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Cooking can be a daunting task at times but not if we know some tips and tricks and then cooking can be easy,breezy and fun.So,here I am sharing the tips and tricks I've in my collection and my experience and guidance by my mother,aunts,grand maas, to all the cooking passion-istas out there :D.Hope it'll be helpful!

  1. How to make pothichoru /a food parcel from Kerala
  2. How I make ghee at home using butter
  3. How to make quick and easy butter at home 
  4. How to cook perfect basmati rice at home inTHREE ways 
  5. How to reduce the bitterness of a Bitter Gourd/Bitter Melon
  6. How I clean burnt pot or pan easily  
  7. How to sterilize a bottle/canning jar for storing Jams,pickles etc 
  8. How to season or cure a cast iron pan (2 ways) 
  9. How to cook quinoa in 15 minutes perfectly 
  10. Vegetables/Snacks/Foods in American English Vs British English 
  11. How to bake a cake in pressure cooker without sand or salt- A butter cake ! 
  12. To prevent rice from sticking and to keep them white 
  13. To adjust excess sweet or salt in a dish
  14. Freshen up old/leftover chapati for next day or so
  15. To tenderize/Soften meat  
  16. To revive wilted vegetables 
  17. To keep fish fresh & flavorful longer 
  18. To cook dals/lentils faster 
  19. To store curry leaves or cilantro leaves fresh for long 
  20. How to prevent milk from scorching ? 
  21. To unclog,disinfect & deodrize drains  
  22. How to make homemade fruit and vegetable wash? 
  23. How to - practice food safety guidelines at home 
  24. HOW TO -make Tutti frutti/candied papaya in two ways 
  25. How to make Paneer at home
  26. How to make paneer using broken milk|little spoiled milk
  27. How to make or extract coconut milk at home in Kerala style 
  28. Fish names in English to Malayalam,Tamil,Telugu,Kannada,Hindi,Marathi,Arabic 
  29. How to cut and clean anchovy/netholi fish at home? 
  30. How to remove the fish odor/garlic odor/onion odor at home 
  31. How to season,cure and take care of meen chattis/claypots at home 
  32. HOW TO soften Horlicks when they become dry hard 
  33. How to prevent chocolate chips,nuts,fruits etc from sinking while baking 
  34. How to make a fluffy simple Indian omelet 
  35. How well do you know your pressure cooker ? 
  36. How to peel a Banana Blossom/Vazha Koomb 
  37. How to make ginger garlic paste at home and preserve it longer 
  38. What is the difference between baking soda and baking powder?
  39. How to make Punjabi Garam Masala / North Indian Garam masala 
  40. How to make Pav Bhaji masala powder 
  41. How to make Kerala garam masala 
  42. How to clean/cut crab at home
  1. List of vegetables/food/snacks in American English vs British English 
  2. List of negative calorie foods to lose weight healthily
  3. How to boost metabolism and 55 food items to speed up the metabolism

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