26 August 2019

How to add a Youtube subscriber button on a website


"If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things." ~ Albert Einstein 

When I left my IT job years ago,I was extremely happy to be back to my safe haven/heaven - my home sweet home :))...Now I had 24 hrs a day all to myself to do everything I want without being accountable to any one.While working I lost in touch with many near and dear ones .So,I chased everyone .The social media was quite helpful .I was ecstatic beyond words to find every single soul I knew since my childhood days.

I loved Orkut for that but Facebook ruined it somehow.It was like peeping into your neighbors' house ...there was no privacy...still I got badly hooked to it..thinking all my classmates,childhood friends,relatives are all at one place and let's have fun. Worst decision and biggest regret of my life for being addicted to Facebook once for nothing.

I felt people were different in Facebook than in real life ...There was hardly any genuine connection anymore.

I never got it .Being raw,open,thoughtful and considerate made me vulnerable . I deactivated,reactivated and finally,I quit on Facebook and people who quit on me.

It became a game or politics kinda (full of competition,jealousy,complex,hatred,back-stabbing,front stabbing etc etc ,everything that would influence one to think less positive) that I didn't wanted to waste my time on ….Also personally going through a tough phase of health issues added fuel to that fire...

I am learning,"I don't need any people who don't need me or give me a bad vibe in any(smart)way." 
I am learning ,"People are of different types ,they hardly can have a heart like mine and I should stop expecting anything from anyone/expect less." And no one is perfect ...so am I!

Though I like to get along with everyone,the only people I owe my loyalty to are the ones who never made me question theirs.

God removes,filters all unwanted people,things,situations from life eventually...the process is messy but at the end,it makes one strong mentally ,spiritually and emotionally...

Having said that, if you have a big heart ,a part of you will struggle and would wish all of them -who hurt you ,left you, split you ,BACK in your life..You see,having a big heart is a blessing ,also a pain in my ..life ...#DardKarara...and I believe,people who belong in your life will either be by your side regardless or will definitely come back and STAY whatsoever ! No need to chase anyone....

THINGS - I don't need much..I believe in being content with whatever..rest my God will provide always ..more than I ask for...that's my faith !!(AMEN!) God's wish is my command !

GOAL - is to live my life to the fullest (with my family)

Best decision,I tied myself to -I was also side by side chasing my passions - cooking,gardening,DIY-ing ,musics ,gym and taking care of my family and myself …making best use of 24 hrs a day (except those FB moments,though it taught me ,"Don't be naive,set boundaries"! (I needed that !))...

I also started my first Youtube channel with one intention to have all my favourite Hindi,Malayalam and English songs all at one place so that I don't have to find them always but with my touch of videos .I didn't ask anyone to subscribe,like or share but strangers joined me ….So,they all took that Youtube channel forward …today I trust strangers more ....

Then I got bored.... and I started this website and  I also wanted to create my own Youtube channel with my own stuffs all chasing my passions ….that gave birth to my cooking channel ,DIY channel and my little girl's channel ..

I love making videos,though I am still learning how to.Initially,when I created my cooking videos they sucked big time as I made videos with whatever resources I had and the (health issues) pain I was going through in my life was spilled in every video, making it filled with zero energy ,simply awful.Low sound ,poor execution...

But I am learning and trying to improve every day .I LOVE when every recorded shot is combined and final output is produced ,it gives me a special thrill to watch that final video .And what I have realized is that once a blogger/Youtuber ,always a blogger/Youtuber provided we are passionate about something.Due to lack of time ,I am lagging behind but every now and then I get that itch to create something ,to pursue my passion ….

Every Youtube channel I create ,I want to highlight all of them together at one place i.e. in my website .However , I always forget how to configure a Youtube subscriber button on a website .I am scared of any third party code to add a Youtube button on the website as once I did and it was a virus ,spammed my website .However,thanks to Youtube, as they have their own quick tutorial/tool how to set up a Youtube subscriber button on a website.


To configure a Youtube susbscription button on a blog/website,go to this Youtube page (click to open) and fill up all the details like YouTube channel's name or ID,layout,theme,susbscriber count as you wish and it will automatically generate the Youtube subscription button and a html code that needs to be inserted into the website .Like in Blogger ,in layout option ,there is an "add a gadget"option where we can add any third party html code easily.So,just put the code there and refresh the page and voila ,the Youtube subscription page gets embedded automatically on the website.

Picture credit : Straight from You tube

Somehow I forget this YouTube's own tutorial to embedd aYouTube subscriber button and didn't found it pretty clearly mentioned in any blog as well.So,I wanted to store the details in my blog atleast , as I love this tool very much and is quite useful.

I LOVEeee creating something through my cooking,art or memories and thanks to YouTube for giving me a platform where I can share it with the whole world .I don't know how my creations are perceived by others ,how successful I will be or how long will I continue ,all I know for sure is that I am doing my best to my heart content and rest,I will leave it to God.