09 September 2019

Shahi Modak recipe | Shahi Ukadiche modak | How to make modak without mould and steamer


Modak/मोदक is a popular Indian sweet/snack ,a sweet steamed stuffed dumpling made in different parts of India . It is called Kozhukatta in Malayalam,Kozhukattai/Modhakam in Tamil,kudumu in Telugu,modhaka in Kannada and modak in Marathi,Gujarathi and Konkani languages (of India) .

Modak is usually served as a breakfast item or as a snack and most popularly as an offering to God on festival especially on Ganesh Chathurthi ,the birthday of Lord Ganesha .Modak / Ukadiche modak is considered to be the most favourite sweet of Hindu God,Lord Ganesha .


Interestingly,Wikipedia says,even in Japan,a sweet similar to Modak known as Kangidan ,a fried dumpling made of curd,honey and red bean paste is offered to God Kangiten ,the Japanese version of Lord Ganesha . Indian Modak is usually made with rice flour,coconut and jaggery filling  and steamed.Nowadays there are varieties of Modaks available .

So,this Ganesh Chathurthi ,I made these Modaks in a pan without any modak mould and used a fish fork to decorate it.


I am posting it late as I don't get much time to do things that I love to do for myself like blogging,vlogging etc or any celebration full on as I used to, as my toddler is my first priority and she is handSful .They are mere adjustments - late night or early morning or whenever my baby is sleeping or really busy playing .So, whatever time I get ,I am trying to utilize to do something for my sanity (yeah,sometimes life becomes monotonous,so to refresh and revive) without compromising my family or other responsibilities..It ain't easy but it is fun.:)….


After my baby was born till she turned 1 ,we hardly celebrated any festival properly. We were celebrating her every day .However,being away from India ,it is also very very important for me to follow our traditions ,celebrate every festival as much as possible especially for the sake of my daughter .So,now that she is 2 years old,I try my best to celebrate every occasion as much as possible to instill those traditions, making memories for her to cherish always even if it's just us …


During any festival,till the moment I complete my puja or any rituals ,I am actually doubtful if I'll be able to celebrate the occasion or not.I surprise myself when I do something on time nowadays ..


So,over to the Modak recipe …..


Makes 8 


For making Dough
Rice Flour - 1 cup
Water -  1/2 cup
Milk - 1 cup
Salt to taste
Ghee - 1 Tsp

For making filling

Cashewnuts - 1/4 cup
Almonds - 1/4 cup
Jaggery Powder - 1/2 cup
Coconut,grated - 1/2 cup 
Dates,chopped -2-3 nos,
Raisins - a few

For making modak :

A steel plate
A wide pan
Steaming plate
Lid with hole
Water as needed

How to prepare modak :    

1.Crush the dry fruits (cashews,almonds) and mix with jaggery,coconut,dates,raisin.This is my Shahi filling.
2.Heat water,salt,ghee and milk in a sauce pan and let it come to a boiling point.
3.Add rice powder,stir until all liquid evaporates .
4.Let it cool a bit .
5.Knead the mixture into a dough.
6.Make balls out of dough ,flatten it,fill the center with filling and seal it with water.
7.Then as shown in the video below,shape it into a Modak.
8.Then gently press the sides with fork to beautify it.
9.Make Modaks similarly from the dough and place them on a steel plate.
10.Heat a pan with water and put steaming plate and the plate with modak .
11.Cover with a lid and steam it for a few minutes.
12.That's it my Shahi modak made without a steamer and mould is ready.

Modak making video in Hindi with Eng subtitles ,will show in detail how to make modak without mould and any special steamer in a shahi way :

This Modak is super healthy .It can be served as a healthy breakfast and snack as well.

A healthy sweet like my Shahi Modakam always makes me happy  !