25 July 2018

Himalayan Pink salt - the healthy salt for making homemade foods for baby


As a mother,we want to give our child not only the nutritious food but also a delicious one as much as possible .When it comes to a baby,like I mentioned in my previous posts there are foods that must be avoided and one among them is salt.Now we as an adult can't even imagine eating our food without salt.Salt makes food more tasty and flavorful.Then ,while making homemade baby food ,how can we avoid this main ingredient - the salt and give the baby a bland food .Are you one of those mom ? Well, I am !!

I remember ,my mother told me to avoid salt or perhaps she feared I may add it somehow,so advised me to add juuust a pinch of salt if I wish .So, as always I was doing my online research - why we should avoid adding salt to homemade baby food and came to know since baby's taste bud is still developing, it really doesn't matter whether we add salt or not and also about the ill effects of the refined salt/table salt and then also bumped into an alternative miracle healthy salt ,the Himalayan Pink Salt .

I must say the Himalayan pink salt did stole my heart ! Wanna know why ? Here we go -

What is Himalayan Pink salt ?

Himalayan pink salt is one of the most beneficial and purest form of salt available in our planet .Himalayan pink salt got its beautiful natural pink tone because of its higher iron content plus other 84 trace minerals like calcium,magnesium,copper,potassium etc to name a few,making it one of the most healthy and sought after salt .

Himalayan Pink salt is hand mined in one of the oldest mine,the Khewra mine in Punjab,Pakistan ,situated in the foothills of Himalayan mountain terrain (about 5000 deep) where it is popularly regarded as the "White gold" .

Did you Know ?

Himalayan Pink salt is as old as our planet Earth.As a matter of fact,Himalayan pink salt was formed from marine fossil deposits over 200 million years ago .This salt remained buried under ice for ages and so remained un affected by any kind of pollution .The salt is unrefined,un-processed and hand mined to preserve its rich mineral contents .Not to mention,Himalayan pink salt is one of the purest enriched salt far better than the regular table salt we use everyday.

What are the differences between table salt & the Himalayan Pink salt ?


However,it is also claimed that the mineral contents in the Himalayan pink salt is very small and will not provide immense health benefits.Neverthless,I believe it is still far better than the table salt as it is chemical free,naturally enriched and so is healthy .

I am already using the Himalayan Pink salt for making my baby food (just a pinch though) but now onwards, I am going to use this pink salt for my overall cooking as well.So,if you wanna use salt in your baby food gradually,then the Himalayan pink salt is a safer and better alternative I believe.

Old is gold after all !!

Disclaimer : This is only for informational purpose .

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