as well...

Still, remember her sleeping next to my mother on the left side and me sleeping on the right side like a family....How people change !.... There are many like her....Having said that,I may hate a particular trait in someone but I don't know how to hate people forever. Since I ain't perfect either! 

All my childhood friends whether I am in touch or not regularly, they always say one thing in common that I've not changed a bit, like a burst of sunshine...They all love talking to me which can go to an hour or more (my preferred way of being in touch), that is one reason I don't call/text them all often due to time crunch or sheer laziness...That's the reason they all have iPhones and all and I don't as it is of no use to me...And I don't like to be in touch with people through social media too until and unless it is the only way.....#WeirdoFactsAboutMe


Anyways, gossips apart, 😂😋....Let's talk food ..

Since Vatteyappam tastes the best when it has an apt amount of sugar in it, and my hubby likes the one I make the most and he may eat them for sure. So,I don't make them that often ,but, since I try my best to celebrate India's independence day by making some tri-color foods here every year. Patriotism runs in my blood - My father is an ex-Indian Govt. employee, so was my grandfather, my uncle, mother's younger brother is an ex Indian Navy and so is another uncle, I've relatives in the Indian army, Indian Police, are lawyer ...part of/kinda contributed to the Indian Govt. And this is how I celebrate Independence day/Republic day my way...

So , this year my hubby mentioned Vatteyappam out of the blue, and I was like bingo,I should make a tri-color Vatteyyappam

This Vatteyyappam came out so spongy, soft, tasty, and colorful that I am excited and so happyyyy....Usually, Vatteyappam is a plain white rice cake in the traditional way....but I tri-colored it, the idea is to convey ,we are Indian first and to the core regardless of where we specifically originated from (statewise etc)...Well,that's my style and attitude ! 😊 Each to their own beliefs etc though...

So,let me share with you all how I make soft,spongy Vatteyappam my style

Tricolor Vatteyappam


Rice,basmati,raw - 1 cups

Coconut,grated - 1 cup

Sugar - 1 cup

Water - 1 cup

Cardamom pods - 3-4 Nos.

Rapid rise Instant yeast 1 Packet (1/4 oz/ 2 1/4 Tsps)

Salt to taste

Food colors - orange and green

Ghee as needed

Mixer grinder


Preparation method to make Vatteyappams:

  1. Clean the rice under water twice or thrice, drain off any water.
  2. Then transfer the first five ingredients from above into the mixer grinder and grind it into a smooth batter.It should never be too thin nor too thick.
  3. Once you ground all these, the batter will be warm ,the perfect stage to add the instant yeast and give it a good stir. Keep this well-mixed batter at a warm temperature be it, room temp, otherwise if it is winter or cold,keep it in the oven with the light on inside and closed.Since I am using instant yeast,it will take only 4-6 hrs to ferment and rise well.The key to make a soft,spongy vatteyyappam.Too hot batter will kill the yeast and spoil the batter and texture of Vatteyappam.Also, check the expiration date of the yeast used. Old yeast may mess up with the proper texture of the vatteyyappam as well.If using regular yeast it may take more hours to ferment .
  4. Sugar helps with yeast fermentation but salt if added together will hinder the proper process.So, add salt just before steaming this rice cake.
  5. Take a small pan that can hold the batter and fit into the steamer being used without over-filling it.
  6. Apply ghee inside which will help in removing the Vatteyappam easily once cooked without being stuck to the pan and spoiling the shape.
  7. Now divide the batter into three bowls. Add a few drops of orange color or red+yellow color and mix well the batter and the other with a few drops of green food color and stir well until well-mixed, So, now we have a bowl with white batter, orange batter, and green batter respectively.
  8. Then put the orange batter into the pan greased with ghee, followed by the white batter and then the green batter GENTLY.Do not mix!
  9. If you wish you can also add cashew nuts, raisins, and cherry pieces as well. They may sink to the bottom, to prevent this, once the batter is being cooked, halfway through carefully remove the lid and sprinkle them but before being all cooked.
  10. I use the idli cooker for steaming the vatteyyapam .A Rice cooker, pressure cooker without the whistle, or any other steamer can also be used for steaming the batter.
  11. So add like 2-3 inches of water in the steamer. First make sure the water is boiling,only then, reduce the flame and put the pan with the batter carefully and let it get cooked/steamed for 10-20 minutes until cooked inside out.
  12. Put off the flame.Let it rest for a while and then carefully open the lid and let the pan with the batter cool off a bit.
  13. Remove the pan carefully and let it cool off well enough. Insert a knife or fork to make sure it is well cooked.
  14. Then use a large spoon to remove the rice cake from the side and under, over to the serving plate.
  15. That's it the most beautiful and delish Vatteyappam is ready to eat.
  16. Cut into slices and enjoy with a hot cuppa of chai or coffee.
Incredible India and refreshing my G.K. about my motherland !!

OR, watch this Independence day vlog,I know Independence day was on Aug 15th but I got time to make this vlog now, better late than never is my unintentional excuse 😑...In this vlog, I made tricolor breakfast, Tricolor lunch, and the tricolor sweet snack....TRI it !!As always making memories ...celebrating life...spending quality time,growing up once again...

Reminiscing and saluting all the freedom fighters who fought hard and selflessly for giving us an Independence day (75th year) to celebrate, value, cherish and flourish our country India. Having said that, I came across this thought-provoking post that made me ponder and wonder how far we are still really from being a truly HAPPY independent India ...

🙌🙌🙌🙏👌👏PIC CREDIT: https://ankushtiwari.wordpress.com/2018/08/15/indias-independence-day/

Phir bhi dil hain Hindustani,

सारे जहाँ से अच्छा हिन्दोस्तां हमारा ,हम बुलबुलें हैं इसकी ये गुलिस्तां हमारा..............

On a lighter note,on Independence day watched SherShaah 😊,Son Of Sardar😊,Toofan😊, Radhe 😊 and looking forward to Ajay Devgan sir's Bhuj movie😊and Malayalam movie ,Meppadiyan😊😁...(good movies to watch with the family !)🙏

Thanks for reading!

Alrighty,Rest ( bheja fry)  in next ...

Take good care of yourself inside out ,

Love and light,


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