30 March 2016


3 minutes coconut Burfi|Coconut fudge recipe


 Festivals are so sweet ~ My brain (Read :Pre-loaded with memories to relish forever )..In Deep Thought
Fesitvals needs sweets ~ My heart and my tummy ...Nodding Yes
Festivals should ban sweets ~ My weight gaining body .... Smiley Says No

This is what happens at every festival ! SIGH!! A battle nothing less than a Mahabharata or Ramayana (Good Vs Evil) goes on in my body,tip to toe...Eventually,after lots of rustles and hustles ,my brain,my heart and my tummy realize that they belong to the same human balloon,Me..

As they say,"United we stand,divided we fall".SO,they eventually come together and take an unanimous decision,that since it is festival,this swollen body is allowed to have it only for this day ,after that abstain even the thought of any sweets till another festival.My body humbly bows down to this decision ,puffing up not much and agreeing to torture the treadmill later for sure...


So,this Holi,I made a special coconut Burfi .My hubby named it "Manju's special coconut Burfi " ,first thing first, the recipe is developed by me (where is my collar?) and he says, the name he gave, totally justifies this burfi ..Well,what can I say..our family members loves to nick name everything ....we are multi-talented that way....But this one made me blush too ... I'm blushing

This coconut Burfi just needs four ingredients and only 3 minutes in microwave .I mean, sweets are irresistible ,who wants to cook it forever..Not me! ...Unless there is no other option left and I've to...So,you see, lazy me would torture her microwave to help her to make quick desserts to satisfy her cravings ASAP...So,please watch my video that will show you how to make a unique Coconut Burfi recipe or Coconut fudge recipe in just 3 minutes ....

A sweet full of colors ..what else would have justified Holi and me ? That's the specialty of this coconut burfi :D...

How sweet !..Very...